SIAP: Meyer denies reports of "tension" within staff and between him and AD Smith

Submitted by FrankMurphy on October 23rd, 2018 at 5:45 PM

FWIW, Meyer was less emphatic in his denials about tension within the staff than he was about tension between him and Smith. Staff tensions have more of a short-term impact because Meyer can always fire the assistants who aren't on the same page. But tension with the AD is more of a long-term problem. Interesting, to say the least.

Meyer's denial of the report:



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I'll be surprised if he's on the sideline for the M game.

Meyer is a charismatic psychopath.  Like all such, he cares more than anything else about how he appears to others.  I believe he fears a drubbing from M this year.  If I'm right, then Meyer won't be on the sideline for that game.

In order to excuse himself from such a public shaming, Meyer could do many things.  He could go back to the 'ol medical crisis act.  Or he could inflame tensions with staff or AD (which is what I personally believe he's doing).

Good riddance.


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Yes, Urban Meyer has an "arachnoid cyst," which gets inflamed and filled with spinal fluid during stress causing severe headaches. Every few years Urban has to get surgery to drain the cyst if it gets really bad, but otherwise he can try to manage it with medications...

Apparently, it is the medication for the cyst that has been claimed to be "memory-altering." Urban has said before that he dislikes the medication and tries to avoid taking it if possible, but will have to when the headaches get too bad.


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It's awesome hearing the national media (even if it is Paul Finebaum) saying that Ohio State sold it's soul.  

A friend of mine got in a car crash once where his Ford Bronco went up on two wheels and then the other two wheels and it repeated a couple of times until the Bronco flipped over.   I don't know what you call that, but it feels like it is happening to Ohio State.  (My friend was thrown into the back seat totally unharmed sort of like what happened with Urban Meyer after Florida.)


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As a person that doesn’t sleep well and sometimes uses the same “sleep aids” he uses, I can attest that sometimes (during times of high stress, for instance) you are tempted to up the dose and feel awful the entire next day, much like a hangover but way groggier. That wouldn’t shock me here