Guy not playing countersource says his source says urban has been let go

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I've never come across this site but don't you find it odd that all articles posted on that site are written by "PTC Staff" and not one article has an actual name credited to the story?  It seems to me if a site wants to be legit, they'd at the very least include the reporting writer's name.  At this point they don't seem very credible.


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It's Ohio state law that matters, of course, but that would be a violation of the Open Meetings Act in California. New Mexico has a similar law so I'd be surprised if it was legal in Ohio for a public board to make decisions out of public view before going to a pubic meeting.

That said, this seems like it will probably be discussed in executive session (behind closed doors) since it concerns a personnel matter. Any vote on taking action would be in public. Again, Ohio law specifies procedures but that's the way it generally works.

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Also seems like since a large part of the investigation was likely for Ohio State to know if they could fire Meyer with cause and win any sort of incoming lawsuit, that knowledge would all be known prior to any sort of meeting.  If the majority of the board knows they can defend themselves against a lawsuit, then the meeting and actual recommendation to fire becomes pretty straightforward.

I mean, its not like they're going to pass out the report at the meeting, give everyone an hour to read and process, and then hold a discussion about it before voting.


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It's pretty clear from this post that it's all unofficial at the moment. I used to work for the government and had to work closely with three different boards, including the Washtenaw County board of commissioners. Decisions get made all the time prior to actual meetings. Just because they haven't had a formal meeting doesn't mean they haven't made a decision on Meyer. I'm not saying one way or the other whether Bill is right but your comment doesn't invalidate it in the least.