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11/28/2014 - 11:13pm Good god man

What in the actual fuck is your point? Reading your posts in this thread is giving me AIDS. Yeah, Hoke "won" at his previous stops. Rod Marinelli "won" with the Lions, too.

02/11/2012 - 6:19pm Get off your high horse

so he sold a little weed when he was a kid.... so what? You must be perfect. He's done more for this area than pretty much anyone. He constantly gives back to the community and is always "repping" Michigan. Unless you're doing more to help Detroit, you should just  keep your garbage opinions to yourself

02/11/2012 - 12:22pm Great input!

Great input!  Did you even bother reading up on the issue at hand before spouting off? This has nothing to do with Kid Rock's music( I'm not a fan of it, either), and he's certainly not giving anyone a lesson in morality. He's one of the most outspoken advocates for Detroit and Michigan in general; he does a lot of good things around here, and all he's doing is responding to a hack job by the Freep. I'd like to cordially invite you, Magnus, to go fuck yourself. 

01/12/2012 - 1:04am What?

What? How is college football relevant to an NHL game? For the vast majority of the population (aside from people like us who spend their time on Michigan message boards), the world does not revolve around Michigan football....

01/11/2012 - 9:07pm Please make this happen

There is no doubt in my mind they'd sell out if it was Wings-Leafs or Wings-Blackhawks. I am curious if they would sell alcohol though. Seems like that would be the only hangup

01/05/2012 - 3:43am Michael Weinreb

After firing up the google machine, it is revealed that he's from State College, PA and grew up loving PSU. His animosity toward Michigan in that article makes a little more sense now

12/23/2011 - 12:02pm I can't be too mad

I can't be too mad, Derek looks like he's not playing with a full deck. Judging by the looks of him, I'm surprised he knows how to work the interwebs and managed to mash out a semi coherent sentence.

12/02/2011 - 9:23pm Was lucky

Was lucky enough to get my hands on a bottle of Founder's Canadian Breakfast Stout. Drinking that and watching the Wings/Pac-12 championship

12/01/2011 - 5:39pm Two factual errors

in two posts. Clearly, getting the facts straight are not that important to you. Despite the economy, the Wings are still popular. Attendance has been fine this season. And as for this:" Alas, I have teeth and the ability to quickly post another link proving the point", you sure are a swell guy, a true asset to this board.

12/01/2011 - 4:54pm Reading comprehension

not your strong suit. The 3-4,000 empty seats were for the first 4 games of the 2007 season, not the playoffs. You are out of your mind if you don't think a Wings game @ the Big House wouldn't be a huge draw.

12/01/2011 - 1:24pm Interesting

Interesting, considering there isn't a Wing's game tonight. Do you actually go to games? The arena is plenty full on most nights.

06/08/2011 - 2:14pm lol

05/24/2011 - 11:45am The crazy, nastyass honey badger

The crazy, nastyass Honey Badger. Brought to you by Randall.

05/21/2011 - 5:34pm Durrrrr

What do you expect him to say? "I left the program in shambles, and all the players I recruited suck"? I'm guessing that any coach who is looking for work again would say what RR said.

05/12/2011 - 11:50pm Time to root for the Canucks

Time to root for the Canucks to jailsex the sharks. The Wings shouldn't have gotten themselves in that 0-3 hole, but I really feel like they were robbed tonight. Go Canucks!

05/12/2011 - 11:44pm fuck the sharks

fuck the refs. How do you not call goaltender interference on the Shark's 3rd goal?????

05/10/2011 - 10:43pm Sharks thugging it up

Sharks thugging it up at the end. Classy move, Thornton. CAn't wait for game 7!

05/04/2011 - 7:31pm wat

05/02/2011 - 11:43pm Fair enough

I can understand why some people would be a little suspicious-I'm not- but I can see the concern. But I can also understand the value of observing Islamic tradition in this case. There is no need to give any extremists any fodder. My comment was more directed at his "Hussein" crack

05/02/2011 - 5:09pm Jackass


05/02/2011 - 2:36pm Is this a serious post?

Is this a serious post? I'm trying to figure out if you're just pretending to be a total moron, or if you are in fact a total moron.

05/02/2011 - 12:40am America!

kenny powers america

05/01/2011 - 11:27pm (No subject)

05/01/2011 - 11:18pm Pakistan

Pakistan has some splainin to do

05/01/2011 - 7:12pm Wimp??

Wimp? Try telling that to this guy!

05/01/2011 - 1:11am Maybe

Maybe if you Floridians learned how to pick up the pace a little bit while you're on your way to the early bird special at Perkins, there wouldn't be a problem!

04/28/2011 - 9:37pm Fairley is dirty

Fairley is a dirty player. Hopefully he cleans it up in the NFL

04/25/2011 - 10:20pm If you want real delusion

If you want real delusion and spin, go to Hineygate, the Buckeye's Scout affiliate.

04/24/2011 - 10:55am Well, thankfully

Well, thankfully all threads on this site have a title. So if you feel you are above reading a particular thread, you don't have to!

04/23/2011 - 11:47pm LOL

Not a good look, Vest.

04/23/2011 - 10:52pm Standing on a dock

Standing on a dock in Northern Ontario waiting to leave for a fly-out fishing trip, wearing my usual block M hat. I was waiting for the group from the previous week to unload the seaplane and as they got off I got a big "GO BLUE!" from all of the guys in the group. Turns out they lived about 10 minutes away from me. Random!

04/23/2011 - 7:57pm Well, Obviously

Well, obviously we have a drug dealer in Lincoln Park

04/23/2011 - 6:50pm The fort

The fort blows, for cereal. Dropped my sub from there months ago and the quality of my interwebs life has significantly improved. You can only read so many long winded, bogus posts from BlueMonster that say the same thing over and over again. The entire atmosphere on that board was incredibly negative and posters would spew a lot of venom. The info/content is way better here and on GBW.


tl;dr: The Fort sucks. Who cares what those jabronis think?

04/22/2011 - 11:26pm What? It doesn't matter

It doesn't matter one bit what happened inside. There is no justification for trying to run people down with your car.

04/22/2011 - 9:23pm The "victim"

tried to run them down with his fucking truck. If I was about to get taken out by an Expedition, I'd keep firing too. The only sad conclusion would have been if that asshole succeeded in running over a bunch of innocent bystanders

04/21/2011 - 10:29pm Dirty Rotten Scoundrels

Dirty Rotten Scoundrels, History of the World Part 1....

04/21/2011 - 9:18pm Yes!

Yes! The best thing to come from Canada since.... Ever.

04/21/2011 - 2:03am This

This. Where were all these fans during the regular season when they were averaging a pathetic 12,000 per game?

04/21/2011 - 1:36am (No subject)

04/21/2011 - 1:27am Wut

Wut. It doesn't matter how big you are, impaired is impaired. If you're bigger, it just means it takes more beers to get there.

04/21/2011 - 1:00am GOOOOALL!

Good night coyotes!

04/20/2011 - 11:54pm Yeaaaa

Judge Small doesn't mess around when it comes to DUI. She might decide to make an example of him given his celebrity status

04/19/2011 - 9:17pm (No subject)
04/19/2011 - 9:10pm What ever happend to this guy?
04/19/2011 - 7:29pm Just bought

Just bought a new vaporizer. I plan on breaking it in in proper style tomorrow

04/18/2011 - 11:55pm Ruffled feathers?

None here. I'm not the one who got butthurt over an off hand comment about Shane Doan. And I do watch plenty of NHL hockey not involving the wings, Mr Hockey Elite.

04/18/2011 - 11:47pm Beaten to the goal light punch

Here's some monkeys riding dogs herding goats instead

04/18/2011 - 11:35pm Yea

Yea he did, looks like he went for one year

04/18/2011 - 11:29pm Well Mr. Hockey Elite

I watch plenty of NHL hockey. Sorry if I don't watch/give a shit about the Phoenix Coyotes. Sorry I don't meet your standards for an educated hockey fan.

04/18/2011 - 11:25pm Maybe

but he's not on the wings, and my only experience watching him has been in the playoffs the last couple years, and he seems to like liberties after the whistle. So,I don't like him.