Are we wearing all white at Iowa?

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I read in today's The Daily today, that we might be nixing the maize pants in favor of all whites. Does anyone have any sort of confirmation as to what we will be wearing? Also, thoughts?



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It's been rumored before, but there's not been any confirmation. Probably won't find out until the game starts. I think it would be pretty neat, especially since Iowa fans are trying for a "blackout". Would be a pretty neat contrast.


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versus the blackout could be a good concept.

Though we won't know until we see it - could be awful.

At least since its field turf it won't turn into a brown out for us?

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...that somebody (Rodriguez, Bruce Madej, somebody) would have killed the rumor if it wasn't true. It would be so easy to say, "No; you know what our road uniforms look like, we have a contract with adidas for teh design and supply of our uniforms, and we've purchased our uniforms for the season, and that's that. We might look at some other uniform possibilities next year."


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posted online from the Iowa Athletic Director which, if it was true, was directed to Hawkeye students and said that Michigan was breaking out the white pants for the first time in decades to counter act the "black out" tomorrow.

FWIW. May be real, may be e-untrue, but the rumors have been swirling for a week and no one has said NO.

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Are you possibly thinking of the e-mail (not letter) posted by Tim McLaughlin, the "President & Co-Founder of 'Hawks Nest'" that appeared on another blog?

I have asked where Tim McLaughlin got his info -- I had suspected that he was reading Michigan blogs.

So where did you see a letter from Iowa's AD?

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Would be sweet to wear all white, especially if our aways didn't have those maize tusks coming out the bottom or the pinstriping. It would keep the focus on our winged helmets.


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I am of the opinion of don't FUCK with the uniforms!

No white pants. No blue pants. Just maize pants. White jerseys. Blue jerseys.

Leave the uni's alone.


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for the pants to be maize. Michigan has worn white pants in the past. Also, I think it was a good idea when they fucked with helmets and took the stickers off of them.


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Just because they wore white pants in the 70's doesn't mean they should wear them again. Yes, I know they wear white jerseys for road games. IMO, the removal of maize pants would be a serious detriment to the character of the Michigan uniform. The idea of a 'white out' are for those teams that lack the historical reputation of a uniform. Michigan should have some significant combination of maize and/blue in the uni for all games, and should never move to all white, even for special occasions.

For those that advocate the all white, would you also be proponents of Michigan Stadium having a 'white-out' for a game. I sincerely hope not.

And seriously, I am arguing about maize v. white pants...I am shutting the interwebs off for a while and doing some work.


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You know I'm starting to think that the AD may have missed an opportunity to tell the fanbase the team was wearing all white and suggest that Michigan fans visiting Kinnick do the same. The contrast between the Iowa "black out" and the sections of all white would have been pretty sweet.


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This very well could be wrong but doesn't ND wear the green jerseys every once and a while and not tell people? Isn't it an attempt to get the crowd into even more of an uproar before the game? I could l be wrong there but I think it is true.

I also realize this is an away game so it may not get too many fans uproaring but it may get the team a little more hyped if they don't know they're wearing them or if they're surprising people. Hell I don't know, makes sense a little.


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I'm very big into tradition and I don't like change. I prefer very basic uniforms (for example, I love ours, I love Penn State's). I'm of the opinion that we should never, ever change the home uniforms, but I'm ok with continuing to tinker with the away uniforms every so often. They've been playing with the away jerseys for my entire life. I don't mind that at all, as long as it's not a significant change.

That being said, this is probably the biggest change of my lifetime. I'm 33 and I don't recall them ever actually changing the color of a uniform item. But, since it has roots in tradition - we've worn white pants before - I'm all for it. I understand why people don't want to change anything at all, but this is something I can live with. If it's true, I can't wait to see it.

willis j

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in the umgoblog link of #9 with the long blue socks. Of course I like the long blue sock look and I know some don't. To each his or her own though. Long white socks would be too much white for me.

MMB 82

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look like practice unis, or Penn State away unis. I prefer the traditional Maize, though I would like to see them redo the away jerseys.


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according to a shirt I have seen at The Big House.

White - not so much.

The Maize pants stand out more, it contrasts better with the black anyway.

The all white uni reminds me of Texas road unis that look like long underwear.

Don't mess with the tradition, don't mess with the unis.


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I just realized, we only see these away uniforms a few times a year (only 4 times this year), and I hardly ever noticed or cared what they look like. Personally, I could live with either one, but I guarantee if the Boys In Blue win tomorrow night, we'll be hearing plenty of "...and those new unis were F'in awesome!!"