OT: Yankees Alex Rodriguez suspended 162 games

Submitted by wresler120 on January 11th, 2014 at 11:52 AM
Adam Schefter is reporting that an MLB arbitrator has suspended Alex Rodriguez for the entire 2014 season. This is not all too surprising, but many thought the suspension could have longer. What was surprising to me was the fact that Rodriguez thought he was going to avoid a suspension.



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If only these guys would have just come clean in the beginning, this all would have been much less painful. There are several guys who got popped, accepted their suspensions, and are still playing. They are just as guilty as the big guys (Clemens, Binds, A-Rod, Palmeiro, etc.), yet the public outcry amounted to a whimper. Shit, look at Andy Pettitte. No one likes a cheater or a liar, but people have shown to be a lot more forgiving of the cheaters.


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This guy has been rich, famous, and papmered since adolescence...that is all he knows.  He expects to get his way with everything.  His attitude, relationships, and the way the handles this situations and doesn't accept responsibility for his actions shows it.  He's a child.  I actually feel a little bad for him, minus the part that he's rich, famous, incredibly talented, 6'3", and really good looking lol.  Beyond that I feel bad for him because he's a grown man-child.


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A-Rod has the right to sue, and I think he has a very good chance of winning.  Usually, MLB can afford better attorneys than the players.  This time, they may have picked the wrong person to fight.  

A-Rod's HIPAA rights, and probably many others, were grossly violated here.  If he had gotten the same suspensions as everyone else, he would have accepted them, but he was MLB"s "big fish" that "justified" all of the rights they squashed in their "investigations."  

I "hate" the Yankees and couldn't care much less about A-Rod as a human being, but MLB has gone too far in their witch hunt.  MLB engaged in more criminal behavior than A-Rod did here.  

For me, this is a "grab some popcorn" moment.  I am guessing the paperwork is filed on Monday morning.


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I don't think so. Courts generally don't like to overturn arbitration rulings that have been colletively bargained for. And I don't think Alex wants to go through any discovery processes that might be associated with a lawsuit. 

And reading the MLBPA's reaction to the ruling, it looks like they might be done with this one, too. It looks like he's on his own. He might have a puncher's chance at best. 


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Does HIPAA apply to a fake doctor at anti-aging wellness center?

Im not a lawyer but it's my understanding that his appeal will have little chance to succeed as federal judges usually don't interject in a labor dispute where there is a collective bargaining agreement


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to admit your mistakes, take ownership of your decisions, say you did it and accept the punishment - how ever you want to state it. The longer you take to get to that point, the greater the punishment is once you get caught. (#experience)

Acting arrogant only makes the punishment worse. This is a lifetime ban, given his age and health.

I used to like A-Rod back in the Seattle/Texas days. Then he started acting above the game. Hope this is the final chapter of his public days. Five years from now there will be an ESPN bottom line stating "... only received 2% of the HOF voting.." and that will be that.


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CBS has some of the Facebook post he made as well as the official statement. Part of Alex's response is as follows:

"This injustice is MLB's first step toward abolishing guaranteed contracts in the 2016 bargaining round, instituting lifetime bans for single violations of drug policy, and further insulating its corrupt investigative program from any variety defense by accused players, or any variety of objective review," he said.

He's also confident that he can get this into federal court and that a judge will see it his way. You keep believing that, Alex, you keep believing that....


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On the one hand, I hate Arod for being the consummate self-involved jerk.

OTOH, I hate the Yankees for always thinking they can buy a championship. Glad to see that hasnt happened lately.

Not sure here, but overall I want Arod to be actuve but suck so the Yankees still have to pay him a bajillon dollahs.