Tom Crean Dismisses Sophomore Emmit Holt

Submitted by IncrediblySTIFF on September 1st, 2015 at 8:34 AM

Alcohol related offense -- apparantly tried to conceal a bottle of alcohol.    Interestingly enough, Yogi Ferrell was also cited for underage drinking and attempting to enter a bar with a fake ID, but he didn't get kicked off.


Figured I'd get this in early in the morning, it'll just get buried by REAL FOOTBALL CONTENT.



He looks like Eminem in that halftime interview,,, 



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5* Thomas Bryant wasn't kicked off either. Then again, in fairness to Crean, I think this was a second offense for Holt. IIRC, Holt was driving when Davis (who was kicked off last year) jumped in front of his car.

At some point, don't you think Crean does a bit more character research on his recruits? I mean, how often to Beilein guys get in big trouble? The McGary/weed thing is the only thing that comes to mind.


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yeah, i mean, whatever.  I know J Beilein is a better person/coach than Tom Crean is, but you can't fault a guy for holding his players to a high standard, especially if he's got alternative motivation (getting below the limit).  Not a fan of it, but like I said, whatever


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Meh. It's like preventative medicine. I can tell you to quit smoking or lose weight until I'm blue in the face, give you support and meds, whatever, but ultimately you're gonna do what you're gonna do.

I hate Crean as much as the next guy but the fact that kids are getting in trouble for drinking doesn't mean there isn't support or education. It's college; kids drink.


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Can't disagree but using either of those things while in a vehicle is a different story IMO. Drinks or smoking in your buddy's house? Okay, kids do that. Using that stuff when you're clearly going to operate a vehicle afterward? Yeah, I think that's a sign that you've got a lot of growing up to do.


Everyone Murders

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Obviously drinking and driving are serious matters, and should be treated as such.  But here (despite the late hour) there's no mention that the bottles were open and it also notes that Holt was in the back seat.  Plenty of kids do that stuff, and a substantial portion (likely not a majority) will have a designated driver.  The point being that there is no evidence whatsoever that Holt was a drunken driver here.*

So yeah, given Holt's history, he was stupid to get in this situation.  But the focus on "concealment" is - to me - pretty damned funny. 

*Information supporting that theory may come out in the future, but it's not in the linked story.  

Mr Miggle

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It's not for the seriousness of the infraction. It's not just because he was in trouble before, but because he was with two freshmen, including their prized recruit. He's not just setting a poor example, he's playing a role in getting them into trouble before they've even had their first practice. 


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that Crean's philosophy of recruiting is "If he has 4 or 5 stars, I will recruit him." He doesn't seem to consider how the kids talents will fit in or character issues. Beilein will not even offer some of the highest ranked kids because he knows that they are not right for Michigan.


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I know he gets a lot of heat here, mostly deservedly so. He really acts like a child sometimes. But this is on the harsh end of punishment in modern athletics. He probably laid a program for Holt after his first offense and Holt didn't live up to those standards outlined. So he dismissed him. Each one of these situations should be taken individually, imo, and if Crean did the wrong thing here I think I would understand the argument that he was too harsh before I understood the one that he was too lenient.

Everyone Murders

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You mean a college-age student tried to conceal a bottle of vodka when a uniformed police officer walked by?  That's outrageous behavior, and that calumny will not stand.  I can't imagine another student doing the same. 

An upright student would recognize the officer of the peace, show him the bottle, confess to being underaged, and tell the officer who else in the group had been drinking (or even held or watched over the bottle, since that technically constitutes "minor in possession").  That is how I expect a college student to act.

Hats off to Tom Crean here.  It is a testament to his character that he is willing to forego the 3.6 points per game that Holt brought to the table. 

It's a matter of principle.  And Crean has got pleat-fulls of principle.

[Edit - I'm obviously not condoning alcohol and cars, but Holt was in the back seat, there's no mention that the bottles were even open, and no mention that Holt was intoxicated.  Given the hour of the arrest those facts could emerge, but in the meantime this is comic evidence of Crean's "situational ethics" - the situation, apparently, being how productive the player in question is.]