Collins & Martin will get a chance to play against Purdue......

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This is per Harbaugh this am on 97.1......after hearing about blacks injury.


“Kekoa Crawford, Nate Schoenle, Grant Perry. Donovan-Peoples Jones is going to play a bigger role. And other freshmen are going to have an opportunity: Nico (Collins) and Oliver (Martin). One of them or both will definitely be in the mix,” said Harbaugh. “We’ve got good players and they have to step up.”






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are a lot closer to 1 foot than 8. He's not missing by much, except when he throws deep to the sideline, but that's not a high percentage pass for anybody. Sometimes his misses even bounce off the receivers' hands (I'm looking at you Crawford.)


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First game none of the missed Crawford passes were catchable (except the interception).  Last couple of games I'm wondering how well Crawford can catch.   I'm hoping that there is some adjustment that Harbaugh can make where suddenly everything clicks.  Am I too hopeful?

True Blue Grit

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I don't think it's at all a sure thing either will play against Purdue.  The post title sort of implies otherwise.  Whatever.  I'd love to see these two guys in action soon.  I think Martin in particular is going to be a special player for Michigan.  Beat Purdue!

Blue in Paradise

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Has Speight struggled a bit this season?  /s

How about another 1,000 posts piling on the dude?  I love how all the keyboard warriors kick around a college kids working his @ss off to entertain us.  I would love to see what they people would say to Speight if they actuallly were in a room with him and his teammates.

Blue in Paradise

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"Best of luck and Go Blue!". 

I was in A2 after the Cincy game with my 10 year old son.  We saw Tyree Kinnel at Revel N Roll after the game with his familly.

My son went up to him and asked for a picture.  Not only did he take the picture but he chatted with us about the game and asked my son about his team (my son plays QB).  He was an absolutely first class guy on top of being a first class player.

I haven't met Wilton but from what I have seen of him - he seems to be a first class guy.  Not saying there isn't room for improvement and that fans can't point out his inconsistent play but I am not going to sit here and $hit on this kid or his teammates when they are working their @sses off.

The meltdown on this board (and others) the past 3 weeks and the folks piling on Wilton has made me lose some respect for certain parts of our fan base.  I know other teams have that same element, but I thought we were better than that.  We are not.

uncle leo

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Love of everything holy, get off your high horse.

No one has said anything negative about Wilton Speight as an individual. He's a good kid, he comes off very well-spoken in interviews and I don't think ANYONE here has a problem with him the human.

Some of us have a problem with him for the lack of progress he has made, and the almost backwards trajectory he's gone on since last year. Do I think he can be better? SURE, of course I do. He was pretty solid last year. But from what we've seen in the first three weeks, he's been wildly inconsistent and just not that great. And that's been very disappointing to see ON THE FIELD.

It's a message board. We are here to dissect the product on the field, not off the field. The product on the field definitely needs a lot of improvement, the majority of which on the offensive side if they want to compete at the top of this division.

Stop taking us being critical of his performance as the starting QB to an attack on him. You don't need to defend him, he's a big boy, he can handle it.

I have more respect for people who don't just say, "YAYYY GO BLUE!" every week, and can actually look at what they've seen. The whole "We are 3-0, shut up" crowd is more frustrating than the ones who watch this with a critical eye and know there is a lot that needs fixing.


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are the personal attacks and the incessant calls for the backup QB.

Everyone can see that he is struggling right now. Neither you nor any other critic is saying anything that we all cannot see for ourself. Seeing as we are just fans and have no say in the matter of who starts all we can do is hope that Speight and the offense improves.

Criticism of his performance is fine. But saying that he sucks, start Peters(who is fourth string)’ and the other bilges some fans vomit out is exceedingly irritating.


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No one is personally attacking him and if someone does, shame on them. Every football team since the forward pass wants to see the back up QB when the starter is struggling. It's not a new concept. Our sample size is small for Peters and O'Korn but both outplayed Speight in the spring game. I think it's more irritating that one or the other hasn't seen more snaps.

Blue in Paradise

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Write another 1,000 posts telling us how bad Speight sucks and Michigan has the worst offense in the B1G. Very interesting and helpful stuff especially coming from folks (not just you) that likely never played, scouted or coached high level football.

Honk if Ufer M…

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One of his best friends on the team told me that he told or tells him to his face that he's playing bad, and that some other players tell him too! It's not like fans are the only ones that notice..We've heard Wilt say it himself publicly at times. 


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If you don't like criticism, don't play sports. As an athlete in school, I routinely had people comment on my play that couldn't catch a ball to save their lives. I wasn't good enough to play at a D1 level, but that doesn't mean that those who are have some sort of exemption. It's part off the territory. Nobody needs to act like a little criticism is the end of the damn world...


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Yeah he is focused on entertaining football fans /s.
The free 100k+ of tuition, fame, love of the game, world class athletic training, and chance to go to the NFL must have nothing to do with it. JT Barrett gets more crap from fans than Speight and I'm sure he is trying his butt off too. Do you have an account on Ohio boards to say the same? This poster isn't even "piling on." You are acting like Speight's mom on a public football message board designed to share individual opinions with each other. The truth is we do need a passer to get the ball to our receivers better, whether it's Speight or someone else.


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I feel like when the defense is in man, we should motion someone speedy like McDoom or others across the line and then back on a few plays in a row just to wear out his defender by making him run full out pre-snap to keep up. We have a couple quick guys who could rotate and the defense has to comply. You could even include a jet sweep in there to keep the defense honest. Maybe motion two guys. After 5-6 back to back plays it could be exhausting for the back.