Brandon Wimbush Highlights in Notre Dame Spring Game

Submitted by SkyPanther on April 26th, 2018 at 12:16 AM

Brian Kelly has already named Brandon Wimbush starting QB for Notre Dame. So, barring injury, we will be seeing him against Michigan on September 1. Here's his highlights from last Saturday, in Notre Dame's Spring Game. I know it's just the Spring Game. But he did have some nice throws. Of course, he was not facing Don Brown's defense.


5:32 video:





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Harbaugh won't release a depth chart until Friday before the game anyway cuz he's a horrible, petty coach who only cares about himself and going back to the NFL.



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made nice throws with no pass rush in his face. he also made a couple forced ones he tends to throw off his back foot when pressured i expect a couple turnovers from him when michigan plays


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Does throw from backfoot, but has ability to slide around in pocket and is a runner. 


Gonna be a tough game. Hope Shea is eligible and out duels this guy. To hell with ND.

Mike Damone

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some key Irish offensive linemen from last year, not to mention their best RB, WR and TE, should be entertaining watching him hop around the backfield w his hair on fire trying to avoid Gary, Winovich, Hudson and crew.

Can’t wait to bury him, Blueberry Face and the rest of those mediocre Irish bastards on their own field in front of their fans from their overrated school, w Touchdown Jesus watching it all.

Go Blue!!!


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...through the nightmare/humiliation that was the 2014 Notre Dame game and endured the ridicule from 2 inebriated Irish fans the whole time. I was so pissed at Hoke’s clown show that afternoon. I will be in attendance for the game this year, and I am confident of at least one thing. Michigan will not be humiliated nor embarrassed on the field...not with Harbaugh in charge. Go Blue!

Der Alte

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Last fall B. Lewerke set up one TD and scored the other against Gary, Winovich, Hudson and crew. Of course that's all he got --- and unfortunately all he needed --- but the fact remains that a running QB like Wimbush poses a unique threat to any defense, including D. Brown's.

Let's hope Shea's eliglible so that even if Wimbush does engineer two TDs, they won't be nearly enough.


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I though a lot of those plays were going to screen passes, but it turns out that ND just can’t block anybody. Wimbush may start the game but there is a good chance he won’t finish it.

The Fox Says Hail

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He started hot but teams figured him out. He's a solid scrambler but if you contain him and force him to make tough throws you win. He scratches and claws to get to a 50% completion rate and has a tendency to bolt if the pocket is collapsing. He finished the season on the bench. 

If you watch that video closely, you'll see the DB's for ND are ..... not good. They give a 8-10 yard cushion on a lot of those plays and the completed deep balls usually star a DB who has no idea where the ball is. IMO there is some reason for optimism. It seems like our defense is made to shut down QB's like Wimbush, but overconfidence has not looked good on the maize and blue as of lately. 

Perkis-Size Me

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Wimbush had a pretty good year last year. And we all know all too well that mobile QBs have been the bane of Michigan's existence since probably Troy Smith. But he's lost his OC, his only proven wideouts, his top RB if memory serves, and several of his starting OL. And he's going against a Don Brown defense that returns 9 of 11 starters. 

Good luck, shmuck. 


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My only concern is watching some of the highlights from last year. They have a lot of quick hitter throws that could neutralize Michigan's front 7. With an offensive style that ND runs, it only takes a missed tackle from a corner or safety and they are in the redzone or the endzone. I would imagine that ND will try to run some tunnel screens against Michigan as well, which seemed to give them fits. I trust Don Brown, but I am not sure there will be enough time to get to Wimbush.


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Wimbush is a wild card (esp. at home). I know a lot of people are writing him off as he sucked down the stretch (and esp the Miami game that was hyped up), but the dude did carve up MSU and had some good games.

The highlights make it look like ND's oline is terrible. I hope this is the case.


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The way he moved around in the pocket to buy time and zip a throw was good. Something I haven't seen from our QBs. Saw Shea do it in Ole Miss a bit, but what Wimbush is showing in spring with quick hits and RPOs is concerning. Would need tight coverage and batted balls + hit him a bit to get him rattled. 


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but I downvoted you because the next video up after the one you kindly linked to was one featuring penis-head-pete-finebaum.  Thankfully i stopped it just in time!