Concern about Juwann Bushell-Beatty health and OL without him

Submitted by StephenRKass on November 19th, 2018 at 9:20 AM

Injury focus the last few days has largely been on Chase Winovich and Berkley Edwards. That makes sense, given how potentially seriously they were injured, x-rays, and precautions taken.

However, another injury is potentially more concerning. If I remember correctly Juwann Bushell-Beatty was injured against Rutgers. He tried to come back against Indiana, but was pulled for Andrew Stueber. I'm waiting for the UFR to see Brian's analysis. However, at first glance, it appears that the run game wasn't as solid as it could have been. I wonder if this is because of the difference between JBB and Stueber, and also wonder if this is why they started running Patterson again in the Indiana game.

Obviously, you hold nothing back against OSU. This is for all the marbles. Still, I'm worried that there is a significant downgrade from JBB to Stueber. If so, it badly affects at least the run game, if not the passing game. It also underscores how critical the OL is to the success of the team, and how big of a difference Warinner has made this season.

Can anyone corroborate the difference made with Stueber instead of Bushell-Beatty?



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The Baughz

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I don’t think there was much of a drop off. Certainly not a significant downgrade. Obviously I hope JBB is healthy and can play, but I feel Stueber is an adequate replacement.


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They've been doing that for several weeks now, and I didn't feel that it was anymore slanted left than normal.  But yeah, there's going to be some dropoff from JBB to anyone in the run game - JBB mashes people moreso than any other RT we've had in years.  I don't think there was any difference in pass pro, though...


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I have some insider information:

Why the move to (Andrew) Stueber at right tackle?

“Juwann (Bushell-Beatty) came out of the last game. Was working through something and tried hard to go. But felt like Stueber was more — would be more effective. And, hopefully Juwann can get back to 100 percent next week.”

He will play.


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Me too.  Ohio State's vertical passing game was bonkers against Maryland.  It was like the Extra Most Best-est version of mid-2000s Indiana, what Wilson was going for at Indiana with the athletes to actually rain death upon you.  It was a little painful to me to watch OSU really find their stride offensively in the midst of my thunderous laughter about all of their hilarious misfortune. 

We are going to need to score points this weekend.


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Yeah OSU is going to score. They are easily the best offense we have faced all year with the best QB we've faced all year running an offense that has killed us at multiple times (SMU, Indiana, OSU) with quick slot guys running crossing routes and getting free for yards after the catch against our safeties and Hudson. 

Our offense needs to finish drives all game which it hasn't done against Rutgers or Indiana. We are the better team but we aren't winning this game 20-17.


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What was crazy though was that OSU essentially didn't have a defense last Saturday.  However impressed I was with their offense, I was in disbelief over their defensive incompetence.  I would go to take a leak after an OSU score and would come back and Maryland would be on OSU's 25 yard line.  They could not cover toast with butter.


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Toast was the nickname we had for Bruce McNorton of the Lions back in the day.

Funny story - My friends and I were at the Barry Sanders HOF induction ceremony and happened to be sitting next to Bruce. The least sober of us said "OMG it's 'Toast'!!". I seem to remember Bruce just sighed like it wasn't the first time he'd heard that, and proceeded to ignore us, as he should have.


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JBB is at least going to start against OSU if he was in the game yesterday and its just a question as to what extent he is healthy.

Really makes you wish Hudson hadn't transferred though

The Fugitive

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I thought it was reported that Hudson dislocated his finger the week of Wisconsin and he couldn't practice as much as Steuber. Steuber passed him on the depth chart because of that thus the transfer of Hudson when he wasn't first off the bench. 

I never understood why he didn't try to earn his spot back instead of opting to leave right away. Head scratcher. 

Perkis-Size Me

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I have no insider info, but my guess is that taking him out was precautionary. No point in risking further injury to your starting RT when you don’t have to. 

Give him an extra few days to rest up before the biggest game of the year. I’m going to assume that unless we’re told otherwise between now and kickoff, he will be playing on Saturday. 


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Stueber filled in pretty well against MSU, although the MSU DLine had faced a lot of plays by the time he got in.  UFR may say otherwise but I think he was fine against IU.

I think a lot of the concern about last Sat is overblown.  Not to be the guy that says "I checked the film" but I did rewatch the whistle to whistle film.  The red zone issues seemed to me to heavily be influenced by some bad luck - usually one bad/just missed play that put us off down/distance.  It reminded me a lot of the first 3 games of 2017 where everyone proclaimed we had "bad red zone offense"...that then magically evened out over the rest of the year despite our well publicized offensive struggles.  The drive before the end of half was the outlier - I thought that was poorly handled by the staff and players.  Multiple runs with no timeouts, no spiking of the ball, routes not run/thrown into the endzone, etc.  There were also a couple 4th and 2's we may have gone for in a different situation.


November 19th, 2018 at 10:12 AM ^

Agreed that the red zone "woes" are overblown. In a different game, Michigan probably has some different play calls than what they ran versus Indiana. Also, Shea just straight biffed that throw to Gentry. That is an easy TD 99% of the time. And if he waits for another beat on the last play before halftime, I think McKeon catches the ball at the goal line and gets in.

In short, I'm not worried. If anything, I feel real good because Michigan clearly stumbled onto something great in Jake Moody as a FG kicker.


November 19th, 2018 at 10:27 AM ^

It is clear to me that Michigan has difficulty dialing up the right play at the right time in red zone.  It is a struggle.  They started going backwards the minute they got deep into Michigan State territory for nearly an entire half, kept Wisconsin in the game for nearly three quarters, and had to kick six field goals yesterday.  I think Michigan is excellent inside the ten yard line, but incredibly frustrating and kind of clueless from the 10-30 yard line of opponents.  The issue has become exacerbated in last couple of weeks because Patterson isn't keeping the ball at all, but it has been an issue all year.  I know, there are a couple of statistics coming my way in response to this that will "establish" otherwise, but it looks like an issue to me and has for a couple of years now. 

Ghost of Fritz…

November 19th, 2018 at 10:45 AM ^

I agree, except for one detail.  I see the problem as more of a 7 to 12 yard line problem than a 10 to 30 yard line problem.

M has been pretty good on 1st and goal from 6 yard line or less.  Running game almost always gets it in from there (clock management issue against IU is a different issue).

I see the problem more when M as at the at the 7 to 12yard line.  JH wants to run it in too much from there, and compressed red zone D makes it very hard. 

We have seen a few good pass plays from that range.  But JH only rarely uses them, and prefers to run it from 8-12 yard out.  I  hope he will not go ultra conservative on Saturday deep in the red zone. 


November 19th, 2018 at 10:54 AM ^

Thanks. I guess I'm just grasping at straws. The run game didn't seem as dominant as I would like it to be. Let's just say that whether Stueber or JBB is on the field, I want to see the offense clicking on all cylinders. The performance of the offense in the red zone was indeed concerning. If Haskins is the QB he is reported to be, and we are gashed in the middle of the field, Michigan's offense will need to score points. While 6 field goals is great, that's 24 potential points left on the field. I don't want that to come back and burn Michigan.


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There were some videos on twitter showing the last series JBB was in, he wasn't blocking anyone. I heard a rumor he was also under the weather. Not sure if it's true, but it was visible in the tape he could not give it 100% effort.

Steuber did not look too bad at all. We've been running a lot of short yardage plays to the left side all year for some odd reason. I believe Brian has talked about this a number of times, it was always confusing to everyone b/c we can see how easily Onwenu and JBB can move bodies on the right side.

Hopefully JBB is 100% for Saturday but I don't feel extremely worried if Steuber has to play. Maryland just ran for over 300 yards against OSU, without much of an aerial threat at all. 


November 19th, 2018 at 9:39 AM ^

Well, we will see about JBB on Saturday, but Ohio State  lost their starting left tackle to injury against Maryland. Eleven Warriors reported in their game notebook report following Saturday's game that Thayer Munford left the Maryland game in the first quarter and did not return. He was replaced by Joshua Alabi. Meyer said he was uncertain of Munford's status for Saturday..

Also a member of their Dline, Dremont Jones, was injured during that game but returned after what appeared to be a shoulder stinger. He reported that his shoulder was extremely sore and "killing me" after the game. Jones, one of their best pass rushers, has also been battling a foot injury most of the season. He is expected to start against Michigan.