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I grew up in Ann Arbor, went to school from Kinder through U of M.  Been a diehard for over 40 years.  Met Bo, went to high school with his son.  Now live in California but follow Michigan sports as closely as I can, especially the football team.  I have to say, I've never been this pumped before a season (even last year when we had Jabrill and the monster defense).

Past two seasons I went back and brought two of my daughters to games.  This year I think I'm going to the state game.  Ok, so what...

What are you pumped about??  The defense?  Gary and/or Hurst?  Speight?  Other than just getting out there and destroying Florida, what are you most interested in seeing or anticipating for Team 138???



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I'm pumped about depth. Other than the secondary, a single injury isn't going to completely annihilate any shot at a conference championship like it might have in years past.

*knocks on enough wood to build a neighborhood*


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pumped to finally see game breaking, elite, home run hitters, all over the field. the youth is so promising. I think Michigan sneaks up on everyone this year. Yes, I have my blinders on, but I think undefeated and playoff is not out of the question.


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Honestly I was more excited about last year. This year I am not expecting much. Young team with a lot of potential, but they will go through their growing pains. The #1 goal this year should be to beat o$u. If we lose 3-4 games but beat o$u I would consider this a great year. I don't believe it'll happen, though. We'll see what happens. Just remember, if you don't have any expectations, you can't be disappointed.


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I actually look forward to your comments. You are really kind of slick in the way you just sound like a pessimist, but really are the main troll on this site. I can't figure out what school you are a fan of though, but you sure are a miserable fuck. My expectation is that you are going to be very disappointed this year with Michigan winning the big ten. So I guess I am pumped that Michigan is going to crush the dreams of many a osu and psu and msu fan and you of course. Go Blue and since I had to read the eleven idiots comments and am know pissed off........Fuck the whole state of Ohio!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.  And again GO BLUE!!!!!!!!!!!!.


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How is Michigan going to crush my dreams if I'm a Michigan fan? You really seem to be confused, son. Been a Michigan fan for 34 years. Again, calling other people trolls really just makes you the troll. You also seem to be confusing my avatar as a picture of myself. I am not, in fact, an o$u fan. That was a guy who was caught in a sting operation on NBC's "To Catch a Predator". And my signature is a knock on o$u as Terrelle Pryor didn't even know the name of the school he committed to. "University of Ohio State" is not the name of the school, in case you didn't know. And I'm guessing you didn't as you don't seem very bright. As far as me being miserable by winning the big ten? I'm all for winning the big ten and a national championship. But it's easy to type it on a computer. Go out and show me something. Enough talk. We don't want talk. We want results. GO BLUE.


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I completely agree. Another year in Don Brown's system will have little drop off in our defense compared to last year. People are worried about our CB situation, but you have to imagine that a combination of Hill, Long, and Washington are probably significantly better than what he was working with at Boston College most years. Throw in an absolutely elite Dline and some heat-seeking missiles for LBs and you have a recipe for another best-in-conference defense.


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The running game. I've been drinking that maize & blue kool-aid and I think Chris Evans is going to be amazing! Good vision, great shiftiness, and with the added weight he could get those few extra yards here and there that could make all the difference.


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I am pumped about the line play . . . both DL and OL. I think the DL is already there, and is going to be very good. I'm a bit concerned about OL depth. Still, if healthy, I think the OL will be an upgrade over the last 10 years, and that it will only get better in coming years.

Ali G Bomaye

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I'm excited for fully weaponized Harbaugh.

Yes, we lost a lot of talent from last year. But this will be the first year in Harbaugh's guys will be playing most of the key roles, and the first year that we're returning our DC and our QB/OC combo. There will be some growing pains, but our two toughest games are at the end of the season, when our young guys will be veterans.


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From 1969 through 2007 I KNEW Michigan would have a good football team before the season even started.  How good?  Well that varied somewhat depending on how things broke but at our core I knew we'd be good.  I knew we'd crush everybody on our non-conference schedule (cept sometimes ND), that we'd wipe the floor with the also-ran's in the B1G, that we'd almost always beat MSU and beat them soundly and, every other year or so, beat OSU and play in the Rose Bowl.  Sometimes when things didnt go our way we might be 8-4 and sometimes when things went well we'd go 11-1, 10-2 or even 12-0 one year.  But I KNEW we'd be good.  Because we were MICHIGAN damn it, and the winningest team in the history of college football and we played in the largest and best stadium in college football.

It's nice to know that again.  It's nice to know that the MICHIGAN I grew up and older with is back.  


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I'm pumped that we get to really see a, for all intents and purposes, 100% "Harbaugh team" take the field. Obviously scary about all the youth and lost experience, but I have this nagging feeling that this time might just surprise a few people and end up closer to 12-0 than 8-4... 

EDIT: I'm also excited for you to STOP YELLING AT US!!!


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Also, nothing take more pressure off an Oline than 1) RBs that can make the first guy miss, and 2) A deep and diverse group of WRs that the coverage must respect both underneath and over the top.

This team has the requisite pieces to use the passing game to open up the run. Line them up three or four wide, then jam Higdon, Isaac, and Evans right up the gut.


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I'm uncontrollably excited for this upcoming season with all the new talent, but next year will be the most brutal off season of my life. Harbaugh in year 4 with essentially all of his recruits. Can you imagine? This happened at Stanford, but I can't imagine those early Harbaugh recruits were even close to the caliber we have. Next year is the first "No Excuses" year. 


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I am pumped that I expect Michigan to have a better record than last year and it will be the worst record Michigan has until Harbaugh leaves. I am pumped that Michigan could easily in the next ten years win more than three NC's.


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I am working on my traditional "End Of OT Season" post with an enthusiasm unknown to mankind, I am that pumped. I am also certain that no one will read it....with an enthusiasm unknown to mankind, of course. So, it works out for all of us.