Jarrett Patterson decommits from ASU

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Will visit Michigan this weekend


Also Dan Enos has met with coach Harbaugh about a coaching position.  


This weekend is going to be great! Go Blue!



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Los Angeles is the best large city in the United States.  The weather, the food, the mountains, the ocean.  Shit, you are only a two hour drive from some pretty decent sking.  The homeless issue has gotten out of control but other than that it is great.  Traffic?  Ever been to Chicago, New York or Seattle?  

Bigly yuge

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Chip Kelly’s college track record of 46-7 speaks for itself. Thankfully his system is way different and he prefers light and quick offensive linemen. I don’t think we will be competing much with him for recruits the way we did when mora was there.


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Oh, shut up.

Southern California is beautiful, and you know it.  The weather is nice year round if you're close enough to the water.  There is a ton to do.  San Diego is one of the most beautiful cities in the country.  LA is great.  You can go to the ocean and up to the mountains in the same day.

Suggesting that Southern California is awful is just... disengenuous at best.  The earthquake thing does scare me though, probably the only reason I haven't relocated my family there.  The San Andreas fault has been super quiet, which means it's building up for a massive release.  I don't want to be there for the next big one...


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but i never said socal was awful. having lived there for years though i can say its not all its cracked up to be, either.  if i had to go back i would immediately immerse myself in all the fun stuff we used to do with friends when we lived there, no doubt.  i took advantage of all that socal had to offer when i lived there.

that said, the serious part of the good-natured jousting i've had with st3 on this topic is that while there are some benefits to living in socal, there are great costs too.  midwesterners who've never lived there and only see it during rose bowl week think 'gosh, its like heaven'.  the eye-opener is that not every day is new year's day when traffic is light and michigan is playing in pasadena. 



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I went to the Rosebowl (I still can't believe the ball popped up so perfectly after hitting Braylon's ankle) and I actually left thinking, "what's the big deal about LA?"  For as much hype as it gets, I expected to be in my bathing suit and surfing half the time, and in a convertible on Rodeo drive the rest of the time.  Instead, it was cold enough I wore jeans the whole trip, everything was crowded/overpriced, and traffic sucked.  I must be missing something, it seemed to me that the whole place was medium sized, indistinguishable buildings as far as the eye could see (and that I couldn't afford anything inside of said buildings even if I had wanted to).

Ps. Recruits, if you're reading this, it's the absolute truth, don't let any other posters convince you otherwise.


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The first time I ever went to LA was for the 2007 Rose Bowl. I gad heard about the traffic and the pollution and the sprawl and didn't expect to dig the place. But...it was awesome. I've returned many times since then and have been to many parts of LA and Orange County and every time I've been there I've loved it. COLLEGE FOOTBALL PLAYERS WOULD DEFINITELY HATE IT THOUGH ICK SOCAL SUCKS FOR COLLEGE ATHLETES NO KIDDING BRO.


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You must be better looking and/or much richer than I am.  I'm not real sure about the significance of the ALL CAPS BRO section, but glad you had a nice trip.


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It's hard to glean much from his track record as a coach. He's mostly been a position coach or a head coach at a MAC school (which, yeah) up until he was at Arkansas.

I do know he was liked by Spartans though when he was at MSU. And as much as I hate to admit it, but he was on Dantonio's staff at two different jobs and Mork has done a decent job of hiring assistants (except for Dave Warner of course.

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But he can also position coach any skill spot on offense (WR, TE, RB, QB). He's been quite consistent in producing players at RB and QB, and has history with WRs as well. There would be far worse hires than him.