The OSU Defcon Level Is Set To Maximum.

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A good friend of mine is a Buckeye slappy and he is beside himself over the Purdue loss and overall look of the program. He like many are noticing Michigan and the noise they are starting to make. Many of them won't outwardly admit it, but they are concerned that the football landscape is being reset by Jim Harbaugh and Michigan. The threat level has been set to Severe, link below from Eleven Warriors.



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This pains me to say - like, “tiny zit on the spot where your lip meets your mustache” pain - but OSU has a ton of talent and Urban Meyer is still a great coach. They may have slipped a peg, but we have no reason to be cocky. Time to prove it on the field! 


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I really am not sure. I could be wrong, but in the past when Urban has had to make a mid-season offensive gameplan adjustment, it's been going back to the read option "bread and butter"... running it more, etc. I've never seen them have to adjust in this direction, but I am sure they are capable.  What makes me wonder is if Haskins' arm can stay attached to his body.. he threw what, 75 times against Purdue? thats a lot. 

Perkis-Size Me

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Absolutely no way in hell they'd bench Haskins. Nor should they. The guy is likely going to break a bunch of OSU single season passing records, and would probably be the Heisman front-runner if not for Tua. He's already thrown for almost 3,000 yards, which is a huge accomplishment for any college QB, and has at least five games left to play. 

If they benched him for Martell, and then managed to lose again, Meyer would be crucified. 


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No way does he bench Haskins, however, would not be shocked to see a Martell series at some point in the Nebraska game, if they struggle to run.  I think the main reason they are struggling to run, is that his offense is based on having a running threat at QB to keep defenders at bay. W/O that threat, defenses can just crash and not worry about Haskins running. And even if he does pull it and run, he is not fast enough to break a long one. 

     Urban is a system coach, I feel their personnel is better suited for a Pro Set rather than what they are currently running. 


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I don't get it. Urban wins a NC with a 3rd string QB, who was an OK thrower, but an absolute bulldozer (and Zeke) and then decides to become a passing spread attack? Why? He even has a credible running QB.

Also, lol at wanting the OC Ryan Day to replace Urban. Guy has never been a HC anywhere and apparently is cool with the passing spread (welcome to Don Brown's wheelhouse!).


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For Urban it is a crazy idea.  His offense is centered on a running QB to get man advantages.  If he doesn't have a running QB, then DCs like DB can use that extra man for either coverage or to blitz.  This bodes well for M, whether they hand it off to Webber or throw it.

Without a running QB, Urban seems lost.  He has a system he's rigidly maintained over the years.  Not having a good run QB seems like a big recruiting gaffe right now.

Ali G Bomaye

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Their OL isn't great this year, and Urban's running scheme for the last 15 years has been based around a QB who is a running threat, which Haskins ain't.

The only other times Meyer has had an offense without a running QB were his first year at Florida (2005, with Chris Leak) and his last year at Florida (2010, with John Brantley). Both teams had mediocre offenses - the 2005 team was 49th in the country in scoring, and the 2010 team was 43rd. Two years isn't a lot to go on, but there's at least a bit of evidence that Meyer can't build a consistent offense without a running QB.

Mike Damone

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I know what you mean, Paps.  But the Bucknuts fans feel it is different than the Iowa debacle last year, which really was an anomaly, or even that asinine game v. Sparty in 2015 where they ran Elliott like 8 times and lost to Sparty's backup QB.  In those years, the Bucks had been playing well.  Their passing game this year had covered up significant flaws in their run game and defense, and both have only gotten worse in 2018.  Going to be tough to "fix" those in a short period of time - especially with an absentee team captain and a hateable head coach who looks like "death warmed over" these days.

With all that being said - you know we are going to get their best game.  Going to be a war in Columbus, but we are going to take them this year!  

Go Blue!!!


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I disagree that Ohio State was playing well in 2015 prior to the Michigan State game. That team was a mess on offense all season with the oddest playcalling from Ed Warriner/Tim Beck. There was no identity or congruency to the offense. Up until the MSU game, OSU's MO was to look like crap on offense for 3 quarters, and then feed the ball to Zeke in the 4th quarter to bail them out After the MSU loss, Urban Meyer took over playcalling for the Michigan and Notre Dame game.


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This is true. OSU was not playing well in 2015. They basically has a 10-game exhibition schedule before finishing with MSU & The Game. The early portion of the season was a mess with Cardale starting & Barrett on the bench. They were not sharp entering the MSU game and were especially unsharp in that game.

...they were pretty sharp the following week, however.


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Then maybe the difference is Zeke Elliot isn’t walking through those doors to bail you out. It also stands true that even though you may not have had a true identity in 2015, you still had a  qb that could run and a somewhat consistent running game. You don’t have either this year. 


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I thought so, too, but something really isn't right. He has so much talent but has been making really odd choices recently. His prior teams never looked this sloppy. Half the coaching staff are his buddies; half are chosen because of their questionable ethics; there aren't that many muscle-flexing top-of-the-game poachings (Larry Johnson) like he used to get. 

Of course they're still very good, but he really has lost a step. 

UM Fan from Sydney

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My god those idiots are so spoiled. That program has been a dynasty since 2002. They have absolutely nothing to complain about. I mean, come on. They have two titles this century, a bunch of big ten titles, and only two losses to Michigan since 2003.

UM Fan from Sydney

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I think their problem is they see how successful Alabama has been. OSU fans think they should be at that level. The truth is no program can be at their level right now. Alabama has more bag men than any program in the country...oh, they also have the best coach of all time. As good as Meyer is, he isn't on Saban's level.


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So you decided the OSU post directly under this one wasnt a good place to deposit these thoughts?

Please God please.  Let's not replace our 6-7 MSU daily threads with 6-7 OSU daily threads.



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I think it would be hilarious if they ran a guy out of town with a total of 9 career losses there. I mean, Urban is a scumbag and all that but that would be funny. 


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With the state of their offensive line right now, I would not be surprised to see Michigan State push them to the limit.  

They have plenty of talent, but I don't think their issues in the secondary or OL are fixable this late in the season.

Sauce Castillo

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Hypothetical here, if OSU loses to MSU and we are guaranteed to go to Indy, do you think a lot of those players give up quick in The Game if we take a lead? It's a side of players who have never lost to Michigan and would essentially have nothing to play for at that point, essentially quitting on their HC.