Brandon Watson now career AND single season record co-holder for INTs returned for a TD

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Remember this thread when Lavert Hill got his 2nd career pick six vs Wisconsin? 

Brandon Watson, with his interception returns for a TD against Maryland (46 yards) and #14 Penn State (62 yards) has no put himself into the tie atop the career record list.

Brandon Watson joins Lavert Hill, Lance Dottin (1987-1991), Thom Darden (1969-1971) and Gary Prahst (1956-1958) as the career record holder for interceptions returned for a TD.

In addition to the career record, Watson is now tied for the single season record for pick sixes with Thom Darden who had 2 in 1971. 








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This speaks to Don Brown's scheme imo. Both of Michigan's CB's implicated within this record/stat (modern era) have played under Brown's system.

Imo, he's arguably the best defensive coordinator in school history. 


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My most memorable moment from this past Saturday:

I was watching the game with the MGoIncrediblyTolerantGirlfriend when Watson got his Pick-6. When he took his helmet off on the sideline, her exact words were:

"Well, THAT is a very nice looking young man!" And the tone in her voice could accurately be described as "cougar-like."

When I told her I was tempted to share this with the MGoBloggers, she told me to go ahead. "Just make sure they know that I'm not just saying that because he scored a touchdown."


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Actually, I told her something similar to this. I said that if she does leave me for Watson, at least I lost her to a UM Football record holder. My ego could live with that.

Plus, I told her, he's probably got greater earning potential than I do.

I got that amused & patronizing look from her (the one that all women can give), and she replied:

"Yeah, honey - because it's his 'earning potential' that I'm after."

Navy Wolverine

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Brandon Watson deserves a great deal of credit. Long and Hill get a lot of the praise for being great CBs but Watson has been outstanding this year. Would not be surprised to see him end up on an NFL roster next year.


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B-Wat is awesome.  As Bush said in today's interview, B-Wat is "the unsung hero" of Michigan's D.

Meanwhile, Long and Hill are awesome.  And Metellus and Kinnel are mean as hell.

How different it feels to have a stacked secondary--as we do today--compared to defenses of not so long ago.  I sharted every time opposing teams threw the ball at RR secondaries.


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The football roster database says that only three Delawareans have ever played football at UM—Tony Kelsie from the late '70s (who never lettered); Freddy Canteen; and Watson.

I find it hard to believe that's all, but if it is, Watson is far and away the best of the lot.

S.D. Jones

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Thanks for checking! I guess it makes sense, being that there's not a ton of football talent 'round here and what there is stays fairly local. Top of my head, the greatest all-time, Randy White, went to Maryland, and the most-recent pro, Quadree Henderson, went to Pitt.

Plus, any kid with an affinity for winged helmets doesn't have to look farther than U of D.


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That’s something that always confused the hell out of me, is that for as good as a defense we’ve had the past 3 years, we never forced too many turnovers. 

We hit hard but never forced fumbles, and pressured the living hell out of quarterbacks but never seemed to get that many picks. Maybe numbers will show what I feel is wrong but it does seem like we should be naturally forcing more turnovers 


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How about these stats:

The Michigan Defense has more interceptions (9) than passing touchdowns allowed (6) so far this year.

Opposing QBs have completed 4 TD passes (interceptions) to Michigan DBs this year and only 6 TD passes to players on their own teams.  

Over the past 4 games, our defense has given up completed passes of 7 (MD), 7 (Wisky), 7 (MSU), and 8 (PSU). For the entire game. That's less than half the total amount of completions allowed in each of the 4 games prior (WMU, SMU, Nebraska, NW).

We have a killer secondary, y'all and they have CLEARLY taken it to another level over the past 4 games.