Denard and Roundtree breakdown final 30 seconds of 2011 ND game

Denard and Roundtree breakdown final 30 seconds of 2011 ND game

Submitted by TXWolverine44 on August 24th, 2018 at 1:25 AM

What would Denard look like under Harbaugh?

What would Denard look like under Harbaugh?

Submitted by Gustavo Fring on October 31st, 2016 at 1:51 PM

Watching how creatively Jabrill Peppers (and hell, even Morris) has been utilized, I can't help but wonder what Harbaugh would have done with Denard.

Would Robinson have been a full-time qb?  Would he have been a WR used in wildcat packages and end arounds?  Would he have returned kicks?

Jabrill Peppers: CBS NFL 1st Round Pick Projection (Spoiler Alert: He gets to play with Denard)

Jabrill Peppers: CBS NFL 1st Round Pick Projection (Spoiler Alert: He gets to play with Denard)

Submitted by boliver46 on September 21st, 2016 at 3:12 PM

As founder, chairman, AND president of the "One More Year Jabrill" foundation, I am disconcerted at NFL projections already making the way around The Internets.

I am further disheartened by the projections of WHERE he might go.

I wish to start a GoFundMe account to keep him in school and avoid being selected here...



Yes, I know...mock drafts be damned.

Their projection:

4. Jacksonville Jaguars

Jabrill Peppers, SS, Michigan: Entering a contract year, Johnathan Cyprien has yet to cement himself as a starting-caliber safety. An above average athlete, Peppers can do just about everything on the football field.

At least one person will be happy about this should it come to fruitiion.

Image result for denard robinson jaguars smile


p.s. Jabrill should be #1.  Obviously.

"Best plays of the decade" candidates so far?

"Best plays of the decade" candidates so far?

Submitted by Hannibal. on August 16th, 2016 at 10:12 AM

Usually as a pre-season ritural, I go back into the mgoblog archives and find some of my favorite articles.  I re-read the "best and worst of the decade' article from 2010 recently, and I was wondering, which plays from 2010-2015 will probably show up on a "best of" and "worst of" list come 2020? 

"Best of" -- I'm thinking...

Denard's 90-yarder against Notre Dame

Denard completing a long pass to Junior Hemmingway with a guy draped around his leg.

Jeremy Gallon cloaking device

Jehu Chesson goes bowling for Domers

Jehu Chesson sets the Florida DB's pants on fire

Deveon Smith teleporting through the pile of bodies to run for a TD against BYU

Stuffing Minnesota on the 1-yard line at the end of the 2015 game.

Hopefully, many more to come in the next four years.  Denard deserves so much more but you can only have so many 50+ yard runs on the list.

"Worst of", unfortunately, has a lot of candidates...

That horrible pass play against PSU in 2010 where J.T. Floyd gets completely turned around

Gardner's pick six against ND

Gardner's pick six against Akron

Gardner's QB sneak fumble against UConn

The 10-man punt TD against Utah

2015 MSU -- duh

The failed 2-point conversion against OSU

Vincent Smith's pass getting intercepted by ND

The failed 4th down conversion against MSU in the trash tornado game. 

The South Carolina QB spinning out of a Jibreel Black sack attempt that would have put South Carolina into third and very long. 


What else could be on the list when all is said and done?


Denard Robinson was label as Running Back not Quarterback during Michigan era.

Denard Robinson was label as Running Back not Quarterback during Michigan era.

Submitted by matdog05GOBLUE on May 7th, 2015 at 5:06 PM

I don’t know if this is worth tread for here. But there something that I noticed and it drive me nuts. I brought Michigan calendar 2015. On May it Denard Robinson who is our Quarterback for Michigan. BUT!!!! On the calendar they print as Running Back! It one of my biggest pet peeves that some people said that he is running back not quarterbacks. But I disagree with that. How do you judge on this?


Yes he is the second highest on the list for most yards in their career for Michigan. Does not mean he is a running back right?  


Top 20 career





Mike Hart




Denard Robinson




Anthony Thomas






This is my first post please do not hate me *hide in the cave* 

Semi-OT: Favorite article of Michigan Clothing?

Semi-OT: Favorite article of Michigan Clothing?

Submitted by ChampionsofThe… on March 2nd, 2015 at 7:54 PM

People are always making posts about hats (specifically the Bo hat) and "uniformz" on this blog, so i wanted to know; what are all your favorite articles of Michigan clothing?

sorry i couldn't post pictures, i don't know how, but

My favorite Michigan Clothes are

-Twin City Socks

-Adidas Sideline Transition Jacket

-Bo hat

-Classic New Agenda Michigan shirt

-UTL 1 Denard Jersey

-Game Used and autographed Devin Gardner Jersey

-Tearaway Anthony Carter home Jersey

-Tshimanga Biakabutuka nike jersey

-Chad Carr Wristbands- i haven't taken them off in months


OT - Denard now at 552 yards rushing, 4.4 average

OT - Denard now at 552 yards rushing, 4.4 average

Submitted by Maizinator on December 1st, 2014 at 3:21 AM

Denard Robinson is now up to 552 yards on 125 carries for the season, 4.4 yard average.   Great to see him having some success and hope he continues to improve and build on what he is doing this season.

As far as running backs picked ahead of him in 2013...

Round 2

Giovani Bernard - 540 yards, 4.0 avg
Le'Veon Bell - 1,046 yards, 4.8 avg
Montee Ball - 172 yards, 3.1 avg
Eddie Lacy - 770 yards, 4.4 avg
Christine Micheal - 112 yards, 6.2 avg

Round 3
Knile Davis - 423, 3.7 avg

Round 4
Johnathan Franklin
Marcus Lattimore

Jacksonville got a steal in the 5th round.  Way to go Denard!  Keep smiling and thank you for 2011 so we at least can hold on to those recent memories.

Wolverines in the NFL - Week 8

Wolverines in the NFL - Week 8

Submitted by Peter Nesbitt on October 27th, 2014 at 5:53 PM

Let me know what I missed, or if you have any more insight that I can add.

Week 8 Notes: Jake Long and LaMarr Woodley placed on season-ending IR.


Tom Brady (1997-99) | Patriots, Starting QB (W 51-23 vs. CHI)

- Huge game: 30/35 for 354 yards, with 5 passing TDs and no turnovers.

- In October, Brady is 100/144, 1268 yards, with 14 TDs and no interceptions.

- Brady hasn’t thrown an interception in the past 5 games. For the year, Brady is 181/281 for 2,059 yards. 18 TDs with 2 interceptions.


Denard Robinson (2009-12) | @denardx | Jaguars, RB (L 27-13 vs. MIA)

- Second game as feature back, huge game. 108 yards rushing on 18 attempts for 6.0 yard average, and a long of 41 yards. He also caught a pass for 10 yards.

- Video of the 41-yard run.

- Has started 4 games this year, has rushed for 329 yards on 68 carries, and has 12 receptions for 47 yards. Robinson has zero fumbles, compared to 3 fumbles on 20 rushing attempts last year.


Jason Avant (2002-05) | Panthers, WR (L 13-9 vs. SEA)

- No catches, rushed once for 1 yard.

- In his first year with the Panthers, Avant has made 19 catches on 28 targets for 185 yards, and 1 TD.


Taylor Lewan (2009-13)  | @taylorlewan77 | Titans, Starting T (L 30-16 vs. HOU)

Taylor being Taylor.

- QB was sacked 2 times.

- Started third consecutive game.

- Chose settlement over trial for assault case from 2013.


Jake Long (2004-07) | Rams, Starting T (L 34-17 vs. KC)

- HUGE loss: Tore his ACL for the second time. Out for the year. QB was sacked 9 times this game.

- Has been a starter since he entered the league 7 years ago.


David Molk (2007-11) | Eagles, Starting C (L 24-20 vs. ARI)

- QB was not sacked this game.

- Has started past 4 games, due to starter injury.


Patrick Omameh (2009-12) | @patrickomameh | Buccaneers, Starting G (L 19-13 vs. MIN)

- QB sacked 5 times this game.

- Has started all 7 games this year.


Steve Schilling (2007-10) | Seahawks, Backup G (W 13-9 vs. CAR)

- Started his third consecutive game. Had a bad snap turn into a turnover. QB sacked 3 times.

- In his first year with Seattle.



Tim Jamison (2005-08) | Texans, Backup DE (W 30-16 vs. TEN)

- 1 tackle and recovered a fumble.

- Has started 1 of 8 games this year. Jamison has recorded 11 tackles, 1 recovered fumble, and half of a sack.


Mike Martin (2008-11) | @gomikemartin | Titans, Backup DE (30-16 vs. HOU)

- 1 tackle.

- Started two games this year, with 10 tackles.


Brandon Graham (2006-09) | @brandongraham55 | Eagles, Backup LB (L 24-20 vs. ARI)

- 1 tackle, but had 5 QB hurries in 15 attempts. There are calls for him to play more.

- Has not started yet this year, but has 18 tackles, 2 sacks, and 3 forced fumbles in 7 games.


Kenny Demens (2009-12) | @kdemens25 | Cardinals, Backup ILB (W 24-20 vs. PHI)

- Did not record a statistic.

- In 7 games played, Demens has recorded 5 tackles and 2 forced fumble.


Larry Foote (1998-2001) | @larryfoote313 | Cardinals, Starting MLB (W 24-20 vs. PHI)

- 1 tackle and 1 pass deflection.

- Has started all 7 games in his first year with Arizona, recording 36 tackles, 1 sack, and 1 INT so far.


David Harris (2004-06) | Jets, Starting ILB (L 43-23 vs. BUF)

- Game-high 10 tackles. Rumored to be on the trade block for the 1-7 Jets.

- In 8 starts, Harris has recorded 64 tackles and 1 forced fumble.


Leon Hall (2003-06) | Bengals, Starting CB (W 27-24 vs. BAL)

- Team-high 7 tackles. Battling a back strain.

- Has 34 tackles and 1 interception in 7 starts.


Ryan Mundy (2003-06) | @rmundy29 | Bears, Starting SS (L 27-14 vs. NE)

- Team-high 9 tackles. Also embarrassed by Gronk.

- Has recorded 43 tackles and 1 pick-six interception in his first 8 games with the bears. 


Charles Woodson (1995-97) | Raiders, Starting FS (L 23-13 vs. CLE)

- 6 tackles, 1 pass breakup.

- Has 45 tackles and 2 interceptions in 7 games.


Bye Week

Stevie Brown (2006-09) | @steviebrown27 | Giants, Backup FS (Bye Week)

- Brown tore his ACL and missed the 2013 season, and has started 3 games this year. He has amassed 13 tackles in 6 games.


Michael Cox (2008-11) | @mikecox1mill | Giants, KR (Bye Week)

- Has played 2 games, exclusively in kick returning duties.


Did Not Play

Junior Hemingway (2007-11) | @younghemi21 | Chiefs, Backup WR

- Did not play. Was questionable with a hamstring injury.

- In 7 games, Hemingway has 8 receptions for 89 yards.


Chad Henne (2004-07) | @chad_henne | Jaguars. Backup QB (L 27-13 vs. MIA)

- Did not play. There are calls for him to get playing time due to Bortles’ turnover issues.

- Started 3 games to begin the year. 42/78 for 492 with 3 TDs and 1 interception and 1 fumble. Has apparently lost starting job to rookie Blake Bortles.

Michael Schofield (2009-13) | @schoblue75 | Broncos, Backup T

- Has yet to play. Is marked as inactive.



Jonathan Goodwin (1999-2001) | Saints, Injured C

- Missed his first game since 11/24/2008.


Cameron Gordon (2009-13) | Patriots, Injured LB

- On injured reserve.


LaMarr Woodley (2003-06) | @lamarrwoodley | Raiders, Injured DE

- Placed on season-ending IR with torn bicep.

- 4 tackles in 5 games. 


Practice Squad

Will Campbell (2009-12) | @idonttweet73 | Bills, Practice G


Jordan Kovacs (2009-13) | @jkovacs32 | Eagles, SS

- Was cut from Miami during fall camp. Played in 9 games last year for the Dolphins.


OT: Denard Robinson 100 yard game / pos bang

OT: Denard Robinson 100 yard game / pos bang

Submitted by clown question on October 26th, 2014 at 12:55 PM

Maimi at Jacksonville at 1 pm.


Cause the only way to dull the pain is to root for the Jaguars. This can't go badly.


EDIT: previously neg bang.

108 yards on 18 carries and a catch for 10.


NFL is stupid about embeding highlights, but check out video of his 40 yard run here:[email protected]#men…