Yet another rape allegation involving MSU basketball players.

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Alleged incident happened The evening of April 11, 2015, and morning of April 12, 2015
She was raped by 3 members of the MSU basketball team in 2015
She reported the rape to a counselor, who acted differently when it was apparent those accused were athletes
She was not told to get tested for STDs, get a physical exam or seek medical treatment
She was told by staff that if she reported the rape to police, she would receive negative media attention with will "be swimming with some really big fish" if she pursued it
She ended up checking into a psychiatric hospital and ultimately withdrew from classes.



April 9th, 2018 at 5:46 PM ^

Izzo had no idea.

The system didn't act, and hey, that's nobody's fault. 

Can you PROVE Izzo knew?

This is all because of Larry Nasser.

The BLUE WALL strikes again.

ESPN at it again. 

Travis Walton was never employed by MSU.

The prosecutor charges everybody with a felony from 1931.



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Good god, this shit is ridiculous.

They have created a hostile environment. There is no salvaging this situation, it's rotted to the core. Izzo at the very least needs to be 'retired'.


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"Neither the woman, who is a current student, nor the three players, who are no longer at the school, are named in the lawsuit. Her attorney said the players are not being named because the focus of the lawsuit is "with the way she was treated by the university."

The attorney, Karen Truszkowski, told Outside the Lines that her client has not reported the incident to police, but, "I cannot say that she's not ever going to report it." The woman spoke to Outside the Lines only on the condition she not be identified because she fears revealing her identity publicly. The woman said she did not report the alleged assault to police in 2015 because she and some of her friends, who were younger than 21 at the time, had used fake IDs to get into a bar the night of the alleged incident, and she worried they would all get cited with underage drinking charges."


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Easy to say, but even incredibly sympathetic victims (say, Denhollander) catch an inordinate amount of shit until so many victims come forward that people cannot deny reality any longer.

Hell, read the comments any time Aly Raisman posts a photo of herself wearing anything less than a burqa on instagram.


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MSU is such a shithole. That school is the fucking worst. Someone who was counseling rape victims actually told this poor girl that plenty of women who were raped by athletes and filed reports with the police made life tougher for themselves. Like, someone who is supposed to be counseling these women basically said “a lot of athletes rape women and the ones who report it have a tough life after telling the cops....proceed with caution one of the many women who are sexually assaulted here on campus.” Ugh, reading that report made me even more upset with MSU, which I didn’t even think was possible


April 9th, 2018 at 10:10 PM ^

It's telling that it took me a couple of minutes to figure out they weren't talking about the alleged rape by two former basketball players NOR the gang rape by 4 former football players, but a new batch of gang rape by 3 different basketball players.

But yes, poor Tommy Izzo didn't know anything.


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Well it’s starts with not addressing the problems. From there we go to redirecting and placing the blame on the victim. After that it comes down to the old nobody found any evidence. This was handled the “right way.” It’s like I’ve said, if you have kids, especially daughters don’t let them near that campus.