2019 recruiting class discussion

Submitted by TK on September 19th, 2018 at 12:12 PM

Apologies in advance for those who only like to discuss the upcoming game this week. However, with the commitment of Hill, I thought it would be good to take a look at how the class is looking so far.

I feel like this is a solid B+ class at this point. I am not one of the stargazers who gets upset when Harbaugh takes a lower ranked prospect because he has a pretty good track record for getting productive players that are lower in the rankings. However, getting some elite talent in every class is obviously important.


McNamara is a fine prospect at qb, absolutely love our RB tandem, and really like the additions of Jackson and Stewart as slot weapons, as well as All at TE.  OL is so tough to tell. Would feel better if we had a 5 star tackle committed but wouldn’t we all. If we add Keegan I feel it’s a very good OL haul. Only obvious weakness is outside receiver. I think Kent will outplay his ranking and should move up, but we really need a guy like Kyle Ford. 


Adding Daxton is obviously huge. We haven’t had an elite true safety in a long time. The rest of the secondary recruits seem solid, but not spectacular. A really good DL class already, getting someone like Harrison or Karlaftis would just be icing on the cake. I think Hinton will be in the Aubrey Solomon mold.  I like Velasquez as a Viper and we have enough young LBs that this doesn’t seem like a crucial need this year. 

Overall I think the class will have 26 or 27 commits.  Would really like to finish with at least Keegan and a very good WR. Anything above should be considered a luxury. 



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Sam and Steve didn't wait to announce it.  They had interviewed him and he said he was solid.  Steve flipped his crystal ball about 20 days to a month before Herron committed to Stanford.  Allen Trieu flipped his crystal ball 5 months beforehand to Stanford.  All Sam and Steve can do is ask the kid and ask their contacts at UM. 

Eric Gray doesn't have another frontrunner like Herron had with Stanford.  Gray visited Ole Miss on an unofficial to watch a marquee game ('Bama) and his travel time from Memphis to Oxford was less than 1.5 hours.  He's going to Tennessee this weekend.  Neither of those teams appear to be real competitors for UM.  If he visits Bama or PSU, then you might want to start worrying.  Also the coaches okayed his two visits.

That all notwithstanding, crootin. So he could decommit tomorrow. He might be visiting 'Ole Miss again before too long. So where there's smoke....


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Lol. I read both sites. Brandon Brown was not-so-subtly hinting at it for a while before Steve/Sam were willing to address it. Don't get me wrong, Steve/Sam are the most plugged in and I'm sure they knew all the info Brown did. But sometimes they choose not to talk about things right when they know about them. Kids say "I'm solid" to school X all the time, even when it's abundantly clear they're not. It's called 'cruitin.

Btw, don't look now but an Ole Miss writer just Crystal Ball'd Eric Gray to Ole Miss.


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It's an A- class with two 5 stars and an RB in charbonnet that really is a 5 star (may even get there if he continues destroying teams) though mercifully the services are labeling him as a 4 star.

I believe the class is #4 for 247 (which I think folks trust more at this point in evals)


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I thought the 25 hard cap rule was coming into play this year. You can no longer backcount early enrollees. 


*Edit -- this is more of question than a statement


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Moreover as things are there are 93 on the rosters if the 23 incoming are all scholarship players.

I can see Patterson, Gentry, Gary, Hudson, Bush leaving early (-5 or 88)

Firm handshake to an OT, WDE (-2 or 86) or others but those two jump off the roster at me.

Playing time transfer for an RB and a QB (-2 or 84)

Medical / other (-2 or 82) 

So it looks like 26 is a good number.  They'd have to backdate but I'm not sure what the rules are anymore either. 


Early signing day is Dec 19.


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I am mostly on board with this take. I would give it an A- right now. I think we should take two more tackle prospects if we have the room. As we've all learned in excruciating detail, you can't really have too many bullets in the chamber at that position. I also would like another outside WR, and then after that, whoever the staff wants to add. 


September 19th, 2018 at 12:31 PM ^

DL and RB are the strongest position groups.  Im fine with the entire DB group as is also.  

OL is ok - would like to grab one more guy because we know it is tough to scout the success of that position.  Need a Tackle though.

Not crazy at all with QB, WR and LB recruiting.


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I’m not really sure this is a year that we NEED a can’t miss qb prospect anyway. I mean, you always want guys who can play, but we likely have McCaffrey for 2-3 years and they love Milton also. It’s not like we need a 5 star to come in and start as a freshmen since we have no one. 


And yeah, it’s easy to say we wanted the #1 qb. So did everyone else. 


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Big class, but no top-notch OLinemen (mostly 3-4 year projects, in fact), and only one WR (also a huge stretch and a serious project). LBs are both projects, and Woods will probably end up as a hard-to-use tweener anyway, leaving one middling LB in a class of 26-27. Except for Hill, DBs are all projects, too. Only one DT in a big class is not enough.


SMart WolveFan

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Damn, you got a lot wrong.

Rumler will start as a sophomore, Trente Jones probably won't redshirt.

Right now we have 3 slot receivers but no wide outs, and Giles Jackson is not a project he's a projectile weapon.

Woods is now a DT. Hinton my end up there too.

A top 500 recruit out of Georgia/ Florida is not "middling". Ojabo will probably be a rush LB.

the fume

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here, let me copy paste for you:

Rumler will start as a sophomore, Trente Jones probably won't redshirt.

Right now we have 3 slot receivers but no wide outs, and Giles Jackson is not a project he's a projectile weapon.

Woods is now a DT. Hinton my end up there too.

A top 500 recruit out of Georgia/ Florida is not "middling". Ojabo will probably be a rush LB.


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You are soooo right. And to hell with the fact that they are all damn good football players ;)

My guess is that Keegan, Benhart  or Ike end up at Michigan. Mazi and Chris are elite DTs...would be glad to see Rodas Johnson added. I don't think Harrison ends up here though it's possible...but there are some exciting "prospects" on the commit list already. Crouch is very intriguing. Not sure on the WR-would love to get Ford but do not expect to...Sanguinetti would be fine. Foskey is still out there.

Hill, Hinton and Charbonnet are true 5 stars and Rumler and Smith are not far behind. When the bottom 3 on your star list are Woods, Kent and Velasquez you know you are in good shape.

Michigan is in excellent position. Don't worry; be happy. 


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I would still like to see some taller OT prospects brought in. We seem to have a ton of guys in the 6'4''-6'5'' range, but it would be really nice to see some taller dudes round out the group. After reading/seeing that we don't have many tackle-shaped OL, I have to think this is a priority. The middle of the line looks pretty well stocked for the future.


September 19th, 2018 at 6:40 PM ^

Do you realize we have started at least one, and often two, interior players at OT in each of the last 6-7 years or so. This year...again, both our OTs are better suited to play inside. We need more OTs until this trend we created ends. Our current OL recruiting class is mostly interior players again. 

4th and Go For It

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Will likely see a small number of current commits leave at some point to due the nature of recruiting either due to us losing interest or vice versa - seems to happen every year that a couple of guys fall out - 26-27 would be a high estimate IMO.

Ford/Harrison seem unlikely but stranger things. Harrison seems to be the better shot of the two. Ford is probably more necessary in the class without a true outside WR of his caliber committed yet.

Would be great to get one or both of Keegan/Benhart for sure.

I'm skeptical of the Karlaftis flip - seems pretty solidly Purdue despite the record. 

Rest of the class will shake out with 1 or 2 surprises I'm sure - all in all a solid class with a chance to add a couple more key guys. Add one top tackle and either Ford or Harrison and its an A class for sure.