I Ran In To Tate Today

Submitted by corncobb on October 22nd, 2009 at 10:18 PM

I have been working at the stadium since February and have not met a single notable Michigan figure since I have been there. The one day Lloyd Carr came through and shook hands with my crew I was at a different job filling in for a day. Figures.

Today, however, I was out with the guys for breakfast and in walks Tate. I thought briefly about trying to get a 'see, I got proof' pic with him and then realized I didn't want to be the guy that bugs the 19 year old phenom in the middle of a southern omelet. We got up to pay and I turned around and he was right there. I shook his hand and wished him good luck against Penn State, and that was that.

It was cool to meet someone in person that we all talk so much about on the boards. It was one of those rare, unexpected things that you won't forget. Has anyone else had any of these experiences, and should I have gone for the photo op? For the record, he actually might be a legit 6'1"!



October 23rd, 2009 at 1:27 PM ^

Before the Wisconsin game last year, I was hanging out on my friends front porch on State street. Mike Hart and Ryan Mundy randomly drove up in a golf cart and parked in the front yard. It was pretty cool, they came up and drank a couple of beers with us. Hart was saying that he was happy to finally get a chance to tailgate for a Michigan game. We almost convinced him to do the two story beer bong, but he didn't want pictures of that all over the internet.


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I used to see Lavell Blanchard at the Union all the time. That kid always had people around him and always had a smile on his face.

I had a class with Eric Brackins and talked to him quite a bit. He was very quiet and down to Earth. I talked to him a little before NFL draft time and I asked him if any teams were giving him a look (as a free agent, obviously), and he said the Bears had been in contact with him. Obviously that never came to fruition.

I also always sat near Pierre Woods and Tony Pape (in separate classes), but I never really talked to either one except to say what's up. Pierre Woods' neck is larger than his head. It was rather impressive.


October 23rd, 2009 at 2:31 AM ^

I'd run into those guys often when I was an undergrad (2000-2004). God, time flies. Two of the nicest Michigan Men around, though I expect the same is said of every crop of M athlete across the pike. But that's just the tradition of Michigan athletes.

I remember one occasion I ran into B-Rob and Lavell at Skeeps. I was running up to the bar to get a couple drinks for myself and a date, and sure enough I spot those two. Lavell was graduating, and I asked him what his post-grad plans were. We chatted for probably 20+ minutes about Italy and the pro-league he was getting into, as B-Rob just joshed him and was altogether incredibly cool. B-Rob was probably as Skeeps more often than I would have expected an athlete to be at Skeeps, actually, LOL. Good players and good men.


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didn't bump into his right shoulder. You did the right thing by not acting like a groupie.

I had Martin Sheen walk right by me at Dulles airport outside of DC five years ago when he was in West Wing. It was just he and I as we were crossing right in front of the terminal. He was heading out and I was heading in to fly to a meeting. As he moved closer I exchanged eye contact with him and said..."Good afternoon Mr. President" and he responded "Good afternoon". We kept walking in seperate directions and that was it. The interaction could not have been better.


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It's much less creepy to just photo shop a picture of you two together, and it doesn't even require you to actually run into him.

Learn to use photo shop and you'll have celebrity pictures with anyone you want. You can even put yourself in a man-sandwich between Tom Brady and Tate Forcier.


October 22nd, 2009 at 10:30 PM ^

I've actually had to Photoshop myself OUT of some pictures/videos. I once made a video on a boat with Pamela Anderson. You might have seen it... Anyway, I didn't want to embarrass my family, so I pasted some rock 'n' roll guy's face over mine. I can't think of his name, though.


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is in the LSA and told me he has a class with Mathews, Roundtree and the younger Grady among others. He also worked at one of the cafeterias over the summer and served a lot of the incoming freshman (both basketball and football). I remember going to the game in which Perry broke the record for most carries in one game (51) in East Lansing. We waited outside the stadium for a while and met most of the starters: Perry, Navarre, Edwards, etc. It was awesome to see them turn down all the State fans for autographs.


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I walked by Tate while I was on a tour of Newsterbaan the week after MSU. We were getting ready to leave as the players were coming in for practice. I didn't say anything because I didn't want to look like a creep-dog. I actually thought he looked shorter than everyone says, but my opinion may be biased though since I'm 6'4".