4* WR Cornelius Johnson Announcing Dec. 19

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Cornelius Johnson is a 6-foot-3 four-star WR from Connecticut - the No. 39 WR and No. 256 overall. He said on Twitter he's announcing Dec. 19 from a final five of Michigan, Alabama, Notre Dame, Penn State and Stanford. Nobody seems to think Bama is legit.

His crystal ballz were trending Stanford, but in recent days, Stanford has started looking at other WR options, so Sam Webb says they're probably out. Looks like a Michigan-Penn State battle, and Sam just said it's looking more promising for us by the day. Would be a nice Christmas gift.



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Ok so does anyone have any insight on the Dax Hill drama?  Still stings but it’s been a couple days and usually those inner circle folks are at least hearing what the staffs are spinning.  Timeline wise Michigan’s two best recruiters sans Jim (Sherrone & Partridge) we’re in home like two days before the decomit, for what has been labeled a “routine check in” with “ a solid commit”. Those lines coming from so callled recruiting insiders.  I’ve also read that Alabama insiders were just as shocked at the flip as the rest of us.   I know Hill has been reported as being very close to Sherrone Moore...did he not take to his future position coach? Is Moore leaving.  I’ve always been skeptical on the idea of bagmen explanations.  Any legit insight is appreciated

4th and Go For It

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Sam Webb today, after speaking with Dax's dad, more or less intimated it's nothing more than a kid who has elite talent changing his mind about how important competing for championships immediately is for him. He and his parents initially had said that was important but not more important than the bigger picture for Dax.  There's enormous pressure on these kids, however, to think twice about turning down an opportunity for go play for Bama when Bama wants you because it still the "easy" choice here if you want to be play year in and year out for rings. Michigan is the work in progress choice and thus risky if you want to compete for championships. 

Sam also intimated the door may not be totally closed here for Michigan with Dax, though obviously it's not a great shot to re-flip him, as he's not signing early or an EE so there's time for further discussion


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I imagine it is an awesome thing to play for all the marbles.. but you can go to a bowl, enjoy college, and get drafted about anywhere. 

If playing for a championship ASAP trumps all, I question how serious academics really really are. But regardless, wish the kid well....Unless he’s playing Michigan of course. 


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That Ohio state game is the gift that keeps on giving,   It was and remains a terrible look...practically it doesn’t change the success of th season or program that much but the optics and ensuing narrative is having such a widespread negative impact on how Coaches program is going....I do believe Michigan will play in the national playoff within the. Ext 4 years, I just really thought this was the year it all broke right...count me as still stunned.


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Official visit timeline per 247:

  • December 7 - Penn State
  • December 14 - Michigan

We have a good shot at this one.  He also visited UM unofficial for a game - recall it was PSU.

Kid is high on academics - Brunswick Academy is like an Ivy League prep school.  He took his official visits to Stanford and ND earlier in the fall.  PSU just lost their top WR commit who flipped to UNC (home state) so they are going hard for this one. ND may still be in the hunt but Stanford appears out. Alabama is on his list but I think that is a stretch and not what he is looking for.

Michigan is a great fit for Cornelius.  Go Blue !!! 

GoBlue C4

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I think ideally in Harbaugh's offense he wants a 55/45 split pass to run with-

QB- 3,000 yards. 25 TDs R

B1- 1,200 yards 12 TDs

RB2- 600 yards 6 TDs

WR1- 60 rec. 800 yards 10TDs

WR2- 50 rec. 700 yards 7 TDs

TE1- 40 rec. 400 yards 5 TDs.

2018 can still be successful with a Peach bowl win, and getting Harrison, Keegan, and Johnson, the 3 biggest needs to finish the class, and the big time players.



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Closer than we all believe ... thru 12 games:

  • QB  - 2555 yds / 23 TDs / 154 QBR
  • RB1 - 1178 yds / 10 TDs
  • RB2 - 403 yds / 4 TDs
  • WR1 - 552 yds / 6 TDs
  • WR2 - 541 yds / 7 TDs
  • TE1 - 475 yds / 2 TDs

Tweaks are all this offense needs.  Likely see more passing in 2019 to take advantage of the receiver personnel and Shea's play-making skills. 


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It does seem like Johnson has been circling around Michigan for some time.  I wonder if McElwain leaving changes that calculus for the better or worse.

Michigan has had some luck getting good WRs from CT (Black), and this feels like a other solid athlete who can stretch the field a bit and also high-point balls.