The last time an opposing OL was called for holding against Michigan was against MSU, then Air Force

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That's pretty incredible. In 2016 Michigan B1G opponents had two holding calls all year. There's also this story from a few years ago that raised my eyebrows.


Ohio State was just called for their first hold in Big Ten play since 2013. This is not a misprint. 0 holds called on them in 2014.

— Andrew Pitz (@AndrewPitz) October 18, 2015



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Only looking at O-line holding and not counting special teams holding, here is how many holding penalties each team got against OSU (based on the ESPN play-by-play data - it is possible I missed one or two).
Nebraska: 2
Maryland: 0
Rutgers: 0
UNLV: 1 (which was declined)
Army: 1
Oklahoma: 0
Indiana: 0
Total: 4
For comparison, here are the numbers for Minnesota:
Buffalo: 1 (hilarious side note - Minnesota had 3 holding calls against them in this game, and they were all on a single drive)
Oregon State: 1
Middle Tennessee: 2
Maryland: 0
Purdue: 2
MSU: 1
Illinois: 2
Total: 8
And for Purdue:
Louisville: 0
Ohio (Not that Ohio): 0
Mizzou: 1
Michigan: 1
Minnesota: 0
Wisconsin: 1
Rutgers: 1
Total: 4
And finally, Michigan's numbers (this time, both for and against numbers):
Florida: 2, 0 against M
Cincy: 0, 1 against M
Air Force: 1, 2 against M
Purdue: 0, 1 against M
MSU: 2 (both were declined), 2 against M
Indiana: 0, 1 against M
Penn State: 0, 1 against M
Total: 5 (2 declined), 8 against M
So Purdue's defense has drawn as many holding penalties as OSU's.  And Minnesota's defense has drawn almost as many holding penalties and Michigan AND OSU's defenses combined.
My takeaway: Refs are full of shit and either have no clue what they are doing, are actively (possibly subconsciously) malicious, or RNGesus hates us.


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I was pretty frustrated watching this game that there never seems to be a penalty against our opponents. PSU kicked our butts and it wasn't the officials that cost us this game. But, damn I remember one play in particular where Gary beat the tackle and you could see his jersey being pulled backwards, damn near off his body, as he was trying to track down McSorely. I was like holy shit that's holding this play is comine back. Nope big downfield pass and no penatly.

How is it that UM only comitts penalties during games????


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Conspiracy theories are for losers.

But holy crap, this looks like a teach-Harbaugh-a-lesson thing.

I've watched all those games, and Michigan - especially Gary - gets held constantly.



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It's worth noting that "second to last in opponent penalities" means "M's opponents have had the second LEAST amount of penalties against M".


Just for full information, here's the net average penalty yardage for each team in the B1G this year (i.e. avg/game Yards penalized - avg/game yards opponent penalized):

Michigan comes in last. Consolation prize: OSU is second to last, and it's quite close.

Durham Blue

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And the intentional grounding no call against McSorley was pretty heinous considering it was blatant and also a point in the game where we had more than a good chance to take control. Next play went for a first down. No that it would’ve mattered in the end but shit like that is really irritating.


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he called it out, said the ball did not even get close the 26 with no receiver around.  If i remember correctly thee was a Penn State guy towards the middle of the field, but at the least that play deserved an explanation (unless I missed it).  Something like "there is no call for intentional grounding, there was a receiver in the area" at the minimum. 

kevin holt

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No, a receiver in the area makes it not grounding. But another way to avoid grounding is if the QB is 1) outside the tackle box and 2) the ball passes the LOS (even with no receiver). So without #2 or a receiver it's grounding.

oriental andrew

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The problem with the grounding rule is the ambiguity of "receiver in the area." It is clear who is an eligible receiver, but being "in the area" can be vague. Is it a guy 3-4 yards away from where the ball hit? Is it a guy  5 yards away? 8 yards away? It seems like it's a judgment call, but it seems like there should be a defined perimeter, like must land within 3 yards of an eligible receiver to be considered "in the area."

His Dudeness

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Something else that seems weird to me; Fox has a big night game next week between who? OSU and PSU.

We can't have a "big game" potentially messed up by little old Michigan can we? Of course not. Everything is very legit though. Sure. Of course it is.


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If we had won, next weeks game would still be a top 10ish matchup with the winner being in great shape for the playoff and the loser being eliminated and it would make The Game more attractive.  Overall, the networks would have been better off with a Michigan win.

There was no conspiracy other than the refs being afraid of what would happen to them in the shower after the game if they called anything on PSU.


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MSU was flagged for two holding penalties against us. Here are the holding calls against opposing teams dating back to Illinois last year:



Penn State 0

Indiana 0


Purdue 0

Air Force 1

Cincinnati 0

Florida 2





Indiana 0

Iowa 0

Maryland 0


Illinois 1


It seems absurd considering the DL we have had throughout that stretch.