Aubrey Solomon is Practicing

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SIAP. Per momma’s twitter machine Aubrey back in pads. This is a good thing. 



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He didn’t have surgery yesterday.

It was a meniscus which is a relatively short recovery time. And you don’t practice until you are physically able to. He might not be in game shape quite yet but he isn’t 3 weeks away from playing. I would suspect he will get some snaps this weekend if needed and have a larger role next week. 


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1) Okay? All she said is that he practiced, she's not the one predicting him playing this weekend.

2) Really? No way?!? Someone should let the coaches know! Yeah, he had surgery. Whether he comes back this week or against Penn St. that fact remains. I have no idea what the logic behind saying he can't come back this week because he had surgery 6 weeks ago is, but another 2 weeks and he's magically better.

3) We're all aware. So are the coaches. And they're letting him practice. So clearly they think he's fit to at least that point.

Agreed on the last sentence. The general fans, like me and you, know nothing. Insiders like UMBig11 do though, and have been saying this weekend is a target date for him to be back. 


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Harbaugh said both Solomon and Marshall are week to week with their recoveries.  They may well not play until PSU or beyond, but you seem super-certain about recovery times for a surgery that I've gathered could be of the 3-5 week recovery type (if it was just a partial meniscus tear).

I don't know the fully details, but if a guy is practicing and in pads it certainly points toward a quick recovery.


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There's a lot wrong with your sentiments in this thread, but nitpicking here...DT is not the most brutal position on the field. That'd be RB. 

DT is often where they move younger players (like HS kids) who have had multiple injuries (especially concussions) because the impact is lower. You start about a foot from contact every play - it's pretty chill. RBs and LBs are sprinting 10 yards at each other as hard as they can - that's brutal.


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Ok, I'm going to veer off of the issue of relative physicality here and ask, as a layperson: Isn't the hitting, every down, still pretty intense? You say "chill," which I totally believe relative to other positions, but aren't we talking about a full-strength mashing collision on every play?

This is more me asking for general knowledge purposes, particularly wrt head injuries. 


October 11th, 2018 at 8:10 AM ^

DT is not a concussion prone position.  Typically OL and DL injuries are like broken fingers, AC joint tears, rolled-up ankles, knee sprains (or worse) ... nagging things that you can sometimes play with ... until the ligament snaps.  Then you are out.  So not really a "chill" position ... more like a "grind" position.


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You have a point but I would say it is a minor one. Anyone who believes playing on the interior line, on either side of the ball, at this level of play is a simple coming together of several large bodies...well, I just don't know what to say about that. The collision impact may be less but, here, the overall sustained force on EVERY play is most significant. And given the lower body component of Aubrey's injury there is no way to avoid or compensate during the execution of his tasks. These kids may be young and otherwise healthy, which translates to optimal recovery time, nevertheless the task at hand is so great that it would be both foolish and unethical to expose him to the inherent risks. And here it has little to do with whether it is one play or 25 plays. From the coaching side you had better be damn sure he is good to go before you put him in such a harms way.


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You could have worded that better, but for the most part I agree. 

Coming off injury and playing Wisconsin's Oline isn't the greatest matchup. I think he will play on Saturday, but I can't see him having a huge role outside of a few snaps. He will gradually get back up to full strength as the season goes on.


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I could always word things better. My bluntness is unmitigated and it gets worse as I get older. Here, the funny/ironic thing is that as a professional pediatric oncology nurse my empathy is off the charts. However, I (often) completely loose my tolerance of adults commenting on forums such as this...and I find my colleagues to suffer this/similar affliction. It must have something to do with staring down the possibility of death (of a child no less) day after day. But that's more of an excuse than a reason-something I need to work on :) 


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Saturday would be nice, but I suspect he isn't in game shape, yet.  Maybe, though...  Hopefully!  Any interior line support will be helpful...

Gucci Mane

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I remember that night. I was in grade school and my parents forced me to go to bed during the second half. I sneakily listened on my radio till the end. I remember hearing the rawwwrr noise from the stadium repeatedly. Back then Michigan football was magical to me. I still care deeply, but as a young child I don't think I was even able to grasp that the players were human.


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Last week, Harbaugh wanted him to stay out two weeks. Solomon replied, "coach, let's split the baby and I'll stay out one week." #SecondBibleJokeToday