Tate Martell is a Hurricane

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It’s official, he’s announced that he’s off to Miami and Fields’ eligibility is suddenly that much more interesting.  





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How is Fields' case any weaker than Patterson's? He claimed that he was misled as the possible severity of the punishment, but how could anyone have known how bad the punishment was going to be? Also, if Ole Miss was handing out bags of cash, how reasonable is it that Patterson wasn't getting some of that action? And let's not forget that his brother was, and remains, on the Ole Miss staff. So he got a waiver because his family member lied to him? I'd say Fields' case is every bit as strong as Patterson's.


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Fields case is that there was some type of racial incident with another athlete who I believe was expelled for it. That's a crappy situation, but it seems like a one-off. Shea and everyone else at Ole Miss was misled about the severity of the sanctions Ole Miss was about to receive. Not the same situation and I'd wager if Fields had beat out Fromm that suddenly he wouldn't be so concerned about some hostile atmosphere at UGA


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Justin Fields didn't even hear the remark and wasn't in the vicinity.  The person who made the remark was expelled.  That is not a hostile environment.  That's probably as good as it gets in the South.  If there isn't other incidents then it is gross that he's using this incident.  I bet no one at THE cooler-pooper university will ever use a racial epitaph outside of his earshot. 


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His claim was not that he was misled on punishments, it was that the coaching staff said that there wouldn’t be more punishments because everything that the NCAA was currently investigating happened under the previous coaching staff. Which was a blatant lie told just to secure the commitments of those players, and without that lie the players might have decided to commit elsewhere.

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I mean, you have coaches like Greg Mattison and Al Washington jumping ship at any chance they can for "career progression" just after they recruited kids to Michigan through signing day. Why should the players have to sit out a year to also pursue "career progression" when these coaches are jumping ship all the time?


We spent all last offeseason praying and hoping that Shea would be granted immediate eligibility and everyone would have called foul on the NCAA and lost their mind if they didn't. Now it's our chief rival who has a QB going through it and we're going to say the NCAA is insane to grant this kid eligibility? Take off the maize-and-blue blinders. Yes, the kid plays for OSU but he's just trying to do what he thinks is best for his career. Like coaches do on the coaching carousel every season. And be honest with yourself, you'd all be saying Fields has a good reason to be granted immediate eligibility if he was coming to UM and we didn't have a starter returning.


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Yes, use of racist, sexist, homphobic, and other terms in that vein is deplorable and should not be tolerated. The Univeristy of Georgia acted swiftly and definitively. What else is the univeristy supposed to do?

Compare with the Reschke incident at MSU (LINK). That was an incident between guys in the same lockeroom and affected the entire team. None of the black players claimed that they weren't safe in East Lansing.

Field's claim is complete and utter bullshit and it diminishes the credibility of those that make this claim on a legitimate basis.


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I’m not even sure you can say Fields was verbally harassed. Didn’t this incident occur in the stands during a game? If so it’s highly unlikely Fields even heard what was said and only found out about everything second hand.  I would take a guess and say there has been some awful racist shit said about the players in every stadium. 

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Yes, nothing ever happened face to face, it was in the stands, police handled it, kid was kicked out of school and even had a face to face with Fields to apologize and said they were on good terms. Yet we all know this will go through because as stated above the NCAA doesn't want to deal with the backlash. If this truly was an incident where the kid felt threatened or unsafe I would have no issue with the NCAA allowing for immediate eligibility, but there are too many facts about the case that everyone with any common sense can see this kid wants to transfer because of playing time and needs a good enough excuse to do so and play right away.

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Bull. Shit. Such a lame, all-too-convenient excuse to get immediate eligibility. 

It was an isolated incident with one jackass yelling something at him that had no business being said. Should Fields or anyone else have to tolerate what happened? Of course not. But it doesn't constitute a right for him to transfer AND get immediate eligibility at OSU.

If it was truly an unsafe environment for Fields to be in, then they'd be actively working to pull his younger sister out of school right now too. She's going to Georgia this year to play for the softball team. Fields is leaving because he doesn't want to sit behind Fromm for another 1-2 years. 

I totally understand the reasoning for leaving, but this isolated incident doesn't warrant immediate eligibility. It's just a convenient excuse for his lawyer to present to the NCAA, and my guess is the NCAA doesn't want to deal with Mars pulling the race card on them if they reject Fields' waiver, especially not in this day and age of regular social media outbursts. So he'll probably get his waiver. 

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If Fields gets immediate eligibility, then the NCAA honestly just needs to scrap the entire transfer "sit out for a year" policy. It would be an absolute joke to see him get immediate eligibility over this. 

He got a racial slur from some idiot sitting in the stands at a baseball game. I'm not going to condone those actions at all, but I don't at all see how that provides some justification for immediate eligibility at another school. If he was getting death threats and it became a matter of his personal health/safety, that'd be one thing. But it sounds like an isolated incident that didn't go beyond one idiot saying something he should not have said. Field's sister is also going to Georgia to play for the softball team this year, so if Justin or his family felt like UGa was a dangerous place for them, she wouldn't be going there anymore. 

I get that this can be a touchy subject for some, and I certainly don't know what it's like to have those words thrown my way. But to me, using incident as his justification for leaving and deserving immediate eligibility feels like an all-too-convenient excuse to try and get around the system. He's leaving because he doesn't want to sit behind Fromm, and he wants to play now. Perfectly acceptable reasoning for wanting to go elsewhere. I get it. But if Fromm had graduated / gone pro after this season, I doubt Fields is going anywhere, and Tate Martell is your starting OSU QB next Fall. 

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It took one month to go from "I'm not gonna give up the starting job to a guy who hasn't even been on campus" to "I'm not even gonna stick around to see if he's eligible."

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