The year in MgoTopics, July - December

Submitted by Tacopants on December 31st, 2009 at 2:18 AM
See the previous diary for anything you may have missed.  As an aside, there were 140 pages of mgoboard topics created from July until now, which compares to 70ish from January to June.


4 - Upvoting and Downvoting are enabled.  First recorded negbangs happen shortly after.
6 - HTTV 2009 was released.
9 - You can follow Tate's mother's twitter, and we discovered a Forcier - Roundtree connection.  Go back and posbang him.  Also, the first forum topic about points.
12 - It's the offseason.  Bad Movies that looked good.
13 - Still the off season when we're talking about fictional Michigan Alumni.  Also, consensus 7-5?
14 - Tim Hardaway Jr. is scouted.  Boundless optimism about the season
15 Still the offseason.  Underrated Movies
16- Kurt Wemers transfers, trashes program
21, 22 - New Rivals 100 and 250 are released.  We are very concerned.
22- Rick Reilly writes a Tiger Woods article that portrays him in a negative light.  Even though he's mainly right, Reilly is still a tool.
24- Mgoblog and Varsity Blue combine.
25- Justin Feagin is dismissed from the team.
27- A thread on showering.
29- Rich Rod likes him some RAWK MUSIK.  Let's talk about the band.
30- UCONN is announced as the 2010 opener.  Reactions.
31- Offseason is almost over, but here's a 130 response thread on fast food.


3- Coner isn't the only rapper on the team.
4- Donovan Warren likes GERG.  Mgoboard talks about Chicks, man.
7. Bouje complains about losing 7 mgopoints.  The future will not be good to him.  Also, if we go into E. Lansing 4-0.  I don't think anybody made a correct prediction from that thread.
9- Feagin situation is revealed.  Freep starts JihadTeam learns..
11- Reaction.  Michael Rosenberg hit job.
12- Brodie resurrects his own thread from January.  The title is the most entertaining part.
13- Mustaches for Michigan
14- Reaction to Rosenberg.  Denard is fast.  You can find out which posters are shut in alcoholics.
15- Talk about yourself
17- Wondering about lunch in Ann Arbor?
21- Sommy hates Fernando Rodney.  (Dude... he produced)
23- You should learn about swimming.
26- Another alcohol related thread.  This will be useful as the season progresses.  Also, Shredder starts his MS Paint masterpieces.
28- Jay passes Brian in Mgopoints.  Everything goes on as normal.  MLIA.
30- The week before the opener, the Freep goes nuts.


1- Somebody comes to the defense of Rosenberg?  Herbie's got our back.  Or just read this entire page. (Link will only work for... a day?).  In this recap here's Brian recapping himself.
3- College football is back.  Hey, come back and check to see how wrong you were on your predictions and cry yourself to sleep!
3- Brian has been doing a section season preview.  The only part that was egrigriously wrong was The LinebackersEvery other position grouping was pretty accurate.
5- More alcohol.  Why?  Because I just read Brian's season prediction.
6- Hey, we beat Western!
7- Mgoblog was sponsered by the M-Den for awhile.  This is why you should never judge a team after week 1 unless its Illinois.
8- Free Jihad still on.  Panic?
10- Shoutout to Box.  Rosenberg Punches Dolphins.
13- We Beat NDIt was gloriousThis, however, scarred me.
15- Jonas Mouton punched a guy
16- I blame this guy for the ensuing season.
20- We beat Eastern.  There's a lot of contentious talk over standing up.  This thread is an example.
24- I'm not a fan, but Helmet Stickers?
25- We fall off the wagon.  Also, the first rule of Mgopoints is to NEVER TALK ABOUT MGOPOINTS.
27- We beat Indiana.  However, people really aren't happy.  Bill Lynch throws gum, makes my day.

As September draws to a close, we are 4-0.  The rest of the year will be a long, drawn out trail of tears, full of frustration, anger, and sadness.  There are 80 full pages of MgoBoard threads left, and 40 pages of content.  I fear I won't make it through.


1- Denard will sign your forehead.
3- Let's all blame GERG
4- We lose to MSU.  The people are restless
6- Tigers choke away division.  I die a little inside.
7- "Superfan" is kind of a dick.  Aside: the "superfan" during my senior year couldn't keep a f***** beat with a cowbell.
8- You should watch the E:60 Elliott Mealer story.
9- Mgoblog suffers a schitzophrenic break.  I blame Fernando Rodney.
11- There are rumors we will wear White pants at Iowa, and they refuse to die.
12- We lose to Iowa.  Requisite monthly long Mgopoint threadDenard was in, Tate was concussed.
14- Look over here!  its baseball!
15- Rich Leach goes off on Lloyd.
16- Tom VH interviews defensive recruits.  This thread is titled "I hate you all"
17- We beat down Delaware State.
21- Bill Martin is retiring.  Blogfight vs. Deadspin.
22- I have no idea why this thread has 151 responses.
24- People are now angry at Rich Rod.
24- We lose to PSU.
25- Somebody suggests Sheridan start.
27- Cissoko dismissed from the teamMore
28- "Negbangs are out of control"
31- It's Halloween.  And the Illinois game.  Dong Punch.

We are still above .500 thanks to Baby Seal U.  We can still make a bowl game...


1- Let's look towards next year
2- Brian turns emo (but not em0)
3- Carvin Johnson commits.  People start grumbling about 3*s again.
5- TKoB, people want him banned.
6- Baskeball starts
7- This is an ugly thread.  This one isn't much better.  This one is the worst.
7- I've been avoiding hockey.  This is part of the reason.  We also lost to Purdue.  Sigh.
9- This is a poorly reasoned argument.
11- Mgoblog was down.  I was lost in the wilderness.
14- Henri, otter of ennui.  Or a Wisconsin loss.
16- Michael Wilbon spreads dumb rumors
18- Linked only for the sweet picture.  Mike Valenti has sources, man.
19- Senior Haikus.  Henri strikes many down.  k06em01 wonders where he should unload his speculative rumor.  Incredibly, he has -666 points at the time of this posting.
21- A game happened.
22- em0 starts to deteriorate.
23- Let's just go to the fetal postionOMG A GIRL!
29- Basketball falls twice in Old Spice classic.
30- ND loves Bob Stoops


1- Let's poke at the dead body of the Freep.  We talk about hot chicks, man, in the avatar thread and the only reason I mention it is because I got in a Rick Roll.
2- Basketball vs. BC... Discussion
4- People are douchebags when Ray Vinopal commits.  But seriously, stop hating.
12- Happy Trails, random guy I've never seen post.
15- Big Ten ExpansionGRID OF JUDGEMENT

This was this month.  Hopefully you didn't forget what happened here last week.

Finally, I didn't get through the diaries.  There are many great ones, but no good way to page through all of them that I've found.  The back half of the year had lots more content, not all of it good.  There were quite a few meltdowns that I didn't document, and much uglyness that has been deleted.

Here's to wildly optimistic projections for the future:



December 31st, 2009 at 1:00 PM ^

I like the first half of the year much better, thank you. At least we had our optimism on. If seasons like these keep coming, we are all going to start to appreciate the off-season a whole lot more IME.

Great recap overall. I enjoyed the understated, yet poignant humor. How about an alternate happy ending next time, hmm?


December 31st, 2009 at 7:12 PM ^

I was going to, but it just got to be too much. Decimated Defense, lots of statistical analysis, your coaching analysis, picture pages...

The problem with diaries is that I can only page through the manual way. With mgoboard and the homepage its easy to navigate through, diaries are difficult to work with.

Six Zero

January 1st, 2010 at 8:06 AM ^

How can you make this list and not include diary entries. There's tons of stuff there, especially the stuff that was bumped to the front page by Brian itself, that certainly was deserving of your review.

But again, it's obvious that this was a huge pain in the ass to put together, so hat's off for your effort.