Did Graham Couch write a good article?

Submitted by Trip McNeely on April 12th, 2018 at 11:04 AM

So, it looks like Graham Couch has now “turned” on Izzo/MSU. In the article he seems to realize that this is not a bunch of isolated incidents and that maybe there was some substance to the ESPN reports.

“If the school’s counselors aren’t believing victims of sexual assault and, instead, are protecting their alleged perpetrators, beloved athletes in this case, MSU is sicker than we realized.”

I think Izzo said after he lost to eleven seeded Syracuse that “You’re not breaking me, I know that.” Well if his biggest slappies and supporters in the media are turning on him too, what will break him? Is there going to have to be two, three, four more stories like this for something to happen?

I know people will say we post to much about MSU and I don’t care about them. Thought it was relevant after he wrote some stupid s*** after the ESPN report first broke. Just seems to be seeing everything in a different light now that more info/more cases are out there.




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I think it's fair to discuss this stuff because the only reason we're even hesitant to do so is because it's a rival.  If this same thing were going on at say, Wake Forest, we'd certainly discuss it.

Hopefully Couch has realized how much is actually going on and the harm that he's done and turned over a new leaf.  Hopefully.


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I agree with you. We discussed Baylor and PSU just as much. The articles have just stopped coming out, or we would still be talking about those schools too. 

This is not a point and laugh at a rival thing. This is an extremely sad situation. Friends, family members, family members of our friends. We know people who attend, have attended, or plan to attend MSU. Their safety is at stake and each and every article and discussion moves the needle in the right direction imo. 

It's a Michigan State issue, but it effects the State of Michigan. And rivalry affiliation will not matter if this ever hits the tax payer. 


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As someone with family who is victims in all of this, thank you.  I am glad we can bring more awareness to the victims and the shitty job MSU has done throughout the process.  They deserve to have the spotlight shined on them, moreso with each new article that comes out.


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I also think that a lot of us are seeing some comeuppance though. There have been so many stories for so long that just never seemed to go anywhere. Hopefully the guilty parties suffer their just punishment, and may the victims take whatever satisfaction they can in that justice!!


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Sadly this is much bigger than MSU..this is a major societal issue that blankets virtually everything and everyone right up to the ("grab'em in the pussy") President himself. Too many men and even some women are willing to let this stuff pass, turn the other way or laugh it off.

Just don't think WE take this kind of thing serious enough. MSU is taking the heat now and a few scalps have been taken with the Pres and AD resignations. But, the money sports now that's another thing. And I don't think this is some anomaly. Seems money and power trumps all. 


Indy Pete - Go Blue

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When biased journalists are able to finally see the truth about a disgusting and dangerous culture, and then they write about it, this can change the head-in-the-sand deny-at-all-costs culture that has surrounded MSU.  I am pleased to see this article acknowledging the severity of the problem at MSU.  Sometimes receiving surprise pressure from an inappropriately loyal journalist can help change the tide. 


April 12th, 2018 at 11:35 AM ^

think people close to MSU are going to start realizing that they are not doing themselves or their school any favors by going the "fake news" route with all of this stuff.  I have a 10 year old who is going to go to college pretty soon and I will be paying for a good deal of it.  At this point, I won't be paying for any of it if he chooses to go to MSU. 

As far as I am concerned, Michigan State is "off the table" as a feasible place to send my kid to college.  I think more and more people are beginning to think like that and that is a major problem for Michigan State.  The first thing they need to do is acknowledge that there is a problem.  They can do so obliquely, they don't have to bury themselves.  Nobody is asking for that.  But they do need to change the way they are reacting to all of this stuff.  I can't imagine a worse look for the school.


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I’m a Michigan grad, wife is an MSU grad (legacy family). We’ve always joked about the unseen “Cold War” for our 9 year old daughter’s interest. As far as I’m concerned, MSU is now, literally, the last major university I would want her to attend. This is no longer a rivalry “look who’s better” sort of thing.
I’m so fucking sick of the “yeah, but doesn’t this sort of stuff happen everywhere” garbage that friends and family spout. No. No, the largest serial sexual assault case in American history, followed by extensive institutional coverup and pervasive sexual assault culture doesn’t happen everywhere.

Maize and Luke

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Forget couch, this is the really story.

This line near the end of the article is quite disturbing.....

"MSU just let every survivor on their campus know there are serious consequences if you attempt to sue us and/or report sexual assault,"

yossarians tree

April 12th, 2018 at 1:35 PM ^

Yes, and the following paragraph is also a whopper:

Katherine Redmond, the founder of the National Coalition Against Violent Athletes, agreed with Tracy.

"I'm dumbfounded," she said. "It's almost like they (MSU) are doubling down and doing the absolute wrong thing. This is a personal attack on this (survivor). This is exactly what (Larry) Nassar victims have been saying MSU does. It makes any kind of remorse fake. Their strategy just seems to be scorched earth."



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This is a huge problem. They can’t get literally anything right in their response to anything. They create even more problems every time they open their mouths. Even my wife (absolute die-hard MSU fan and grad) has begun to turn on them. Most of their cult-like following haven’t begun to turn yet, but if Graham Couch is starting the trend he’s about to have his mentions lit on fire.


April 12th, 2018 at 11:11 AM ^

Graham Couch will write whatever he believes his readers want to hear. If they want to hear that MSU is primed for a final four run, he'll write that article. If they want to hear the Dantonio and Izzo are upright citizens he'll write that. He would only pen this column if he felt that the slappies were getting uncomfortable with the current landscape.

Leaders And Best

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That statement by MSU was so out of line. I was thinking what exactly got wrote today. MSU violated FERPA and privacy laws at the minimum. But beyond that, they hide behind FERPA every time their athletes get in trouble for years, but now it is convenient that they can release almost every single detail about this woman's counseling WITHIN 24 HOURS. Unbelievable.

Leaders And Best

April 12th, 2018 at 1:37 PM ^

You can't release student counseling and medical records for public relations even if you don't individually name the student. It can be used in court of law for defense where appropriate, but that isn't what this is. This was not a legal response and served no purpose outside of public relations. And just because you don't use the student's name doesn't mean that information is not personally identifiable information or should be available for public consumption outside a court of law. There is so much detail in there that you could make a case that someone would be able to ascertain her identity.

Besides even if somehow you were able to fit this under the letter of the law (which I don't think you can), it is in extremely poor taste especially considering what MSU is dealing with right now. MSU could have made a statement that the lawsuit was without merit and that they will show in time that the student was offered and given the proper counseling. There was no need to go the lengths they went to publicly try to assail her in the way they did.

And when you add in how shamelessly MSU (and many other institutions) hide behind FERPA when it comes to athlete arrests and assualts, it makes it look even worse. This tweet pretty much summed it up better than I could:


Arb lover

April 12th, 2018 at 1:32 PM ^

1) it wasn't a response to a suit, filed in court, a process which has protections in place. It was instead a statement put out to the press.

2) they released enough personal information that someone with special knowledge could figure out who the victim/complainant was.

yossarians tree

April 12th, 2018 at 1:47 PM ^

They just keep doubling down on the stupid. And it's a direct result of the old boy network circling the wagons. They are all too invested--emotionally, personally, financially, historically--to think and act clearly and logically to fix the root causes of all this. Open all the windows and bring in somebody from outside. Fire people, scare people, bring in new people. All of the above. I don't mind watching their athletic programs squirm ever, but as a resident of the state I am embarrassed and also concerned at what this is going to cost all of us when it comes time to settle these lawsuits. And beware the next Sparty that starts talking junk when I'm around. Clean your fucking shit up!


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MSU:  We all need to listen to the victims and not blame them...  Unless they sue MSU.  If that is the case they are all liars.  We also don't comment on pending lawsuits, but now that she screwed us, here is enough information about the accuser to hopefully blow her annonymity.  Act appropriately towards her everyone...  You hear that boys?  Any team pride left?  You gonna let this slide?

So, which victims are we not to beieve at this point?  It seems like this is the first one that MSU has publicly accused of lying.  Is that true?  Anyone keeping a tally? 

N. Campus Tech

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"...I shot myself in the leg, which is both painful and humiliating. What else do I need to go through in order to satiate your desire to see me chastised? The penalty for carrying an unlicensed weapon is insane. How can carrying an unlicensed firearm be worse than firing a licensed one? I broke the law, but the law I broke is a bad law. Would you be satisfied if the penalty for unlawful gun possession was getting shot in the leg? Because that already fucking happened!" - Plaxico


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Nuke Em all. more trying to save face at the expense of the innocent! UNBELIEVABLE!!!!! Why can't these institutions do the right things for their students?


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When Engler became interim President, you knew this was going to get much worse before it got better. And it won't get better until Engler and most of current BOT are gone


April 12th, 2018 at 4:12 PM ^

If Sparty really wanted them gone, they would be gone.  With him there they can blame Engler while saying "he doesn't stand for us" while buying season tickets to watch next year's rape squad that Engler is doing his best to protect.  The stadium stays full, the merch sells, you have a plausible "bad guy" doing the dirty work so you don't have to look dirty yourself.  Everybody wins.

The world is a sick sad place.  MSU is too big to go down.  Ask Penn State.  Their biggest mistake was accepting responsibility.  MSU's fuck the victims approach might actually work for them.  At any rate, I'm 100% certain they will have a full football stadium and Breslin next year even if people have to walk past 100's of victims telling them not to enter.    


April 12th, 2018 at 12:28 PM ^

This lawsuit was presented as a Jane Doe lawsuit where the plaintiffs name and the accused names were omitted.

Does MSU receive a version not available to the public where the plaintiffs name is listed?


They have her records pulled and a PR statement out in 24 hours from only the name “Jane Doe” and a roofie gang rape by the basketball team?

My point is, I think MSU may have publicly confessed to this despicable behavior inadvertently with this PR release.

How else can this be explained?


April 12th, 2018 at 3:33 PM ^

as they refunded her tuition when she dropped out due to the stress caused by the incident. This is the most damning evidence of guilt in my eyes.

They are claiming patient confidentiality on the counseling records so it is not clear if the victim ever specifically noted which players were involved. This is beside the point (as is the guilt or innocence of the players) of the lawsuit - it is that MSU grossly mishandled the fact that a claim was even made.


April 12th, 2018 at 12:43 PM ^

The lawsuit says she was pressured or felt pressured not to go to authorities and pursue charges against big name athletes. What this statement shows is that she did in fact attend an initial meeting. It does not show how MSU did not in fact try to persuade her not to go to police at that time. Victim goes in a week after a horrific attack. Victim thinks she is confiding in one person, shares her story. That person then goes and gets another person to join the room, already presenting a feeling of authority and superiority over the victim. Victim has conversation with both parties, representatives of MSU and leaves feeling she better make sure this story goes to her grave with her. And MSU responds by sending campus police hunting her down? Obviously this covers MSU in that they tried to help the vicitim, you know, after telling her to make sure she doesnt say anything or things will get really bad for her. No wonder she didn't respond to authorities or pursue further action. Can anyone in their honest mind blame her? The comments and attitude coming from MSU are absolutely horrific. All in the name of sports. Shameful.