Lavert Hill now co-career record holder for INTs returned for a TD

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Surprisingly, Lavert Hill is now tied for 1st all-time as the career record holder for pick 6s at Michigan.

2! Kind of surprised 2 is the career record.

He's tied with Thom Darden (1969-1971) and Lance Dottin (1987-1991)






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They're just not that common. I mean, Charles Woodson never had one.

A great defense is going to have some defensive touchdowns, but they're going to be spread out over interceptions and fumble returns, and the interceptions are going to be spread out over the entire secondary, as well as the linebackers and even the defensive line. 

There's also a big element of luck, especially with tipped passes. Remember Brandon Herron and the interception and the fumble return he had for a touchdown against Western Michigan in 2011? He was just in the right place at the right time for both of those.

Looking at the NCAA records, apparently the career record in FBS is 5. Here's a PDF link to NCAA records (because I couldn't find it elsewhere; I think it's on page 17):


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OT question:  is there a campus based radio program for UM football?   If so do they stream?   I attended ‘92-96 and seems there was.   Thx


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WCBN is the student radio, and yes back in your day we did play by play for UM Football, hoops and hockey - I know as I did it from 91 - 95. A quick look on their website's schedule  and it doesn't appear they do anything other than music. 

Pre-Big Ten Network there was a student TV Station too (WOLV-TV) that did games and other programs. Looks like it has all been taken over though now by the BTN


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Lance Dottin is an accomplished coach at the high school where he starred in football and basketball:


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I actually met his sister in a bar in Alexandria, Virginia during the B1G basketball tournament. I surprised myself by remembering his number. Those were some great teams back then and I am glad it looks like we are returning to that standard.

Boner Stabone

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I was at the game when Lance Dottin had a pick six against Wisconsin in 1989.  I was in Middle School at the time.  I remember after the game going on the field and finding marshmellows and picking them up and stuffing them down the throat of the Bucky the Badger mascot.  This was way before the days of securtiy following mascots around.  

Eastside Maize

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One of my favorite pick 6s happened in the demolition of Notre Dame in 2006. Prescott Burgess took it to the house and the rout was on! Would you take this years D or the one from 2006? 


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Tough tough question. I would say that for a 2018-style game, this year's defense, because we defend space and sidelines better this year, AND I don't think OSU can out-scheme us.

For a 2006-style game...probably still this year's defense. Because thinking about Troy Smith vs. this year's defense doesn't give me hives. But it's really really close. Can I take the 2006 DL and 2018 LB/CB/S?

M Ascending

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I was an undergrad during the Darden years and he was my absolute favorite player. A great all around safety, and the guy who caused Woody to tear up the sideline markers by making a great interception (yes, I was there).

Most people don't know that Darden played without a helmet.  His Afro provided enough cushion to protect him.


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"the guy who caused Woody to tear up the sideline markers by making a great interception (yes, I was there)."

My freshman year was Darden's senior season, and I was at that OSU game too. It was a hell of an athletic interception. Woody going apeshit is one of my favorite stadium memories.


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Just read a post on 24/7 about the Darden INT from a buckeye fan that was there. Apparently Woody's explosion was due to what he felt was a PI non-call.  The buckeye fan agreed with Woody (surprise!). Anyways, I've watched the high quality YouTube video of it and have formulated my own opinion but just curious what Michigan fans feelings on the play were at the time? Did we get away with one there, or good non-call?


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I can't tell.  If you focus on the OSU receiver, I can easily see what Woody was upset about; he stumbles awkwardly to the turf and gets up looking for a flag.  If you focus on Darden, it's not clear where the contact actually occurred; it looks like he's going for the ball with two hands.  He may have gotten him with the body -- probably did, unless the OSU guy was both clumsy and a great improv actor -- but I'd have a hard time believing that anybody would call that PI unless there was a tug with the arm that I can't see from the film.  Generally, body contact when both players are making a play on the ball is considered incidental.