Channing Tindall Commits to Georgia (Relevant to Otis Reese)

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Georgia just received a commitment from Channing Tindall - a 4* OLB (#91 overall and #5 OLB) from South Carolina. This is big news to Michigan fans because he plays the same position (OLB) as Otis Reese and convential wisdom is that if UGA took Tindall than there may not be room for Reese. That coupled with Pruitt and the LB coach going to TN and Reese sporting U-M gear in recent tweets could all be positive signs for the good guys.




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I used to root for Richt when he was at UGA, and I like their backs. Big Gurley and Chubb fan—and there’s a joke or two in that statement. Georgia has good food, good weather, good football, and is close to Florida and Carolina hotbeds.

Smart is a great defensive coach, great recruiter. Talent has been there for years with Richt—another model showing how Harbaugh can remake UM to become what it once was, with patience. Clemson’s our timeframe. Georgia underachieved last year but thrives this year...with a stud QB.


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It is definitely annoying to hear whining about every lost recruit, but lets not pretend that UGA isn't dirtier than most other programs. When Kirby took over, he influenced law makers to restrict FOIA requests into the athletic program. The Lieutenant Governor literally said after the law was changed that he hoped that it would help bring a National Championship.


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is a testimony to Mark Richt. It's obvious he had some great in-state talent there and he also let the same get away. Without doing any research, I'm guessing he hit around .750 but refused to do that which could have hurt the university for years, if he had participated and been caught.  Yes, it cost him his job, but as happens some time with good people and people that can actually coach, he was hired by his alma mater, in large measure due to his refusal to play football, SEC rules apply. 

The first year, as we recall, we lost one of the top OTs in the nation, after being in the lead throughout the recruiting cycle and no public proclomation that he felt Athens would better prepare him for the NFL, and if that didn't work out, well it would be difficult to find a degree carrying more weight than that which UGA carried. That's just one example, but still fresh in my mind. Year II: co-favorites to win the whole damn shouting match.  

True that in past six, seven years GA has officially replaced OH as number 4 and sets behind FL, TX and CA as the premer states for h.s. talent. But where Richt refused to get in bidding wars with other conference members for the top players in is state, Kirby shows no such reluctance and is not hesitant in spreading the love around if we can use Isaiah Wilson as an example of his willingness to venture outside of area to procure top notch product. Take a brief look around te area. Do it right, you'll have a Clemson, a GA, and although not SEC but Still 
Equally Corrupt, Clemson is doing fine as will GA, where lessons were learned well. Not so much in the state of MS, 

So yeah, GA fans will be happy and if they should never get caught, they'll convince themselves they made the right call. I am normally not one to call on a AL or LSU - just have it about as close to perfection as possible- but when GA makes such strides when they terminate one of the best coaches (also one of the cleanest) in the game, i'm happy for Richt, knowing he can win at his own pace without pressure, but at the same time i'm not about to say GA made a great hire unless we're at the point where Wins have become so damn important that even when its obvious how those extra 2 per year showed up in the correct side of the ledger. We're going to crash the party just because Harbaugh knows how to build someting lasting and correct.f And no, I'm not one of those 'wait til next season" fans either. It'll be year three with a hurried four. Pieces are in places. We're ready to go and it won't be due to a GA or Clemson like 'turn around." He just belongs to that group that is willing to outwork everyone else. 


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I'm sure there is some minor dirt there, but Georgia is one of the few places where its hard to be a bad team just because there is so much talent instate/in the the area. Plus their only instate competition is triple-option Georgia Tech. I'm pretty sure even Brady Hoke could have that team winning 9 games a year consistently. 


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They may, but it certainly seems as though Smart has them recruiting at a much higher level than they did under Richt.  Something has clearly changed, it's just a matter of is it within the rules. 


The conversation about Harbaugh being a thorn in Smart's side doesn't seem so relevant.  It seems more like Smart is going to be a thorn in everyone else's side, Harbaugh, Saban, et. al included.


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Is he really closer to seeing the field at Michigan? We have Bush already at locked in at one spot, three very talented guys that redshirted this year in Jordan Anthony, Drew Singleton and Josh Ross. Noah Furbush has acquitted himself very well and Hudson has the Viper locked down. 

Not saying Reese wouldn't be able to see the field at all, but it's not like he could come in day 1 and be a major contributor. The likely path would be special teams his first year, like Bush and Hudson before him, but he could get that at UGA too. 


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...should play over another, BUT...are we really suggesting (with a straight face) that Reese would struggle to see the field because of Furbush.  Again, completely understand why Coach Harbaugh doesn't like to compare, because you end up in this situation...but Furbush is not blocking Reese's path to the field on defense.  Go BLUE!


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He absolutely would block his path to the field. Not because he is athletically more gifted, but because the rule furbush plays in the 3-3-5 stack package us essentially another dt. Another way to think of it is he he a lead blocker for Bush because he would basically throw himself into the line to occupy blockers to free up space. Later in the year he did drop in coverage but is role was largely what I just described.
Furbush is a good 30-40lb bigger than Reese, and because of that alone, he would not see the field over furbush in that package, which again is the only package furbush is used in.

Mr Miggle

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depth chart at viper off the bat. Our depth chart at viper and LB is Bush, Hudson (who will be here 1 or 2 years more) a 5th yr sr and players who mostly haven't seen the field. 

If he's good enough, he's not far from seeing the field here. He's also a top priority for our class. He won't be a guy who we're making room for behind another player in his class we like better.