"Toast" almost cost us the game today

Submitted by Buccaneer_9 on September 26th, 2009 at 4:11 PM

As usual, BooBoo got burned on deep passes and was consistently out of position on run plays. When he was in the rare position to make a tackle, he rarely did so.
I was SO glad to see him get benched. I hope he doesn't see the field again until he gets his shit together.

This is not my first time mentioning this:

(helmet strapped on for shitstorm)



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You, me, and 99.9% of the board all realize the young man is struggling. He's very raw and makes terrible decisions but at this point there aren't many options except for replacing him with an even less experienced CB. Michigan is paper thin at DB and therefore growing pains from a "sophmore" CB should be expected.


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Floyd played like shit, too.

I figured Cissoko aggravated his shoulder injury. Our lack of depth in the defensive backfield is hurting us tangibly. Kovacs made a couple nice plays, but he also made a couple horrible ones.


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He only looked good when blitzing off the edge. He was totally lost in the secondary and his bad angle allowed that 85 yarder to go to the house. Maybe GERG has room in his scheme for another hybrid S/OLB?

Despite complaining about Boubacar much of the game, I nearly had a heart attack every time they threw at Floyd (though he settled in OK after getting burned on that one play where he went for the PBU and whiffed). Guessing Boubacar is hurt if he didn't see the field again after coming off.


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Saying he is too hurt to play is a cover up. If we were too hurt to go, he would not have started. It is obvious that he is too small and apparently not quick enough to be a number one corner. I can only hope Turner gets up to speed quick, not hated on boo boom, just telling it like it is.


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He isn't the number one corner. That would be Donovan Warren. The only reason Cissoko gets tested so much is because Warren has played really well all year. He also has gotten zero safety help as far as I can tell for much of the season.

He hasn't played well so far but he does still deserve the benefit of the doubt for a number of reasons (only a sophomore, getting no safety help, possibly dinged up, being tested/targeted by teams throwing away from the other corner).


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Hopefully Williams will be back next week. Cissoko, injured or not, is not playing well. Floyd at least played decent. He didn't get burned deep like he did against WMU. MSU has some good receivers and our corners and safeties have to be ready or we will lose. Hopefully Cissoko can play next week though, because I don't want Turner or anyone else out there.


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Well, there was the missed pass break-up that turned into a TD...

...there was the 85-yard TD on which he made a very poor attempt to tackle Willis...

...and there was a key pass interference call against him (although it was a bad call, he still had ahold of the IU guy's jersey).


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The pass interference was a pretty bad call. Giving up the TD was bad on his part. Didn't see him on the TD by Willis, although his effort couldn't have been worse than Kovac's. 2 bad plays doesn't necessarily mean you totally suck. I'm not saying he's good, but Cissoko hasn't played well either.


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I thought Chappell having all the time in the world and our inability to snap the football almost cost us the game. *shrug* But I guess when Michigan wins, it's apparently necessary to get pissed about a reason we "almost lost" when we fucking "WON"


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Let's not jump all over the defense. Most of us expected a 45-28 ballgame today (or thereabouts) on account of the fact that the D has serious talent issues.
Today, the offense struggled quite a bit - Moose killed us and Tate played like an actual freshman, except for when it mattered - which is all I care about.
4 and 0, bring on little bro!


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The difference between Floyd and Cissoko is that BooBoo ALWAYS seems to be out of position in both pass and run coverage. Floyd actually made a couple of nice plays.

Basically, shit rolls downhill:
1. No real effective pressure from front four
2. Poor reads/tackling from linebackers
3. Young (mostly incapable) secondary forced to make plays in open space.

I understand that we're not getting pressure on the QB, but once the ball is in the air, pressure becomes a moot point and becomes time to play the ball. BooBoo is just ALWAYS in poor position to make an effective play on the ball once it's in the air.

As far as Ezeh is concerned...bad read or not, once he has a ballcarrier lined up, he (as a D-1 linebacker) should make the MAJORITY of the tackles that come his way. He flat out misses way too many tackles.

There are other problems, I agree, but Ezeh and Cissoko's play, or lack thereof, have been absolutely GLARING.


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Grow up.

I hate you Michigan Kool-Aid drinkers. I'm a fan, but I'm not blind either.

You guys that slurp all the players just because they wear the Maize & Blue make me sick.

There are obvious problems that need to be addressed. I understand it won't get better this year...I just hope they are recruiting in order to fix them in the future.

Musket Rebellion

September 26th, 2009 at 4:40 PM ^

Did Cissoko even play after the 1st quarter? Floyd looked meh at best and has shown no reason for him to supplant Cissoko as the no. 2 CB. I'm not trying to defend him, because I don't think he has played all that great, but he hasn't played as poorly as you are making it out to be. It isn't like we have options at CB. Be thankful we have Donovan Warren and hope that whoever is on the other side of the field can hold their ground.