Mlive: Nebraska players not all buying in to Scott Frost?

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Very interesting article with quotes. Sounds like there are internal problems. 


"Champions make good decisions in every single decision they have. Average people, average teams don't make those decisions. Little things lead to big things. We're going to get it right. I don't care how long it takes and what we have to do. We're going to make those little decisions matter because little decisions and little mistakes are what have cost us a couple games."


"You're always going to have some guys on the team that resist buying in," redshirt senior offensive lineman Tanner Farmer said.

"That can be the difference between winning and losing games ... You'd be surprised how big of a difference a few guys not buying can take on a team."

Farmer said the Cornhuskers understood Frost's message: "He's pretty much saying either buy in or move out for the guy who's going to buy in."


"This (Michigan) team is considerably better, in my opinion, than the two teams we just played and didn't beat," Frost said, referencing Colorado and Troy. "This is a huge task and we're going to have to play a perfect game and get a lot better in a week to come out on top in this one."


Human Torpedo

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I'd argue BOTH Hoke and Harbaugh had virtually no one not buy in immediately that decided to stick around. It was part of the reason Hoke's first year and Harbaugh's first two years were so successful. Belief is powerful drug, but while the final verse may have to be written for Harbaugh still, once those initial players who believed departed for Hoke, he was a sitting duck

Mpfnfu Ford

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It's not totally surprising. Just think, if you're a redshirt junior+, Frost is your third coach of your career there. It's hard to avoid having buy-in problems in a spot like that, especially when a lot of the players on the team were pretty upset at Pelini getting fired in the first place. Now they're juniors and seniors and getting passed by under classmen on the depth chart as Frost builds for the future.

I don't expect much of anything from Nebraska this weekend. He's got to burn that thing down and he's in the process of doing it. 


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I don't see anything here that I wouldn't have expected to see.  In fact, we already saw it a couple of months ago when their only 'experienced' QB quit because he didn't win the starting job.  I don't see any smoke here - it will take a couple of years for Frost to get anything going with players he recruits.  And he'll win the public perception contest for, at least, three years before anyone around Nebraska starts to turn on him if he hasn't shown improvement by then.


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Some kids aren't going to buy in to new coaches.

Some kids aren't going to buy in to playing college football, period. That even happens with professionals, so I don't know why it would surprise anyone in college.


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It's just change. I doubt it's much of a problem. I think he came in and worked the hell out of them and told them that anybody who didn't like it could leave. Pretty standard stuff I think.


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I had a manager once who gave the "either get in line or get out of the way" speech.

I got out of the way, not the least reason for which was (you choose): 1) he misquoted Thomas Paine, 2) his ideas were childish and wrong, 3) I can't work for a guy who makes unprompted ultimatums to his entire reporting structure when they were already committed to doing their jobs to the best of their abilities.

He was eventually demoted to supervising temp workers in the warehouse. 


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The best advice a wise old guy gave me when I started managing my first factory 30 years ago was "if you have to tell people you are their boss - you aint."

The vast majority of the people at work come to do a good job - give them what they need, respect them - set the expectations - put them 1st - and they will make you look like the best manager in the world.

Just 2 cents...


Mpfnfu Ford

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The other thing to consider is Frost took the UCF job a year after 0-12. It's pretty hard for even the dumbest egotistical moron to think you don't need a major culture change after 0-12, so I imagine that made his job easier there as far as buy-in went. As long as he could get the Jimmies and Joes, he was good. 

Nebraska has been less of a crater and more of just this slow malaise of increasing irrelevance, and a lot of players who were supposed to be good who didn't develop and a lot of coaching instability. That's tailor-made for a trickier buy-in process.


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Move along.   Garbage article.    You aren't going to get 100 guys to all buy in to anything 100%.   It's a good media narrative.   Just like the Lions with Patricia.   Any time you have losing you will find a media guy with this story.   You can always find a guy or 2 that are disgruntled and will give you a negative quote.   If not you can just make it up now it's 2018.


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Nick Baumgarner said something interesting on his Michigan Rant podcast this week, basically saying that Nebraska fans are putting the savior tag on a guy that has a otal of 2 years and 3 games head coaching experience.


Going from UCF to Nebraska is a big leap. Like Hoke going from SDSU to Michigan.  Could overwhelm him.


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Doesn't frost have coordinator experience at Oregon though? That's a pretty big gig. Hoke was never a coordinator anywhere and was HC at 2 small schools. Frost has been on a P5 trajectory and mentioned a lot, right? 

I honestly don't see Frost and Hoke as similar, but maybe that's just me.

Leaders And Best

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I guess, but Urban Meyer pretty much did the same thing. 2 years at Bowling Green and 2 years at Utah when it was still in the MWC. James Franklin had 3 years at Vanderbilt before moving to PSU.

Watching the product is the most important thing, and I have been impressed with his teams and how they play. I think the critical question for me is can he get recruits to go to Nebraska? And how much of a setback would a losing season be this year? He is going to have to recruit against Jimbo Fisher, Lincoln Riley, and Tom Herman in his region, and I still have my doubts Nebraska can recruit nationally without championships. He is going to have to kill it on his player evaluations this year because I don't see him pulling in a top-15 recruiting class this year.

The conference setup is an advantage for him as I think he is going to have that program at the top of the B1G West eventually. If he can get a couple upsets in the B1G Championship Game, I think it could propel them back. Look what one win over OSU and a B1G title did for James Franklin.

Perkis-Size Me

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True regarding what PSU's win over OSU did for them. Definitely brought them back from the dead, but even before that it was still considerably easier to recruit to Penn State than it was to Nebraska. They're on the east coast and surrounded by a lot of HS talent in PA, OH, MD, VA, NJ, and DC. A lot of great talent all within driving distance. They have built-in advantages that, barring massive population shifts over the next several generations, Nebraska will never have. 

If Nebraska wants talent that can win them championships, they've got to get on a plane and go wherever they need to go. Maybe there's a couple of prospects in the Kansas City area they can drive to, but everywhere else they need to fly. For kids that don't want to be too far from home, Nebraska is going to be a very hard sell. 

If Frost starts winning big games and gets them into the CFP discussion, the recruits will come. If he shows he can get kids to the NFL, the recruits will come. At the end of the day, everyone wants to play for a winner, and Frost runs an offense that's fun to watch when it's working. I think it will take some time, but he will build a contender there within 3-5 years. They just need to be patient.