Beilein contract extension in the works?

Submitted by BrokePhD on April 3rd, 2018 at 4:52 PM

Beilein, 65, signed a two-year contract extension in November 2015 and is under contract through 2021. His annual compensation is $3.37 million.

By comparison, Duke’s Mike Krzyewski ($8.98 million), Kentucky’s John Calipari ($7.45 million), Ohio State’s Chris Holtmann ($7.15 million), Kansas’ Bill Self ($7.15 million) and Michigan State’s Tom Izzo ($4.36 million) were the five highest paid.

Manuel noted that while Beilein’s contract is a bargain “for now,” he’ll have to look closely at all the details with another possible extension in mind.

Looks like Warde is loading up the armored car and ready to drop gold bricks along with a lifetime contract in coach's driveway. Well deserved in my opinion.


Wolverine In Iowa 68

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He's worth every penny and more.

Cleanest coach going, and still got a team built that became national runners-up out of misfit toys.  Outstanding character, outstanding coach, outstanding man.


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deserves it! Although the loss last night still stings a bit, there are hundreds of other teams who would have given just about anything to be in our position. The best part of these recent years of success is the program is being run cleanly, without a hint of double-dealing and coach's attitude and reputation are highly respected throughout college basketball.

Perkis-Size Me

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Give the man what he wants. He made the title game with a barely functioning offense. That is a testament to how good a coach he is. One of the best coaches in the game, and undoubtedly the cleanest one. 

Someone make sure Yaklich is in line for a raise as well. Do what you need to to keep that man in Ann Arbor for at least another year. 


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Excluding Duke’s Mike Krzyewski ($8.98 million), Kentucky’s John Calipari ($7.45 million), Ohio State’s Chris Holtmann ($7.15 million), Kansas’ Bill Self ($7.15 million), and Louisville's Chris Mack ($4 million), Beilien's salary is pretty much in line with what top coaches are making.

Jay Wright who has won two national championships in two of the past three years makes $2.585 million. 

Bumping Beilein up to $4 million for an extension would be appropriate.


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Why would we want Izzo there forever? 


Yeah, he has underperformed recently, but he's still a very good coach (Top 15, at a minimum) who can recruit well. 


I'd rather make the way for MSU's Rich Rod to come in.

It will be very difficult them to recruit their next coach once Izzo leaves:

  • Firestorm of sexual assualt trouble at an institution with a scarred reputation. 
  • Difficult to step into a huge personality like Izzo's shoes with a fanbase that adores him.
  • Less money than many/most other basketball powers.
  • Living in East Lansing.


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JB needs a raise!  He is worth every penny - a great coach and a better human being.  Sparty and OSU folks I know hate Michigan, but it seems that they all like coach.  Even after last night's loss, he was so composed and caring in all of the interviews.  I'm sure that he didn't feel like doing any of them, but he was awesome.  


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The good thing about Beilein is he won't ever demand that kind of money. It's not his style to be one of the top paid coaches. He doesn't have a big enough ego to demand that he gets paid like he is "THE MAN"


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I want to take nothing away from what Beilein has accomplished, nor his 'worth.' but after $3 million per year, why does he 'need' more? This current state of pay more than the other guy mentality is obscure. He coaches college kids, and certainly does everything with integrity from what I have seen. I am not saying he's not 'worth' more, it just seems crazy that more money than he could 'reasonably spend' is necessary...why not keep things in check, make him very comfortable with security, and maybe...not set financial records? I absolutely hope he retires from Michigan when he's good and ready, on his own terms, and re-writes every record in our book, I hope he continues to build the strength of this program beyond his own years at the helm...I hope he is long remembered by his players  most importantly...I just don't get the need to outpay other coaches just because.

Perkis-Size Me

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All depends on how long he wants to keep going. Michigan of course will have him as long as he wants to stay, and I can't fathom Beilein going anywhere else, college or pro, to start over at this point in his career. So leaving for another job is virtually off the table. 

Obviously I don't know Beilein, but he seems pretty happy with what he's doing right now and doesn't look like he's slowing down. I wouldn't say he'll still be coaching ten years from now. But I think he's got another five to seven years left in the tank. Enough time to gear up for one more crack at a national title before he hangs up the whistle. 


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I'd like to see Beilein make more than Izzo.  Beilein's on-court product is more valuable, and his off-court product is MUCH more valuable.

Also, I know he's only been with us one year, but I'd like to see Yaklich get paid well enough to stay at least two more years.  By the end of his third year in Ann Arbor, it should be clear whether he deserves to be heir apparent to Beilein's throne. I think Yaklich was that impressive this year...  Then again if Beilein wants to coach until he's 70+ and doesn't lose his touch, then that'd be great!


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Let me just join the "pay the man" chorus here...

When John Beilein got here, I honestly didn't know what to make of it, but 11 seasons later, I am tuned into every minute of every game rather than every other game or so as I was before. The program is in a great place now, a place where you can be in the championship game twice in six years, and it is problem a lot of programs would love to have. 



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But I get the vibe that Coach B is probably quite happy with what he gets. However if he wants more he is certainly worth it. I’d like it a lot if they would give his staff a big enough bump that they stick around and pass on anything other than a head gig at a good school. I don’t want to lose Yaklich because SW Missouri tech offers him.


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He genuinely doesn't seem like the type to go knocking on Warde's door demanding a raise. That being said, it seems like a prime opportunity for his boss to do the right thing and evaluate things. Heck, he could begin the conversation by asking what Coach B wants for his program. It might be a salary increase for him, for his assistants, some new locker room, office, or film room stuff. Whatever it is, I hope it gets done.


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, and tell him we are prepare to honor you by naming the court. John, we aren’t negotiating. What will help you accomplish your goals? We support you!


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If he doesn't retire at Michigan, it'll be a damn travesty. Whatever it takes, pay him. My guess is he's the kind of guy that'll negotiate on behalf of his staff more than himself.

Rochester Blue

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Agreed. Pay him from now until he wants to retire. He’s (re)built a program, not just taken some teams to the pinnacle. Hoping he’s around for many more years.

For reference:
Jim Boeheim - 73
Mike Krzyzweski - 71
Leonard Hamilton - 69
Roy Williams - 67
Lon Kruger - 65
John Beilein - 65
Tom Izzo - 63


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Listening to his interview after the game was an eye opener. I almost believe he enjoys coaching and teaching more than winning. I know I'm biased but it's awesome to see someone be successful while doing things the right way. And those kids are all better for having him as a mentor.


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who was skeptical about JB. However, I listened to his interview after the loss to Villanova and  not only was I impressed with the man as our coach but proud that he is our coach. Sometimes winning isn't everything. The man is pure class. BTW, I can also say that about Jay Wright.


Sadly, the TV ratings for the game was the lowest in history for a NCAA final game.


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Man 65, how much longer do we have.....  I was really hoping he'd get his Championship last night, obviously, we all were.  What a special group to make that run with.  


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for the reasons you list. Give him a couple dollars more than Izzo or whatever he's comfortable with, along with bonuses for reaching the tourney, every step thereafter, etc., etc., Hell he's worked as hard as anyone in the game and with the resources he's had to work with, his return to the university has been as good as anyone's. Give the man his money.