OT: Who is your #2 college football team and why?

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I put this as OT since it is not immediately about UM football, but is blog relevant since it gives broader understanding about those who post here:

Parents are not supposed to have favorite children, but this is football and most of us here have already chosen UM as our main team/program. However, is there another team out there that is almost (or equally) dear to you, either within the Big Ten or in all of CFB (EDIT: OR WHO ELSE DO YOU DISLIKE THE LEAST)? What drew you to have this mixed loyalty - and who do you support if UM and this other team play? This question is also valid for those here that have another team as their primary and UM second - how did that come about?

For me, I have a stronger appreciation for NW than most other programs. They enforce academic standards more than most, they are more amicable than many other P5 fanbases, no great UM emnity, some degree of on field success, and seem to be genuinely interested in the student's long term prospects beyond their playing career. While these characteristics describe many other schools also, a more personal aspect is that 1) I have several alums in my extended family and 2) almost chose to go there for grad school (did not have the specialization I really wanted though). Regardless, I am still pleased when UM soundly pummels them - now possibly twice in one season.



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Arizona State because my father went there and I never saw him as excited as their late-90's run to the Rose Bowl/near-National Championship (which reinforced my belief that Ohio State ruins everything that is good).

Other Andrew

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...is a small part of the reason Clemson is my second favorite. More that I had a fantastic visit there for one of the last "Bowden Bowl" games, watching from the hill. Great, welcoming fans, and a fantastic place to see a game.

But it doesn't hurt that they always seem to take OSU apart in various ways. Por ejemplo:


Blue Ninja

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I too have Clemson as my 2nd team for various reasons. 

First, I always like to have a local team wherever I live as my 2nd favorite team just to have someone local to root for and talk about with my friends and neighbors. I live in SC so its either Clemson or Carolina (around here there is only one Carolina). Clemson wins that battle because first of all they have tradition. As a UM fan I greatly appreciate traditions at other schools, Clemson has that going for it. Secondly, I have family members who are fans or are attending there. While their main color is orange, I'm just glad its not that god-awful TN orange but I will say Carolina has some great colors, just no tradition.

Next I'd say whoever is playing OSU, MSU and Notre Dame not to mention about a dozen other schools I greatly dislike. Since Clemson always manages to dismantle OSU or get their coach fired seems like a good team to cheer for. Doesn't hurt that they just won the NC and I really admire and like Dabo.

Michigan Mike '76

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Actually, I want all of our rivals to win every game until we play them so that they are ranked as high as possible when we beat them.  In the case of notre dummy and moo u, I want them to lose EVERY game after we play them.  In my scenario, the suckeyes will end the regualr season with one loss amd then lose the bowl game.

Michigan Mike '76

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Actually, I want all of our rivals to win every game until we play them so that they are ranked as high as possible when we beat them.  In the case of notre dummy and moo u, I want them to lose EVERY game after we play them.  In my scenario, the suckeyes will end the regualr season with one loss amd then lose the bowl game.


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Chris Petersen reminds me a lot of John Beilein.  He worked his way up the smaller school ranks doing a lot with scheme and talent differential.  Doesn't seem to take a lot of character risks in recruits.  Also, father in law is an alum.


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Well this will be unpopular, but Alabama. I graduated from there in 2004.

M Fan since childhood, grew up in Columbus watching the good guys own John Cooper all through the 90s.



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Penn State before joining the Big Ten and... well you know

Oregon, Wvu back during the fun spread offenses.

Stanford as an underdog during the Harbaugh years.

Now I would say in the playoff era Clemson just because they are the better alternative to OSU or Alabama. 

I am a huge fan of almost every underdog on tv. Also teams that consistently deliver a cover, over, or under for my sportsbook.



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I grew up in Pittsburgh and remember Pitt's great run in the 70s.  That and the Nittany faithful absolutely hate Pitt so it's easy to like Pitt.

Malum In Se

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I went to UCLA for Law School.  I don't really follow the Bruins closely but I generally hope they win unless they play us.  I had a really great three years in Westwood, so I owe them some loyalty.

I grew up in Michigan.  My Grandfather and Father were huge Michigan fans, but I was the first person in my family to get a UofM degree.  The Wolverines will always be #1.


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I went to grad school there, my kids then went there, other family members have attended, and family works there. (And from the insider-y perspective, I can attest that, yes, Northwestern is intensely serious about their athletes' long-term careers beyond sports).

Michigan Arrogance

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before about 1999, it was PSU. They are (were?) very similar to M - big school, traditional, simple uniforms, big stadium, classy coach that preached academics. 

Then I started reading PSU internets. and then that whole, "allowing a coach/former coach to continue rapping small boys in your facilities and don't do anything about it to protect your program/coach" - thing happened, so yeah. they are now up there with ND, OSU and MSU.

My sister worked at Wazzu for a long time and I've been to the palouse a few times, so them. Never liked UW much for no apparent reason.

I like NW b/c they are academic focused and old school. I like Minn too- they were basically a mirror image of M up until 1965 or so when they just fell off the map completely. That weird block M is so weird too, plus their strange colors work well, IMO.


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WMU. Grew up in Kalamazoo, my parents both went there, my dad spent his career there, and I took a few classes during high school. No, they're never really any good, but last year was awesome. Hoping Lester is a decent coach who can extend the run at least a year or two. 

For football, no divided loyalty at all. A theoretical WMU win would ruin Michigan's season, and as a UM grad I will always care more about Michigan. I just cheer for WMU to avoid injuries and embarrassment if they happen to play Michigan. Looking forward to the MSU game this weekend! Go Broncos!

I do have a soft spot for Georgia Tech due to an old family connection, but can't say I really follow them or get a lot of joy if they win. 



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I cheer for no other schools, I openly cheer against a large number of teams. I do like watching schools that use different offensive systems than us, but no cheering. 


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Oregon.  I don't like them anywhere near the same but I live in Oregon now so it's nice to see the local team do well and people locally be into college football.  When they lose I don't feel anything though.

Bluebells and maize

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I too live in Oregon now, but I learned very quickly after arriving here (nearly 17 years ago) that I really disliked all things U of O. I think I hated about Oregon what many Michigan rivals claim to hate about us - our vocal arrogance and a million excuses for every loss.  Really the fans are mostly good people, but I always found them to be overly boastful without historical perspective or strong football IQ.  I felt they had flash and recent results, whereas we had the most wins, best uniforms, greatest institution, too good for a mascot, etc.  If I were a truly neutral observer, I'd find my own logic unsound and simply appreciate their enthusiasm.  As it stands, however, I'm not a neutral observer, I'm a freaking lunatic Michigan fan.

For this reason, I favor the Beavers in the Civil War (and actually root against Oregon in pretty much all their games). I've always found the Beaver fans to be a little more practical, probably just because they know they're historically terrible.


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I am rooting for Oregon this year because of Taggert


I will root for Florida the rest of this year to make Michigan's win look better


I root for Eastern Michigan


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There's no other team I follow or care about really.  I have a bunch of teams I actively cheer against (OSU, Sparty, ND, USC, Mizzou, sorta kinda Texas and Penn State), but no other team I actually care about.  I do like to see the Directional Michigan schools do well, but more in a "Hey, the Chips won a game! Good for them" sort of way than actually having any emotional investment in them.  Same with the Big 10 teams that aren't OSU, MSU, or PSU - I like to see the Big 10 win since it makes us look better, especially against SEC schools, but don't really care or feel strongly when they lose.