Im a chick and i just want some guys to stop yammering and watch the friggin game!!!!!

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I hate to always be standing on a soap box here but there is something that has happened at the last two games I have been at that I just have to vent about.

At the Purdue game, these two drunk idiots seat jumped to sit behind me, then they proceeded to loudly blab on and on about everything that came into their heads, with no internal filter. they had contests to see who could garner the most high fives from passerbys. they ripped the coach and the players, said Tate sucked and cursed like crazy in the presence of children and elderly. Continually bragged at having smoked pot with a particular player.

They were a coupla fat a**es who probably never played a game of football in their lives.

I wanted to sarcastically yell at them
"I remember my first beer" Sometimes you should just stop flapping your trap like a cast member of The Hills (God, I hate reality T.v.) and just be quiet and let us enjoy the game. it was very distracting! there i feel much better. Its just that the lack of seeing Minor rage in the Osu game had me curled up in the corner rocking and sucking my thumb. Withdrawal has made me quite cranky



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just felt the post was pretty lengthy already, but there was a mich. professor behind us. He was the biggest asshole ive ever had to be within earshot of. He was making snide remarks about women and gay people and wanting to beat the shit out of the male baton twirler and blah blah blah.... i think he was just in love with the sound of his own voice. I couldnt believe he was a professor! So unprofessional!


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At the Western game my husband and I were discussing various play calls and I made an observation about the use of the pistol formation by Western's offense. The guy behind me obviously heard me becuase when his buddy came back to sit down the guy repeated what I had said to his buddy. Needless to say he was incapable of saying anything original.


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This is the wrong week for me to get uppity about swearing at the stadium.

About 4 seconds after Tate threw the INT in the end-zone, I yelled out a very audible "FUCK!!!"

To my credit, there were no children around. But I should get no credit, because I didn't look to see if there were children around until after yelling it.

I got a stern look from the ushers. But that was all.

I think they realized, as I did, that if there was ever a truly appropriate time to yell "FUCK!" really loudly, that was it.

If a child was in earshot, I hope he learned that yelling "FUCK!" is reserved only for moments when you think you all-of-a-sudden have a chance to beat Ohio State for like the 2nd time all decade, and your freshman quarterback throws an interception in the end zone.


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Was once asked by a reporter about his use of profanity. Coleman Young, who was no one's village idiot, (he made a mockery of Senator Joseph McCarthy during the anti-Communist hearings, launching his own star, and starting the Senator's rapid decline) remarked that he did not cuss indiscriminately. When a particular situation required the word, "bullshit", he said, then use it.

A Case of Blue

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I remember being at a game back in the day (okay, so I wasn't that young, I just looked it up) and having someone behind us shout gleefully about how bad James "Shit-ley" was playing. I would say it didn't scar me for life, but then again, I spend an awfully large chunk of my free time posting on MGoBoard, so maybe I didn't escape unscathed?


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I watched the game again on DVR. They got the call right. I thought it was a facemask too, by the way Tate went down. Really, the guy had his hand on the back of Tate's neck, to start with, and then the hand slid down the side of the helmet as they were going down.

But yeah, live it looked really really obvious. On the re-watch, I wasn't so sure.


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I screamed "fuck" from my couch on that same play... with my kids in the room. I figure it's educational... they are going to hear curse words for the entirety of their lives... might as well learn the proper occasion to use them.


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ole luther

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I appreciate your position, but, unfortunately you'll have that behavior. Having said that, the ushers could certainly have done something about the vulgarity (especially if there's small children around).
We all assume a certain level of responsibility when doing anything in public, so...., you have to assume some yourself. In an atmosphere such as this, you have to accept certain unwanted behaviors. The language was a problem in our section as well. One descrete convo with an usher and the problem was not only solved, it was monitored for the remainder of the game.


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NEWSFLASH (because I'm the only one who will say it): Being a female doesn't exempt you from being a n00b.

And guess what? You really don't have to bring it up unless it's somehow relevant to the point you're trying to make. I'm tired of every month or so a new "chick" shows up, posts about being a "chick," everyone goes OMG A CHICK and then by the next week NO ONE CARES because they have nothing of substance to say. I'm not accusing you of this, just advising you not to take that path.

And everyone else: Admit it, if the subject didn't start with "im a chick and," the response would be much different.

Just my epinion.

A Case of Blue

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I can never remember if your tagline is referring to you or not, but it reminds me of a conversation that I had with one of my best friends from college, who happened to be a lesbian:

CASE: Something something college football something something.

FRIEND: Uh, how come I never knew you were into football?

CASE: I would have said something, but no one at [STUCK-UP EAST COAST ALMA MATER] is into football so I figured you weren't either.

FRIEND: [pause] Case, I'm a lesbian.

CASE: I know, but I didn't want to make a stupid assumption!


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It prob had to take a woman to say it, but honestly if you want to talk about girls and get comments on your thread, go to a dating service website.

The biggest stigma on a website like this dominated by the male gender is the inclusion of the female gender. Let's try to get over that hump like we have "FIRE RR!!" and "DENARD IS FAST!!" and "13-0 NATIONAL CHAMPS 2010!!"