Helmet Stickers or not?

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I would like to get an idea of who supports bringing back the helmet stickers that were reminiscent of the Bo era which seemed to end when Lloyd took office.

I'm a not-so-old blue as I'm almost 29 years old. Therefore, I've seen both the "cluttered" and "clean" look through my years of following college football's winningest program. Personally, I'm slightly torn on the debate. Part of me says adding anything to that helmet is nothing short of sacreligious. The other part of me remembers how sweeet it looked when an all american like Desmond Howard had his winged dome piece loaded up. A co-worker and fellow Michigan football fan, who is about 15 years older than myself, brought it up when he saw a background I had on my phone. He heavily favors the old stickers and of course I couldn't pick a side. He was wondering if it would ever come back. Actually, I'm now under the impression that he is willing to do whatever it takes to bring them back. I can't remember exactly what coach Carr's reasoning was for removing them. I do like the fact that without them, you are playing more for your team and less for the stickers that represent your individual statistical accomplishments. Which surprises me that Bo ever allowed them. However, I also thought it was cool when you started seeing them add up almost to the point where an opposing running back could see head on where the new sticker would find its place just before getting absolutely tattoed, ala Jarrett Irons. Anyway, just thought it would be cool to see what you guys' opinions on the topic would be.

PS, Thanks Brian for lifting the minimum points requirement for posts. I'm not at all a blogger or someone who spends much time on a computer on my own time. Sitting in front of one all day for work can do that to ya. It's unlikely I would have ever reached the 20 points. I really appreciate this site as it is the best I've found to enable my sometimes unhealthy addiction of all things Michigan. Your donation's in the mail.



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20 points isn't much. I do not post often (maybe 3-5 times a week). 20 points != 20 posts. You get two points for an upbang and you get a point when someone replies to a topic you started.

You'll probably end up with 20 points quickly. (Assuming people don't consider the topic of helmet stickers taboo and negbang you, which is a distinct possibility.)


I would hate to sully the winged helmet with stickers. For some teams it works (OSU) others, not so much.


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I hated the way the helmets looked with the pride stickers.

The helmets are PERFECT the way they are.

I also hope the rumored maize jersey's never happen either.

I love the maize for basketball and hockey. It just wouldn't seem right for football.

Fresh Meat

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I agree. Maize jersey's are a terrible idea. They are my favorite ones for basketball, but football, it's too late to start a new thing there.

And definitely no stickers, the helmets are perfect.

It's like a chick with a perfect rack getting a boob job, why mess with a good thing?


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I'm interested in what other hardcore Michigan fans think of the stickers.

The winged helmet is such an awesome piece of Michigan football tradition and history, that I can understand how some would find adding the stickers almost sacrilegious.

But I always felt like they actually added to the aura and I loved seeing the decorated veterans, like Mark Messner, with their helmets filled with hard-fought war-trophies as it were.

Edit: I was really torn on this so I went back and did a little research. I had actually thought Bo had come up with the idea along with Vince Dooley (Georgia head coach) back in '71 after they held football clinics at a few military bases in Europe. Unfortunately, it turns out that the Suckeyes already had something going in '68.

Knowing that Sparty is going to stickers this year, and that Tressel gives them out like candy because their helmets SUCK; there's no way I want to see the winged helmet sullied with a tUoOS tradition.


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Look, I award stickers to my 4 year old for "good plays".

I don't need to see that a 300 lb lineman has also earned one.
I trust that verbal or other praise will suffice at this level (we ARE talking about the NFL minor league here).

Unless of course they are My Little Pony stickers and then I'm all for it. Gusty the Unicorn rocks!


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Also, the TV play-by-play guys have a hard enough time getting the right name to match numbers even with the names on the back of the jersey. Laravie kept calling Grady on special teams tackles against EMU and I'm pretty sure THAT #19 was Zac Johnson (I could be wrong on this one, maybe it was Kelvin after all ... haven't seen replay). Also I recall a "Brandon Minor almost blocked the punt" call too when THAT #4 was obviously Brandon Smith. Urrg ... annoyed with lazy spotter guy.

Also, I thougt the helmet stickers were cool when I was a kid. When they went away, I wasn't pleased, but have since come around. I was a dumb kid. What can I say.


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No thanks. I don't think being given a name is really an "individual achievement" we should be worried about. If you're going to take those off, you might as well take off the numbers, shave the players heads, paint them all one color, and only recruit kids of one height/weight/build so you can't tell the difference anymore.


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I totally agree with the other posts. I say no. You want something that says you are a good player on your helmet then go out and hit somebody untill they get snot bubbles and then you'll have some stickers the old fashioned way. Scratches, scrapes, and paint streaks and the best thing is they get repaired right after that week so you have to go back out and earn them again!


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For a throwback game: have the staff tally up the amount of stickers each player would have gotten throughout the year and pop them all on for the OSU game. Talk about getting the team pumped -- that is if everyone gets a bunch.

I'm a throwback fan so I'd like to see the numbers back on the helmets for a game too.


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"Man, I would have loved to have won today but....How many stickers do I get coach?"

I've coached high school football for 15 years and trust me, some kids think like this.


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Though I agree with the no stickers sentiment, I do have to correct one minor point: I'm pretty sure that no one gets stickers at OSU after a loss.

It depends on the school, but the two most famous, OSU and FSU both have rather strict systems for assigning stickers. IIRC the OSU system works something like this: Everyone get a sticker after a win. One for offensive, defensive and special teams MVP, one for a big play (sack, turnover, TD, etc.).

Stickers are OSU's tradition, though, and we're the ones that came up with "The Team, The Team, The Team." They've been gone for long enough that I don't want them back.


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No stickers for me either. I didn't like them even when I was seven years old (which was about the time we had them.) They look cluttered and haphazard and it ruins the look of the most classic helmet in all of football. The winged helmet is the most recognizable symbol of Michigan football, period: no need IME to cover it up.


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I've always hated helmet stickers on pretty Michigan helmets. It just ruins it for me. We amazing looking wings and stickers just make the helmet look cluttered.


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I don't understand why the sacrilegious card is being played. putting something back the way it once was might be considered a bad idea, but it can't be sacrilegious. The new suites at the stadium, those can be considered sacrilegious, piped in music, sacrilegious, standing at U of M football games, sacrilegious. It is because they are new additions to the atmosphere of U of M football games. Stickers on the helmets are not. I could also understand if Moeller and his short tenure was the only coach who used them, but it's Bo. You would think that with the way Bo is deified more people would be receptive to this idea.


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First of all, helmet stickers detract from the appearance of the greatest helmets in any sport.

Second of all, our players do not need to be given stickers when they do something good, like they're still in kindergarten. Leave that to Ohio State.


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I've long ago come to accept that we didn't need them. The helmets look fine without them.

Helmet stickers always seemed the one thing hypocrital of Bo's philosophy......