OT - Mike Brown fired

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Never understood the hire to begin with.  Who now?  Phil Jackson?  It actually would not surprise me.



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Mike Brown owes Lebron for the fact that he is even considered for head coaching jobs in the first place, especially of the Lakers caliber. Lebron took that cavs team to the finals in spite of Brown. It will be interesting to see who they hire now... Phil again or maybe Jerry Sloan


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I used to go to a LOT of Cavs games and was stunned when the Lakers gave him the job.  The dude is absolutely clueless when it comes to coaching and without Lebron (hell even with Lebron) he was lost.

Now if we can only get somebody to take Pat Shurmer off our hands......

Benoit Balls

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With the exit of Lerner, the "new" Browns are finally rid of the last vestiges of the Modell era and the curse he brought upon the team by firing(!) Paul Brown and cutting(!!) Jim Brown.  Shurmur will be gone at the end of the season (if not sooner). I hope they keep Heckert around. He has done enough to warrant keeping his job.  I have a feeling the next HC is not going to be a re-tread (Cowher, Gruden, Reid). And I certainly don't think they will be interested in a coach who wants to do anything other than be a head coach. They arent going to want guys who split duties between GM and coah, or O-coordinator or D- coordinator.

I am more optimistic about the future of the Browns (after this season, obvs) than I have been since 1994, when Bellichik finally got it turned arpund and it realy looked like they would be good for a least the rest of the decade.


His Dudeness

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H AHA HA HA HA HA That's funny.

Mike brown always was awful. He just had LeGlobal Icon for a few years.

I can also rememeber when another coach was TERRIBLE before he got the "big 3" in Boston. That little dink in Miami wasn't great without the "big 3" down in Miami either. Hilarious.


There are very few coaches in the NBA that are actually worth a shit. Pop, Phillip, Carl, D'Antoni, Flip, Larry Brown... ... ...


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As a Lakers fan (leave me alone, I'm from LA), I wish they had hired Brian Shaw in the first place.  Yeah, it would've been his first head-coaching job, but he'd been on Phil Jackson's staff for years and by all accounts was ready.  I don't understand why they went outside that coaching tree to hire Mike Brown - it felt like the Lakers were trying to fix something that wasn't broken.


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The Lakers GM just had a 20 minute press conference yesterday about how he is 100% behind Mike Brown and now this happens?  Kobe must have even more influence than I thought.


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this might have been a mutual agreement as opposed to an actual firing.  Nash is like the opposite of what Brown looks for in a point guard, Howard is a malcontent prankster, and Kobe is Kobe.  Combine that with the highest payroll in the league, a steaming a pile of expectations and the fact that Brown actually can't, ya know, coach basketball, and I think Brown actually may have said to hell with this.


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This is too good.  I love watching LA teams struggle (except for LA Galaxy).  I live in so Cal and so many have already hopped off the Lakers bandwagon and have just hopped onto the Clippers.  LA fans are the worst.


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Lakers better back up a dumpster truck full of cash to the Pacers front office so they can get Shaw.  Whichi s what they whould've done in the first place.


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I may be in the minority, but I thought Mike Brown did an excellent job of getting the Cavs to play defense.  I guess you can't win as a coach when you have great players.  Unless you get a title you get blamed even if you are getting the best out of middling players.  Brown was never a good offensive coach, but I thought his players gave their all in Cleveland outside of Lebron a few times.  Maybe it's just the fact that they beat the Pistons in their twilight that is skewing my memory of Brown, but I think it's unfair to say he was a bad coach.


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I think Brown knows a lot of basketball. What he doesn't seem to be at all good at is the management side of the job. He reminds me, at a different level, of somebody like Gary Waters, who's great at teaching the game but doesn't want and probably isn't able to deal with the stuff that goes along with running a major program.

The Lakers job was already a horrible fit for both sides and the new guys they brought in this year just made it worse.