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Be careful what you say, it brings people like this out of the woodwork. What a great message for a high-school student. Of course, he might be an expert on internet tough guys?


Derek McQuaid
DerekMcQuaid Derek McQuaid 
@erikmagnuson77 I hear you're the new internet tough guy for the new crop of douchebags at the pathetic school up north? Hate much? #GoBucks



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I find it interesting that they are calling us out for being classless and our recruits are running their mouths when you get drenched in beer if you try to go to the UM-Ohio football game in Columbus.


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And Magnuson tweeted back a.earlier Ohio guys tweet and said...

@katzfan71 I don't care who ur gettin. Ur a bunch of bitches. **** ohio. U'll be hatin life for the next 4 years trust me.

@IamJoshG can you please come to michigan with me so we can shut these faggots up at ohio who are talkin bout how good their d line will be



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ok the Mags reply wasn't ideal, we get that.  He is still in high school and everyone says hurtful/offensive things (kills people, steals, murders etc. etc.).  It was his natural instinct to fire back at someone as a high schooler who is bashing him for choosing a school.  If you guys don't want him coming to Michigan because of a Twitter response, shame on you. 

Not necessarily replying to Bb011, just saying.

This is the THIRD time people have posted about this Mags Twitter post, enough is enough.  Let's get over it and move on, the kid will learn.

swan flu

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sorry man.  I saw the episode, I like to think I have a good sense of humor and don't take much too seriously.


But the word "faggot" is one of 2 words that should not ever be said in a derogatory manner.


The origins of the word (faggot means kindling, homosexuals used to be thrown into the kindling of bonfires simply for being gay... hence the term flaming faggot) display how horrendous humans can be when fueled by ignorance and intolerance.


I think you can all guess the other word that should not ever be said in a derogatory manner.


December 23rd, 2011 at 9:50 AM ^

ok i looked it up, looks like it was a common practice in the middle ages.  Among all the other stuff that was strange during that era.  Learn something new everyday.

I have had someone gay try to tell me, how being called gay was worse than what blacks went through with slavery.. which i disagree with that comparison.


Sure both have been through a lot, but comparing it to years of slavery come on




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This is just pathetic. While I cannot defend Erik's use of that word. who the fuck are these adults who are getting into a twitter war with a high school senior. It's just fucking pathetic. Does it make them feel big to get a rise out of a kid. Not a surprise though, just more proof that Ohio fans have no class. Get a fucking life. Sorry for the language, but this really pisses me off.


December 23rd, 2011 at 3:41 AM ^

This is the third time I've used this phrase, if you will, in the last 72 hours on this message board; but "Twitter Sucks". Some idiot tries to get a rise out of a high schooler who chose a rival school to attend college, and succeeds because said high schooler decides to give said idiot the time of day and respond with gay slurs.
Nobody wins with Twitter. I've yet to be proven wrong, though opinion based, with this logic.


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I was born in Michigan but have lived in Ohio the past 22 years.  Unfortunately this job thingie I got myself messed up with has an attendence policy they simply will not bend on.......

What's great is that all four of my kids are huge Michigan fans and have never lived there or gone to school there.  They were all born and raised right here in lovel Ohio BUT dad made sure they went to lots of plenty of Michigan gear and somehow they've become surrogate fans here in the belly of the beast.


December 23rd, 2011 at 7:10 AM ^

Mags isn't very PC, I like him already. Nobody says faggot anymore, that is sooo 2000 and late. Meanwhile the fact that you guys post all of their tweets here makes me guilty by association. Also Derek McQuaid is a DB(dirt ball) whose biggest achievement at this point in his life is having more teeth than his paw did at his age. Enjoy the Holiday edition of Auto Trader Derek.


December 23rd, 2011 at 8:28 AM ^

Mags (is that his nickname?) will learn. It is better to just be PC and be quiet, keeping your thoughts to yourself and letting your actions speak on the field.

I do find it amusing to see this discussion on an Internet Board, with a bunch of Internet tough guys hiding behind the anonymity of their user names. If you can't or won't stand behind something publicly, why say it at all? Well, that's the nature of this beast, I guess.


December 23rd, 2011 at 12:02 PM ^

I can't be too mad, Derek looks like he's not playing with a full deck. Judging by the looks of him, I'm surprised he knows how to work the interwebs and managed to mash out a semi coherent sentence.


December 23rd, 2011 at 12:32 PM ^

I think its more immature that adults go on the internet and analyze kids' tweets than it is for kids to say 'faggot' or whatever in the hell else they want to say....



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On the eve of the game, I led an MGoTwitter assault on a user @myk4ya. The thread was taken down the next day, but there were at least 50+ of us who had this dude rattled on twitter. It was a great night for MGOUSERS. Maybe this needs to happen to this dbag?