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09/04/2018 - 10:37am Watched today, as I also…

Watched today, as I also couldn't watch live. What I saw was significantly better than expected based on all the taeks. Yes, OTs are a huge issue that will derail the season if not somehow fixed.

I will say that this team fought to recover like last year's never did. (Winovich also addressed this in his post-game comments.) McKeon fumble vs MSU, Peters getting KO'd vs Wisconsin, pick dropped vs OSU, Hidgon fumble in the bowl game - after all of these moments, the team seemed to crumble. There were many similar moments in this one, and they didn't collapse.

Yes, they need to start winning more of these opportunities. But the game was nowhere near as bad as people are making it out to be. ND is not a superb team, but if this game were at home, I imagine it all would have flipped. Let's see.

09/04/2018 - 4:31am Same old Braylon...


Same old Braylon...

What about when he dropped a pass on 4th down, ending the game vs OSU?

What about when he booted a pass into the arms of a USC linebacker?

Despite some fantastic moments, he was never perfect on the field (and generally quite far from perfect off of it). This is what galls me most about his attitude.

09/04/2018 - 4:19am FWIW in his presser Harbaugh…

FWIW in his presser Harbaugh agreed with you about the hurry-up being problematic and that they would address it.

09/02/2018 - 2:01pm it’s in the presser…

it’s in the presser transcript currently first on the main page. Peters had a “tweaked knee.”

09/02/2018 - 9:26am Brian’s covered this dozens…

Brian’s covered this dozens of times. True point, but it has been mentioned enough, at least ‘round these parts.

09/02/2018 - 4:37am Maybe not a diary? More of a…

Maybe not a diary? More of a snowflake thread comment?

08/23/2018 - 7:46am I mean, a lot of the…

I mean, a lot of the difference we see in these photos are camera/process tricks. More shading and flexing and a different stance. In many cases the head looks bigger because they are obviously closer to the camera. So the body looks bigger, too.

08/19/2018 - 4:25pm Interesting that Michigan…

Interesting that Michigan fares better on 1st round NBA talent than any of the other categories. Is it because we have not been well-coached? That the NBA overrates our players? Or the "supporting casts" were not at the same level as these other schools?

08/15/2018 - 4:52am How old are your kids? Mine…

How old are your kids? Mine have been most indoctrinated from frequent listening to The Victors, but they're only 2 and 4. They won't sit through much gametime yet...

07/27/2018 - 7:07am Some fisking

The last time…

Some fisking

The last time they did this it wasn't 100% awful, but had some big flaws:

07/13/2018 - 3:43am Also at SS, Ernest Shazor's…

Also at SS, Ernest Shazor's game-saving hit at Purdue:

It would be hard to separate the context as he prevented a near debacle. But even context-free, it was an amazing play.

06/07/2018 - 6:16pm Vamos vamos, Argentina

Vamos vamos, Argentina

Vamos vamos, a ganar

Esta barra, quilombera

No te deja, no te deja de alentar 

05/30/2018 - 3:01am You're making me wistful, Seth

I miss those days. As someone who first dipped his toe into the blogging scene before jumping in up to my neck, most of these sites were not only daily must-reads, many were helpful compatriots in the goal of writing more, writing better, writing for an audience (ideally).

Now: No time to write, very few blogs to link (those who remain extant don't need it anyway), and even harder to build up an audience. C'est la vie.

Thanks for the memories!

05/24/2018 - 4:42pm And... (not sure how to say this politely)

Two Brazilian women would be even more complicated.

04/27/2018 - 2:22pm My list

In order (w/ a lot of overlap with others here):
1. Hoop Dreams
2. Fog of War
3. American Movie
4. Touching the Void
5. American Dream
6. No End In Sight
7. The Kid Stays in the Picture
8. 49 Up
9. Grizzly Man
10. Murderball

02/24/2018 - 8:15am TC

Travis Conlon stood out as a massive jerk (had a buddy who shared a house with him). Also as someone who couldn’t break a press to save his life

02/24/2018 - 8:13am Oh man

I was in the same section of accounting as Ward, but I can’t remember of it was the first semester or the second. My recollection was that he had some absences, but was there about 65% of the time. Mostly I was shocked that he would be enrolled in such a class. The other eight “stars” spent their evenings “studying” in a room at the UGLi goofing around the whole time, but I never saw him there with them.

So I always had this image of him as the rare top recruit who wanted to get the most out of his uniceraity education. You’ve now shattered that image for me, which is a bummer, but surely accurate. Sigh.

FWIW he seems to be doing all right as a motivational speaker these days.

Also, if it was the same course, I canno recall who you are or what you looked like (sorry), but I do recall enjoying the class a lot. (And thanks for the A.)

02/13/2018 - 9:45am Generally, no, but versus Texas, yes

They do play USC and TCU next year, but few competent defenses aside from those. Auburn's another story of course. But they do seem to be running in 3rd place at the moment.


And furthermore, the idea of practicing against Michigan's D-line (Winovich and Gary, plus all the blitzing), should be part of the sales pitch for sure.

02/13/2018 - 9:24am Agree, but

It did work out last time they did that, despite the error.

02/10/2018 - 2:19pm Incredible

That may have been the most memorable moments in the whole series, which is saying something. In fact, I think he robbed Isiah Whitlock of the catch phrase. I also had no idea he went to Michigan. Now doubly bummed.

02/08/2018 - 6:49am NY Post - obligatory


02/01/2018 - 9:13am Scorched-earth?

Provocative, to be sure, but....

01/31/2018 - 10:07am Me too, but

I think Calvin Anderson is now the most important. Will directly affect the 2018 season in a huge way, and that season will be tremendously important for the trajectory of the program. But hey, hopefully we get both!

01/29/2018 - 6:23am Won the championship in 50% of their seasons

That's not bad.

01/25/2018 - 6:09pm European time zone, but...

...was working late while drinking. So is that a half-point?

01/25/2018 - 4:58pm Living in Europe

...I've done this a few times. But having two small kiddos makes it harder. Because obviously you need to watch as soon as you wake up or you may somehow hear the score. And small kiddos (1.5 and 4yo) are not interested in watching football when they wake up at 6am on a Sunday. They want to be fed and entertained.

And the way the night games have gone of late meant I wasn't up for the battle to watch this season. I hated not watching MSU and PSU this season, but also knew I was probably better off.

A B1G in-season basketball game shouldn't be that hard especially just a few hours later.

The PROBLEM is actually that when you are watching, you know you are not watching live. So the emotions are slightly dulled. The feeling of "when I stood up off the couch we got a first down, so now I have to stand the rest of the game" does not exist. And you also know if, say the game ended on a last-second shot, all of your friends would call each other right away. You will be late for any such moment.

But still better than simply checking the score.

01/25/2018 - 4:51pm Eh

I imagine it's pretty typicall for in-demand coaches.

I've been drinking, though.

01/24/2018 - 6:23am Sorry

I gave the info I thought I could ethically without stealing from a for-pay website. (Tried my best to follow Brian's approach in UVs for paywalled links.)

They may have a free trial if you're curious to see more about Anderson.

01/16/2018 - 2:51am $$$$$

How much are they making in college?

"I believe Rashan Gary was offered incentives during his recruitment," Jim Hackett

01/15/2018 - 9:14am Question

Why did you retire from air guitar?

01/12/2018 - 2:31am Obligatory

Image result for dick vitale lady

01/08/2018 - 5:44pm Yes, it was overblown

I had always heard it was Fulmer, and didn't realize he denied it, not that he's the most honest man in football of course.

But yes, even if the coach who voted M 4th had voted them 2nd, the end result would not have changed. It was just unbelivable and infuriating that someone would do that.

01/08/2018 - 5:41pm An unmissable event

(B, I still vivdly remember you pointing out the ref with the OPI flag in his hand later that day. I couldn't believe it.)

When friends told me I had to go, I was easily convinced. Six months after graduation meant student-tickets were not feasible, and I tried every available avenue to get them to no avail. I made the trip anyway.

Long story short, I unkowingly ended up a with an (after a brief examination obviously) fake ticket and hardly any remaining money. But I was able to use it to enter the stadium, duck security, and bounce from open seat to open seat until I finally found one where the person did not return.

So it was a triumphant day all around. Great write-up, Sap. This season hasn't worked out so well, but it's a good excuse to remember the best one we've had. Thanks so much for this series.

01/08/2018 - 5:24pm Title

You may need to update the title again. It now reads like she was found and safe, but was then abducted again.

Then again, avi checks out.

01/08/2018 - 5:06pm Lloyd later changed his opinion

In the wake of the 2006 season he felt that the championship should be “decided on the field” and changed his mind about playoffs as he felt it was unfair to leave it to merely polls.

01/02/2018 - 10:54am Worst ESPN

Thanks as always, Bronx. Still so impressed that you can get these out given your family situation is similar to mine...

Worst: ESPN coverage. (Not the announcers who were pretty good.) They probably spent half of their footage time on crowd reactions, player close-ups, or coaches calling in plays. They missed countless snaps and never showed the formations. There was zero view downfield (in part because of the low camera angle which may be a stadium issue?), so we have no idea how bad the receivers were at getting open. And there was generally a dearth of replays except for Nanni in the onion costume. Don’t get me wrong, I’m angrier about the play than this, but it did make the experience all the more frustrating.

12/26/2017 - 10:29am Yep, had the same thought and...

The fact that Delaware ends it means it started and ended with the best helmet in football.

12/18/2017 - 9:50am Ha!

I like that you called it ths sporps section. Is that also a typo or irony?

12/18/2017 - 4:26am To be fair

In the video the ball has already been snapped a split-second before that clip starts. O'Korn is catching it at the moment the clip begins. So we would need to see from about one second earlier to know whether this was a a delay of game or not.

12/17/2017 - 5:07pm #20

Love that it’s Mike Hart’s jersey!

12/12/2017 - 4:17pm My man!

Great report my old friend! You’re a man after my own heart. I’d love to compare notes sometime. it’s now been 10 years since I finished my football trip. Unfortunately I have the wife and kids thing so it’ll be a while before the next one.

12/06/2017 - 11:34am Interesting reaction

The South contingent claim "we all know Peyton was better." And "it's all the media's fault." This has been a common narrative ever since - that ABC wanted Woodson to win to better promote their football product. There's certainly a cultural aspect to this, and it continues with the "ESS EEE SEE"-ing of their region.

FWIW, Brian addressed this debate rather definitively in 2009:

Also, the piece incorrectly says that Woodson caught  TD pass against OSU. They were perhaps thinking of Penn State, or should have written "set up their only offensive TD."

Also also, man, Florida was really good to us that year. Opened the Heisman door against Manning and then later upset FSU on the day of The Game.

12/01/2017 - 4:36pm It's not like they were just randomly left out

This isn't Italy's situation where they were in a one-team-qualifies group with Spain and then lost the play-in matches on a 1-0 aggregate.

Yes teams 3-6 were only two points apart in the South American standings, and they ended up #6. Tie or win one more match and they would have qualified. But they went 1-3 in their last three matches, including losses to Bolivia(!) and Paraguay.

If your point is that more South American teams deserve to qualify, then I get what you're saying. Seems imbalanced based on their current level of play and performance in the last World Cup.


Also, I root for Argentina, and after losing on penatlies to them in the last two finals, screw those guys! ...

12/01/2017 - 2:30am This one has him seventh…

But the second DT after Christian WIlkins at #5.

11/30/2017 - 7:42am Jimbo vs Bo

Bo told TAMU they'll have to look elsewhere.

We'll how loyal Jimbo is...

11/27/2017 - 12:07pm He said

He said "drop the ball." Should have been sufficient.

11/27/2017 - 10:06am Don't disagree a ton, but

You have to call 11-2 at Rugters a great season, not merely good. Plus one of those two losses was in 3OT at #15 WVU.

And in 2007, they weren't bad. 8-5, but at Trugers, again, that's got to be acceptable at least.

11/27/2017 - 9:12am Thanks guys

It was in many ways a long slog of a season, probably more so for you than any of us. These podcasts have always been a great Monday morning pick-me-up, whether they have been happy or Henri-ed.Grateful for all of your work, guys.

11/27/2017 - 3:27am ND next year

4 of 5 starting OL are seniors (not sure if any are RS Seniors), and I think of their starting LBs as well.

11/24/2017 - 4:48pm Great vid

Thanks, Mello. We all seem downtrodden at the moment. Let's give 'em hell and Go Blue!