Guy not playing countersource says his source says urban has been let go

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If so, I’m hoping for all the details to be made public. I feel like we don’t know how deep the rabbit hole is and they found some other wrong doings. 

We will know soon


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I am guessing that Scarletfeaver is now in the Bucknuts witness protection program, where they basically put you in a telephone booth so everyone can see you and that's more or less it. 

Wyandot Buckeye Fan

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Time will tell.  I've said all along I think Urban should receive a 2 - 3 game suspension and a 250K fine for lying to the media.  But if the committee finds more wrong doing by Urban during the investigation he should be shown the door.  All coaches have dirt, some more than others though.


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But...but...but...he's a great recruiter of the foosballs players. 

Guy is a douche...hell, he even gives douches a bad name. I'm still laughing at the Johnson pics in the White House. 

Meyer knew. He chose to go with plausible deniability. Same M.O. at Florida.

That said - OSU will probably keep Urbz and Smith. What would you expect from such a high class outfit?



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I kinda agree with you...assuming Urban didn't actively try to cover it up, I figured at most he'd get the Sean Payton treatment. 1 year off, away from the university completely, donate his 2018 salary to a battered women's cause, no press/media appearances during that time.  It's not an insignificant punishment.  It's easy to say he should've fired him, but the Earle Bruce thing makes me see how he could feel the pinch to keep him employed. Not excusing it, just saying I get the difficulty involved.


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Here's the issue for me, everyone is saying Meyer kept Zach Smith on staff because of his relationship with Earle Bruce.

I'm calling BS on that whole thing, and here are the reasons why:

1.) If I was making 7.5 million a year there is no way I'd put that on the line of a douche of Zach Smith's magnitude, I'd break the news to Earle Bruce.

2.) There is no way I'd ever sacrifice my integrity on the recruiting trail by letting something like this to be spotlighted.

3.) Violating my own tenets would not allow ie (Honesty, Respecting Women) would not allow me to keep a guy like that on staff.

I believe that Zach Smith has some kind of dirt (whether it be recruiting scandal, inappropriate relationships, or even criminal in nature) is the most likely reason why that guy was kept around.

Really I don't care if he stays or goes, either way, I want us to beat their asses this year.


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So, I will engage you even though you can't spell "Wyandot" (at least not the Michigan version). I expect(ed) your proposed punishment, except without the fine, even though this defies logic. The problem for Urban Meyer is that he knowingly kept on his staff someone who abused his wife (and lied about it). For years. Reporting this to your superior is insufficient - the circumstances should have led him to dismiss Zach Smith a long time ago especially in the context of Meyer's purported ethics.

If Urban Meyer is retained, he'll be fine because there is a sufficiently rabid portion of the OSU fanbase who will rationalize and excuse his behavior. It's all about winning, right?  If he is let go, OSU will be fine as well because they will get a high caliber coach who will inherit a winning program, passionate fanbase, and talented team. With potentially more dirt out there on Meyer, the logical choice would be to sever ties with Meyer.  With Maryland potentially cleaning house, we'll see what OSU decides..

Wyandot Buckeye Fan

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That is the correct spelling for the Ohio version, Wyandot County is the 88th and finally county in Ohio.  The problem is there has never been any charges filed as far as the supposed domestic abuse allegations from what I have read.  It sounds like it's she said he said.  Heck even her own mother has said she doesn't believe Zach would do that.  It sounds to me like their both drunks and were made for each other.  This latest sex toy deal is totally irrelevant to this case, although I would have that stuff shipped to my house other than the WHAC.


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"Supposed domestic abuse allegations" will certainly be one of the excuses given by OSU fans. As will be "no criminal charges" and "he reported it".

For giggles, is it really so hard to believe Zach Smith abused his wife in 2015? Why did Meyer lie about not knowing about the allegations? If there were more proof of the abuse, would that convince you or would you retreat to the other excuses? Because abuse only counts if the person abused is a saint? Or maybe because it was only a couple times after drinking? Or because criminal charges have to be filed?

Obviously Meyer made his choices and his failure is his own. OSU will have to live with its decision and the example it sets.


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wyandot, i appreciate your measured response.  i have a serious question with this premise:  i visited 11W yesterday and from what i saw they truly believe that this entire thing is made up, zach did nothing wrong, the cops stopped coming tothe 9-1-1 calls b/c the wife was too crazy to believe, macmurphy is lying scum, etc.   

in candor, what do you really think of those takes, from your limited info, what do you think really happened with this mess re: zach smith, DV, urban, et al?