Defensive Position Coach Candidates

Submitted by redjugador24 on January 8th, 2019 at 1:34 PM

With the Mattison and Washington departures, we now have vacancies at LB coach and DL coach.  Who are the top candidates to replace them?  Any "likely" candidates you expect JH to interview for the vacancies?  What about pipe dreams that just might have a chance?

Would you prefer someone with more experience (maybe an NFL position coach) or an up-and-comer with a tireless work ethic who maybe is less well known?

Would you prefer candidates with a strong regional scouting impact (what region....And be realistic if you're gonna say FL, GA, TX, CA - how much does that apply when recruiting to MI?) or someone who is not known as a recruiter but is a great X's and O's coach?

I have no insider info and no clue who they will bring in, but want to have a thread looking forward at potential fits instead of backwards/negative.  Personally, I would LOVE them to get Charles Woodson on staff regardless of the role, and groom him to become a DC in the future.  No clue if he has any interest, but even without any coaching experience I think he could be an instant difference maker as a LB coach and elite recruiter.  (yeah, I know, he was not a LB, but that's the spot that's open. Maybe Partridge goes back there and Woodson would take Safeties?) 



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Maybe we lucked out that he left. His D-line recruiting has been disappointing as of late. Deron Irving Bey, Corey Malone Hatcher, Aubrey Solomon, James Hudson (who was a DT) Elysse Mbem-Bosse are all gone and Phil Paea and Ron Johnson have been missing in action. Not to mention the fact that he and Al Washington were the last to visit Zach Harrison. 


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Let's say Michigan put up 62 on Ohio State.


Then hired OSU's 70 year old defensive line coach to be the Defensive Coordinator.


Then hired OSU's 60 year old linebackers coach after less than a year on the job and whose previous "best" job was Boston College to the same position.


I'm going to keep my torch unlit and my pitchfork in the shed for the time being.

The Mad Hatter

January 8th, 2019 at 2:18 PM ^

Mine too.  I was pissed about Mattison at first, and it still seems like a dick move going to OSU after so many years in Ann Arbor, but I think we might come out ahead in all of this. 

Harbaugh has hired excellent defensive coaches so far, so I think it's likely that he gets some awesome replacements that we've never heard of.

Pep on the other hand...

Indiana Blue

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Foote is a great choice !   Michigan Alum with "swag cred".  Washington likely had minimal impact on our LB play in just 1 year.  Devin is Devin, his instincts were not coached, they were god-given.  

Michigan football is truly in need of something positive at this point ...

Go Blue! 


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Damn you Smitty for bringing up Larry Foote, now I'm obsessed with the idea of him being the LB coach, and if it doesn't happen I'm going to be super disappointed.

I had no idea he was coaching right now.

Hes born and raised in Detroit, he's only 38, has 2 super bowl rings, nfl coaching experience, this is an absolute home run hire from a coaching and recruiting perspective.


January 8th, 2019 at 4:27 PM ^

Foote would be a great hire if UM can convince him to spend the off-season and the majority of his spare time kissing the butts of 16 - 18 year old high schoolers. 

The time and dedication recruiting takes is the primary reason you don’t get a lot of successful NFL players returning to college to coach.


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You look at the players who've been transferring or leaving early, and you also see the top players who've been going to your in-state rival for I said I dunno but throwing fence around your state might be a good start. Just don't do it Rutger-style.

Bama also got burned repeatedly last night by the top player from their state last year.