Shea Patterson granted permission to explore transfer

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Source is from Ole Miss's 247 site, also being reported by ESPN. Both sources saying Michigan is the favorite landing spot, but it's not guaranteed that he transfers.

From what I've seen if Patterson does transfer he would be required to either sit a year or apply for a waiver for immediately eligibility. It looks like the wheels are in motion.



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Just my opinion but i doubt any Parents will be telling Jim Harbaugh who will play for Michigan. Also if it was Greg Little would there be people worried about perceptons and hurt feelings. Hell no, why is the QB position different.

The real deal is Michigan putting QB's in the NFL and winning championships. In my opinion those two things create a run away freight  train that the rest of the east will not be stopping anytime soon.

Also lost in this whole thing is who is the best judge of QB talent. My guess is one Jim Harbaugh knows what he is looking at, especially when it comes to Quarterbacks. Harbaugh and his staff are the best in the big ten and I allready said I feel great about this program and what they need. Well just like that, here it is.

If Harbaugh and Michigan are pursuing this kid, they know what they are looking at. I believe this has been in the works for some time and is a done deal. Will see.


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Anyone that believes Harbaugh is concerned about hurting guys feeling are nuts. He's an A++ competitor and he has to be burning inside following another loss to OSU. He wants to win more than any of us fans and he knows exactly what it takes at the QB of course he's going after the best talent at the most important position. 

Hell this young team with all of its flaws was a Shea Patterson type talent away from being a top-10 team on the verge of a serious run. 


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Thx for starting this thread.  I was getting lost in the other one. 

I've been back and forth on this, but how could you NOT add this guy to the team if you can? 



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in the future. 2018 will not be a great year for Michigan. Use it to give experience to your highly recruited and on board QB's. 2019 may be the NC year.


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are accepted by the University of Michigan. To say otherwise is wrong.


Regarding next year, I haven't given up on it but anticip[ate a similar season as this year. The scheduled is much more difficult and we still don't have a seasoned QB nor a reliable OL.


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IF (bigly yuge if) he is eligible to play for an FBS team next year, I would change my "unsure" about bringing him to "100% yes" if he was bringing Greg Little with him. That Tackle spot is so much dicier than our QB play next year. I also don't think we should consider 2019 when evaluating Patterson - barring health or playing time issues he will be going pro after next year.


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I mean, first of all M has two commits already for 2018. I suppose there is some small chance that one or both of them could decommit based on Patterson that but that seems exceedingly unlikely. Milton is a project recruit all the way and likely expects to spend at least two seasons developing. Doyle comes in with more polish but even he has to know he’ll be behind Peters and McCaffrey and thus a longshot to play as an underclassman. Being behind a third guy for two years doesn’t seem like a big deal.

The 2019 recruits would be true freshmen when Patterson is in his final year of eligibility. So any deterrent effect that Patterson’s presence would have on them is diminished even further. And this is without taking into account the possibility that Patterson goes pro after 2018, or the possibility that Patterson winds up a second- or third-string QB because Peters and/or McCaffrey hold him off.

Also, any negative effect that Patterson’s presence could have on QB recruiting is potentially offset by the positive influence that could happen if Patterson plays well at M, gets drafted, and puts M in the college football playoff.


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My only hesitation is, would there be any implications for M if Patterson is found to have received improper benefits at Ole Miss? I only thing that has supposedly happened with Patterson is that his brother was given a job, which isn’t against the rules and really no different than some things M has already done, but Ole Miss is practically a synonym for cheating these days.


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I would hope to hell that our compliance office would vet his transfer and remove any doubt.

You can not pretend that he is not a top 5 recruit that somehow wound up at Ole Miss. 

There is not exactly a great track record there.


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Okay, that’s good. And then what about Patterson himself? I’d hate to see him come in and establish himself as the starter, only to then be suspended or disqualified if some report were to surface that he got paid at Ole Miss.


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Michigan is not responsible for something that may have happened at Ole Miss. Ole Miss flat out had guys telling on themselves and look how long it took to even investigate. Treadwell and Gas mask dude flat out flaunted there winnings.


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Only 2 options happen.

1.He transfers to Michigan. Michigan asks him to be eligible and the NCAA denies it because they hate Harbaugh. He sits out '18 and then is a backup to Peters in '19 & '20. No way he beats out Peters after he's started over a year and played in 3 road games at MSU, ND & OSU.

2.Same as above but worse case scenario happens. He transfers and either McCaffrey, Peters or Milton transfer out. We're now stuck with 2 QB's next year because again the NCAA hates Harbaugh and doesn't grant Shea eligible to play.


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He’s a true Sophomore, so how would it work if he had to sit out a year? Could that be counted as his redshirt year and he would have two years left after he sat out?


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If he does come, I doubt all three of him, Peters and McCaffery finish their careers here.

It's cool I guess, but I'd be more excited about quality offensive lineman.


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True.  But Greg Little was a 5-star OT in Patterson's class.  If they come as a package deal, and somehow get eligible for next year, then we're sitting pretty and all our ills magically go away!


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Like the last podcast said, you can NEVER have too much QB depth.. If Peters, McCaffery and Milton/Doyle are afraid to compete with Patterson (IF he does come) then this isn't the place for them anyway.

For me, it seems to boil down to whether he can play this year. If he can't does he still transfer? My guess is he only comes if he is eligible right away. But yeah, you don't tell a kid this talented he can't come.. Even if he doesn't win the starting job and  all he does is provide some solid depth and help Peters/McCaffery raise their game it's a win for Michigan. 


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I commented earlier today about this topic and would like to revise my position. Get him on board, if he isn’t the starter next year then either Peters or McCaffery will be a beast. Win The Game, the B1G and then the Natty. And no, I don’t use the Oxford comma.


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But if you had used the Oxford comma, you could have cut out the word then and it would have still made sense. Also, since you brought it up, you should have put a period after board and started the next sentence with if. Additionally, in that same sentence there should be a comma after year so it's not a run--on sentence with poor flow between separate clauses/ideas.