Crean Meme?

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A friend of mine sent me a BTN screen cap of Tom Cream looking like a sad perv.  I'm bored and he's a douche, so I decided to see what I could Photoshop with it.  Attached is the transparent image and my attempt at capturing Crean's true sadness... enjoy.  





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I just saw Crean's expression in this still and then the OP's image and it came to me - Tom Crean would be the person who answered, "What is the threat of gun violence".

This would have beein after a Double Jeopardy wherein Crean made it a true Daily Double in the category "Terrible Offenses In Basketball". 


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I'm an IU '10 grad. Born and raised in Indy and a Hoosier bball fanatic for life. I've had season tix to UM football since '92 and am just as avid of a maize n blue football fan so that's why I check out this site about 5/6 times a day.

I want to give Crean 1 more year and that's it. I wasn't able to see the game today because I was at work, but I expected the result I saw.

The good: he is a great recruiter, motivator, and developer of talent (especially with guards). With bigs it remains to be seen if he can develop really quality talent because Cody and Vonleh were near finished products by the time they got to campus. His system works when he has his type of players, we've seen it be great at times.

The bad: his inability to attack a 2-3 zone is mind boggling. During last years Syracuse game in the tourney I nearly lost my voice shouting at the tv. How hard is it to have Cody stand at the foul line and either distribute or take an elbow J? He also doesn't seem to have any in-bounds plays beyond basic CYO types. We are regularly forced into calling a TO when trying to inbound the ball.

With the amount of talent/experience we lost off of last years team I didn't expect much more this year. I hoped to make the tourney but never really counted on it. If Vonleh comes back (I seriously doubt it because he's a top 10 talent) we will be a top 15 team next year with the shooters we have coming in and another year for our young guys to develop. I want to give him one more year to see if he can right the ship. If we don't at least make the sweet 16 next year he's gone. My friends and I want us to at least make the elite 8 or we want him gone. I'm no longer in Indy (moved to Orange County about a year and a half ago) but I hear his seat can't get any hotter for next year. I'm still pissed we didn't go after Stevens when he was at Butler.


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I wouldn't necessarily call him a douche. I guess I'm not one for labeling people though. I love the passion he has for our program. I don't approve of some of the things he's done as the HC of our program, but after the shit storm that he stepped into without knowing it I'm a little more lenient on him. He works extremely hard and has put everything he's got into making IU respectable again...but my patience has run out with him. Much like it will with Brady Hoke if we don't improve on the offensive and defensive lines next year.


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They think he's a great recruiter, great developer, and overall decent coach, but they think he has no idea how to coach in a game. He can get the talent to IU and develop it, but come game time the guy has no clue. They also think he's overrated and let's just say the way he acts doesn't really appease most of the fans that I know. Basically the vibe I get it that they tolerate him, but barely. And they only tolerate him because he's a heck of a recruiter and he can develop that talent. But soon the X's and O's thing is going to really hurt him. They also think he can't adjust on the fly and that infuriates many of the fans. Most believe if he has a few more years like this year, then he's gone.


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Where did you go, Doc Counsilman?

You've all heard of patent trolls?  Indiana University swimming has just invented the practice of World Record Trolling!

Executive Summary: the International Swimming Federation (FINA-it's French) decided last year to recognize as "World Records" the fastest recorded times in races that heretofor were not commonly swam in major international competition.  These events are short relay races (4x50 meters) and mixed gender relays.  These races have been swum in the past, and people have swam them very fast and established what are call "World Bests" in the swimming community.  But, they are not recognized as "World Records," and the meet organizers did not make all the necessary technical arrangements to have them recognized as "World Records" if someone swam faster than anyone else before.  That changed in the middle of last year.

The Indiana Head Coach got the idea of having an intra-squad relay meet last summer, and decided to compete all the new "World Record" eligible races.  Clearly Coach Crean intervened, and convinced Indiana University to do all the paperwork and get the best times from the IU meet recognized as the first "World Records" in these events.  Just to be clear, the winning times were NOT faster than times other relays had swum before these events were recognized.  And, the IU times were obliterated at major international meets later in the year.  At the time, everyone was saying that FINA would not recognize the IU times as "World Records" because they were obviously slower than what had gone before, and expected FINA to establish threshold times that would have to be beaten to claim a World Record.  In a surprise to most, FINA announced they will recognize the IU times as World Records.  (And you could have also used your stopwatch to measure how long they lasted before they were beaten.)

What is up with Bloomington?  Is there something in the water?

Evil Empire

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but I wish an opposing team's player would run into him while he's on the court and see what the refs do.  Another option: pass him the ball.  To his midsection if you're feeling charitable, at his head if you want to start a fight.  I've been hit in the back of the head by a basketball on the court and it's humiliating.