Shea Patterson granted permission to explore transfer

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Source is from Ole Miss's 247 site, also being reported by ESPN. Both sources saying Michigan is the favorite landing spot, but it's not guaranteed that he transfers.

From what I've seen if Patterson does transfer he would be required to either sit a year or apply for a waiver for immediately eligibility. It looks like the wheels are in motion.



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Not a great look for recruiting at the QB position. At the same time, we have a lot of bullets in the chamber. Must take if he is eligible for 2018. 

Jackie Moon

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We have a lot of young bullets in the chamber.  If they flop, the offensive is screwed.  We held that view for Henson and Morris and look at the result.  Early enrollment allows these "disrespected" recruits a chance at playing somewhere else.  Loyalty is two-ways.  If Patterson joins the team, that would mean more competition with the best man playing.


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If UM wins recruiting will be just fine. Harbaugh knows the impact a star QB will have on this team and program. That star could already be on the roster but you bring in a talent like Patterson to lift the ceiling on the most important position on the team. Just imagine what these last two season would have looked like with a Star QB on this team. 

5 star talent line up to go to programs that win and win big. 

The Fan in Fargo

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That's all this team is missing. Once these qbs are juniors, better watch out. The refs wont have a prayer. Wont be able to hold down the super fast and strong as hell receiver talent either. If these offensive players work their asses off in this offseason, I guarantee no one stops them next year. If they don't make huge physical leaps, the season will be so so. Maybe 10 wins. Been there done that. We want your best boys, I'll do my best to save money and buy tickets so you might have a real fan in the stands cheering you on. Damn I hate the fans that go to Michigan games.


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Standard language in SEC contracts state the universituy, to wit; the benefactors are prepared to and will suffer the financial damages should violations be unearthed in regard to the particular sport athlete receives signing bonus in. 

Blue in Paradise

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We have 2 non-true freshman scholarship players at QB going into 2018. It would irresponsible not to at least take a look at the transfer options.

Patterson would be the top transfer option. It makes 100% sense for Harbaugh to take a look at Patterson.


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The Shea Patterson case has hit the desk of Elizabeth Heinrich, Executive Sr. Compliance Officer and will be handled by Joe Pawlik, Director of Compliance, Eligibility. There is a real possibility.

Ole Miss Rivals site reporting that Michigan is indeed the favorite and that Shea has been talking to other players about transferring to Michigan.

Here is what Chase Parham had to say:

Hey, Ole Miss site editor here.

Here's our story on the permission to contact situation. I've been hearing Michigan for weeks as the likeliest spot, and there are rumors that he's been even talking to other teammates about the Wolverines, though I don't have those completely verified. I'll post anything I hear moving forward.…

Leaders and Best 21

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If recruiting was as big of an industry in the 90s, Drew Henson still would not be rated as high as Patterson.

Patterson would be far and away the highest rated QB to ever put on the winged helmet.

I Like Burgers

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Y'all are forgetting about Ryan Mallet.  He was Rivals No.4 overall recruit back in 2007.

And hoo boy...just rechecked the top 10 QBs in 2007.  Yeesh..

It was Jimmy Clausen, Mallett, John Brantley, Mike Paulus, Peter Lalich, Pat Bostick, Jarrett Lee, Robert Marve, Steve Threet (!!), and BJ Coleman.



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Enough for me. Welcome aboard Mr Patterson. I look at teams ranked ahead of Michigan like Memphis and Ucf and I am like ya right. Harbaugh is making sure the days of pathetic and inept QB play are a thing of the past. Black, Jones, Gentry and Mckeon will be destroying offenses with a legit QB. Add in Perry, MM,Collins, Martin and maybe Chase.

Can you see how good Michigan's offense could be with a vertical attack. I am good with whoever wins the competition. I personally think Patterson is the best of the three.


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If this is a meritocracy, we pursue him heavily. If we just want to keep Brandon Peters and Dylan Mccafery happy we don't go after him. If this was Alabama, Ohio State, Clemson etc. they would go after him.