Kiper: Denard #1 or #2 Draft WR

Submitted by Noleverine on January 19th, 2012 at 1:35 PM

According to Mel Kiper:


Mel Kiper on Denard Robinson's draft stock: "He's either the No. 2 or No.1 most highly rated WR option & he hasnt even played the position"


Don't really know how to take this, but interesting nonetheless.



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My post was mostly supposed to be comedic, but it appears it wasn't that funny.  I get that #1 center in college doesn't necessarily mean #1 center in the NFL, but Denard a #1 or #2 receiver when he has never played the position?  I think that's a little ridiculous, although I haven't really done enough studying to know what the WR position looks like in the class of 2012. 

As for calling me out about thinking that UM should be #1 in everything....  I called Kiper stupid for saying Denard is a #1 pick at receiver, so I think we can debunk that.


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thikn about it this way. Denard runs a 4.31 40'. Hes got to have at the very least decent hands, and we all have seen his quick burst. Put him in a possession receiver role, and I guarentee he puts up Welker #s. While I get the "but hes too fast to be a possession receiver hes a vertical threat" argument, the idea would be to get Denard the ball in space with CBs and S's trying to tackle him, and just watch the magic happen.



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No evidence for this.  And given the lack of passes thrown to him on many plays where he's not the QB, plus his tendancy to fumble snaps, I'd say there's some evidence against it.

IMO, he'd be a better RB - a poor man's Chris Johnson.


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compared to Chris Johnson coming out of college

Durability is a concern for any RB, but Denard has a track record of 20-30 carries in multiple college games.  He's unlikely to be an every-down back, but that role is becoming increasingly uncommon anyway.

I'd take his durability over someone like Jahvid Best.


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just guarantee that a guy who has never played receiver before will put up numbers equal to one of the most prolific WRs in NFL history?  That seems far fetched...

On the other hand, I was watching the olympic trials the other day and I saw a tall muscular guy throw a javelin several hundred feet.  I know he's got a strong arm, and he sounded pretty smart in the post-event interview.  Therefore, I predict that he will eventually put up Peyton Manning-ish numbers in the NFL. 

Red is Blue

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If he is accurate enough with that javelin, he could play both ways.  On offsense, he'd be able to create lots of room for his receivers and so therefore I'd predict he'd far exceed Manning.  On defense, he could play deep safety and "intercept" anything that gets thrown.


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You're being generous. I'd say it's pure idiocy.

There's no question that Denard is a great athlete, but that does not necessarily translate into being a great, or even mediocre receiver. How good are his hands? Catching a pass from a cannon-armed QB is not the same as getting a shotgun snap. Can he catch the ball in traffic? Can he catch the ball when he knows he's going to get blasted a split-second after? Can he block reliably and consistently? How good is he in fighting off DBs during his route? Nobody knows, because he's never had to do these things.

Kiper's just talking out of his ass, which is hardly a unique thing for him.


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Certainly nothing to get bent about from a UM fan perspective since we all know he won't play QB in the NFL.

EDIT- How exactly am I trolling? Just because I said he won't play QB in the NFL? Jeez, is that really trolling or just an honest opinion of what will most likely be the reality of Denard's NFL days?

Mr Miggle

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I didn't neg you, but how's this for an explanation. Saying we all know he won't be an NFL QB is hardly offering an honest opinion of what will likely be Denard's NFL future. Offering your own opinion is fine. Claiming we all must agree with you, especially when you should know damn well that many do not, is going to get you negged.


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He's gotta be better than Darrius Heyward-Bey, right?

I'm not saying he will be a good WR, but he does have the one thing that no coach in the NFL can teach, and that is his speed/acceleration/agility.  After watching the Sports Science clip on Denard, I'd have to believe someone in the NFL could use his elite athleticism.  Maybe not as first round pick, but worth the upside at 2 or 3.


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I'd take this extremely well. There is absolutely no chance that Denard can play QB in the NFL from what I've seen in college. Thus, if he's going to be drafted at WR or KR/PR, I'm glad he's a top flight candidate who will be getting paid.

The guy is one of the best people I've had the good fortune of watching on Saturdays and certainly deserves to get paid millions when he does head into the draft.


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I figured that he would be drafted as a Percy Harvin or Devin Hester type of player. Kick returns, punt returns, WR used for trick plays, speed back, etc.

You never know, though. Maybe Tebow, Newton, and RG3 make an impact on the NFL and some team takes Denard as a project to see if they can make a bit of the spread work in the NFL.

The Baughz

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Well those guys are much bigger than Denard. The smallest guy on that list is RG3 and hes 6'2 215 and is a much better passe than Denard is. I love Denard, but there is a 0% chance he plays QB on sundays. Could def see him return kicks and be a wildcat type player.


January 19th, 2012 at 2:36 PM ^

Harvin played a bunch of different positions at Florida inlcuding receiver.  Denard may turn out to be a great receiver, but you simply don't know if he has the hands to play the position or, for that matter, return punts.  I have often wondered why, as a freshman, they didn't try him on punt/kickoff returns.


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I think it is an outrageous comment for sure. The response in the article, identifying a single play where he played receiver and didn't make a catch in tight coverage, was also ridiculous. Apparently, if you are a top receiver, you catch every ball thrown in your vicinity, even as a true freshman.  


January 19th, 2012 at 2:11 PM ^

Who knows, he's clearly a smart kid who already understands WR routes. And his long, slender hands (slightly weird that I made that observation? Probably.) are probably very good at catching the football. I agree with Mel on this one (although we often don't, he and I)

EDIT: Not to mention Denard's attitude would probably go over better in an NFL locker room than Desean's


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Tebow's problem is more not getting the ball to the receiver or throwing it behind the receiver. As good as Tacopants is, I'm not sure he'd be able to assist Timmy Te-bow as much as we might think.
<br>I'd like Brian to do a full UFR on this topic.


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Seeing as how Denard is not going to be in the draft this year and is not better at WR than Floyd or Blackmon. I do wonder if we'll see any Denard at WR plays next year with the further development of Devin. 


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Seems premature to project him as a receiver when there is no evidence on his hands or route-running ability. Wouldn't he be just as likely to end up at corner, where hands would be much less of an issue and QB experience usually helps in reading plays?

He'll return kickoffs and possibly punts in any case. 



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So is Kiper really saying a 5'10-6' tall fast guy who's never played wide receiver could be the #1 or #2 receiver off the board next year i.e. a first rounder? Call me skeptical

Perkis-Size Me

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not big enough to be an nfl rb imo, and he has to dramatically improve his accuracy to have any hope of playing qb in the nfl. but hey, i've been wrong before. i'd love to see him become the next great nfl qb.

realistically, though, i see him as being a punt and kick returner. he needs to be in open space to utilize what really makes him special, and he could be really dangerous in that position. but who knows, he could be a wideout. i could also see him in on some wildcat or other trick plays.