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12/21/2018 - 7:40pm I bet I can guess at least…

I bet I can guess at least one hat that you own.

11/24/2018 - 7:07pm This offensive game plan…

This offensive game plan rivals the 2011 MSU Lizard Brain Trash Tornado for worst I've ever seen in a rivalry game.

11/14/2018 - 10:05pm The Mel Pearson route.

The Mel Pearson route.

10/24/2018 - 3:10pm Anybody else seeing some…

Anybody else seeing some similarities between Rudock '15 and Patterson '18?  Both late transfers, having to pick up the whole system in 1 summer.  Some early struggles.  Etc.  

If it continues, Shea will be turning it on in the next game or two.

03/02/2018 - 12:42pm Jordan 6

My Kingdom for some UM branded Jordan 6's. 

02/07/2018 - 8:37pm Jordan 6

My Kingdom for some UMich Jordan 6's.

09/25/2017 - 1:07pm Apples and Oranges

Man, these idiots sure like to take apples and compare them to oranges.  Call me when a player ends up in the hospital because his team didn't know the other team's 2-deep.

09/25/2017 - 11:14am I am Jack's

I am Jack's complete lack of surprise.

09/08/2017 - 5:32pm Audio
04/28/2017 - 9:17am Odds

Odds are there's got to be at least one who isn't a batshit crazy high maintenance drama queen.

03/23/2017 - 11:26pm Free Throw Oreb

We block out on that FT Oreb, and we probably win.  :(  Tough to swallow.

03/20/2017 - 12:24am Quick

Quick, lets start the "Darko 2.0" propaganda machine.  I really want to see what a junior Wilson/Wagner combo can do with somebody like Charles Matthews also on the floor.  

01/24/2017 - 2:02pm "For Fans"

"For the fans."  This is all for some extra ad revenue.  

01/23/2017 - 8:09pm Never noticed

Leopolds was the spot for my friends and I in 2001 + 2002.  I, of course, had mostly drank shit beer until that point in my life, so Leopold's was the greatest thing ever at that point.  Loved playing cards and board games while drinking.

I'm kind of glad its gone now that I know what good beer tastes like.  I'd likely be very disappointed.

01/19/2017 - 3:51pm No but yes

No, because you can't fit a baseball diamond in a Hockey/Basketball arena.

Yes because sports owners don't give a crap about that stadium you just built for them, they already want a new one.  See: Atlanta.

01/02/2017 - 11:47am Couldn't resist

Sorry, I couldn't resist the opportunity to drop this:


12/12/2016 - 8:44am Definitely

Definitely that much if not more in Howell.  Did a mid-day shovel on Sunday that was easily 4-5 inches, and it looks like I have even more than that waiting for me this morning.

Thank goodness for  e-commuting.

10/28/2016 - 9:02am Same Reasons

Same reasons tha the Atlanta Braves are moving out of Atlanta.  Take your product closer to the people who spend money on your product.

10/10/2016 - 11:19am Music

Missed music opportunity:



09/02/2016 - 10:18am Also

Also the glory of Sling is that I can just log in to my account and add/remove services ad hoc without having to talk to some sales rep who is reading a script to try and sell me shit I don't want.

I added the $5 sports package to my Sling last night once I noticed the Tennessee game was close in the 2nd half.  In under 2 minutes I was watching SEC network and didn't have to speak to a single person.

This is the way these services should work.  Hopefully the likes of Sling and Playstation Vue push these caveman thinking cable companies into the 21st century.

09/02/2016 - 10:16am Still cheaper

I just moved and Charter wanted to charge me (their promotional rate) $150 per month for Internet + Cable on 3 TVs.  That was the "holy shit" package that had about 400 channels I'll never watch.  They wanted $110 for their "basic" package on 3 TVs.

Just internet was $40 for the promotional.  I usually only get the $25 Sling package during non sports season.  I'll up it to the $45 for the next few months.  And I can watch it on 4 or 5 devices for no extra fee like cable.  And I can watch it on any device unlike cable.  I don't need a crappy power hogging cable box unlike cable.  Couple Chromecasts and I'm good to go.

I'm probably going to check out Playstation Vue as well.  Their $45 package gets you BTN.

HD antenna + Tablo makes it so you can DVR and stream OTA TV to all devices in your home.

There are some large up front costs to cord cutting, but once you go about 5-6 months, you get into the black.

08/29/2016 - 11:40am MRW I finished reading this

MRW I finished reading this.

08/12/2016 - 2:24pm Mike Williams

My personal favorite Millenism was picking Mike Williams, who hadn't played in over a year, 10th overall.  Picks 11-15 were all Pro-Bowlers:

11) Demarcus Ware

12) Shawne Merriman

13) Jammal Brown

14) Thomas Davis

15) Derrick Johnson

07/29/2016 - 8:45am The secret ingredient

The secret ingredient is love.

07/28/2016 - 1:01pm I like

Four conferences, 16 teams each.

Each conference has 4 divisions.  Round robin scheduling like the NFL does.  I.E. Everybody in B1G East plays everybody else in B1G South this year.  That way schedules are as balanced as they can be as far as determining division winners.

Each conference has a 4 team playoff.

Each conference winner enters the 4 team National Playoff.

Effectively, you now have a 16 team playoff.

The polling system can still exist for the purposes of Hot Takes, but otherwise we burn it with fire.

05/24/2016 - 8:50am Those away games

Those away games are what causes me to warn people to pump their breaks.  Those 3 teams went 34-2 in the regular season last year.  They each have some turnover to take care of, but I wouldn't expect OSU or MSU to suddenly become 8 win teams.  Those two games especially are going to be brutal.  Thanks Brandon.

03/14/2016 - 6:53pm A good router

A good router can fix those issues.  Recently cut the cord and was having some issues initially.  Bumped the router up to an ASUS 3100 and now get much more reliable 802.11ac coverage and speeds throughout the house.

Moho Leaf + Tablo = Broadcast TV streaming with DVR.

Sling = AMC + ESPN + TNT + TBS


$37 a month between those three things gets us abou 90% of what we used to watch on Cable.

If BTN can hit Sling by September, I'm in good shape.  Otherwise, I'll get some kind of super basic cable package that gets me BTN and BTN2Go for a few months.

02/21/2016 - 12:06am There is no Easter Bunny.

There is no Easter Bunny.

12/09/2015 - 10:59pm Yeah!

Yeah! I mean, it's not like a computer science major on an accademic scholarship can just go off and make a bunch of money during the summer at Google.  Michigan would surely have to pull his schollarship if he did something so absurd.

And those dudes on your dorm floor who were just on ESPN 87 in that video game tournament, wearing their "Corsair" polo shirts holding that over sized check... Those guys are gonna have to give up their Pell Grants.  Surely.

12/04/2015 - 12:34pm Image from the future

Footage of DJ 3 years from now if/when that happens:

12/02/2015 - 11:02am Agreed

Agreed.  If he were still in SF, I could see wanting to escape that tire fire.  But he's in Chicago with John Fox and probably not in a situation he's looking to leave.  Especially to head to college.

10/11/2015 - 2:40pm TOP

TOP is a response variable, not a predictor.  

You don't set out and say "We want to run the ball, and have a defense that forces a lot of three and outs.... Therefore we must crank up our time of possession to do so."

You set out and say "We want to keep the ball away from the other team as much as possible to limit their scoring oportunities.... Therefore we need to focus on running the ball and having a strong defense that forces three and outs and turnovers."

As the great 21st century philosopher Jack White once said "You can't take the effect and make it the cause."


10/11/2015 - 1:28pm I'm not okay

I'm not okay with discussing this in week 7.

09/29/2015 - 6:40am I'm thinking OSU

I think you're right that MSU is more vulnerable, but I think the timing will be right for an OSU win.  OSU comes here 7 days after MSU goes to Columbus.  If that ends up being a 1 v 2 game.... Getting OSU coming off that game plus being at our best by the end of the season (hopefully).  I'll take those odds.

09/15/2015 - 11:55am Agreed

Agreed, they've had this issue for years.  I stopped even bothering with their Sunday morning programming.  I'd get the first 10 minutes of Morris/Bacon and then it would never come out of commercial break.  I'd email their [email protected] about the issue.  Sometimes they'd get it fixed, other times they wouldn't.

Makes me wonder if their web stream has a manual button that needs to be pushed in order to flip from studio to commercial feed and back, and somebody just forgets from time to time.


08/30/2015 - 1:44pm It's live

It's live so he's answering them as he can get to them.

08/29/2015 - 4:47pm :(


08/27/2015 - 11:48am Reminds me of Chappelle

Jim Harbaugh's attitude towards things he's "required" to do reminds me of the Chappelle Show "Black Bush" skit and his indiference toward the UN (at 2m 55s):


08/17/2015 - 10:28pm Sad

Late 90's DLS grad here, and that makes me sad.  We had a pretty amazing principal in Br. Joe Joswiak back then.  

I grew up in a public school district that had virtually no advanced placement offerings.  All the AP math/science and computer science that I was able to take at DLS set me up so well for college and beyond.

08/12/2015 - 2:46pm He who laughs last

He who laughs last probably didn't get the joke.

07/30/2015 - 2:42pm The solution

Four conferences, 20 teams in each.  

Each conference consists of four divisions, 5 teams each.

Scheduling is handled like the NFL does.  Each season you pit two divisions against each other to get as close to schedule balance as possible.  9 conference games.  2 out of conference games.  Each team plays 11 games total.  

Each conference has a 4 team playoff (the 4 division winners) on Thanksgiving weekend + the weekend after.

The four conference winners move on to the already established 4 team CFB Championship playoff.

Non playoff bowls remain in tact.

Boom, you have a psuedo 16 team playoff with "decent" balance.

If there's some team who sets the world on fire, and isn't part of the 4 "power" conferences, so sorry.

07/30/2015 - 9:36am Attrition

Either planning on Irvin going pro, or that there will likely be one of the current Sophomores who decide to bounce?

07/28/2015 - 1:36pm Homecoming

Always thought this should be a Homecoming thing.  Honor the players of the past by having their numbers out on the field again for one home game per season.

Gives the players a chance to still have their own identity and make a name for themselves, possibly becoming a legend jersey down the road.

07/09/2015 - 8:42am Not good at assessing risk

Some people are just not good at assessing risk, or perhaps have that "invincible" feeling.  It's like the millionaires who get drunk and drive home when they could easily afford a driver for the evening.

If JPP wanted to see things go boom so badly, he could have easily hired some professionals to do it.  Instead he did this, and is going to lose Millions in the process.  Rightly so.

07/07/2015 - 12:38pm Negotiate

Very rarely in life are you paid what you're worth.  You're paid what you can negotiate.

We've proven to Nike that we will go get that money if one of their competitors dangles it in our face.  If they wanted Michigan back in the fold so badly, they were going to have to make the deal sweet enough to pull it off. 

I'm sure there are piles of market research that back up the deal too.  Michigan brings a whole bunch of customers to the table that places like FSU simply don't.  It will be interesting to see what OSU does when their contract comes up.

EDIT: Oh, and it probably helps that we have an Uber high profile football coach who will now be donning the swoosh everywhere he goes.

06/30/2015 - 12:53pm Seriously

The latest prime examples of how some rich people should stay out of sports franchise ownership.  

That hubris that leads them to believe that they can brute force their way to the top is fascinating to watch in action though.

I guess it makes sense.  What they can offer players is regulated.  So Vivek is going to throw bags of money at coaches and front office guys to try and get it done.  Good luck, but your only ways to win in todays NBA is to draft a future hall of famer or two, or find a way to lure free agents.  The latter is pretty impossible to do in Sacremento.

06/25/2015 - 12:57pm Burke To SA

Burke to SA!

06/16/2015 - 3:37pm SEC Coaches Be Like

SEC Coaches when asked about Satelitte camps:



06/07/2015 - 8:28pm Terminator 4

Terminator 4, 8pm on a Friday night showing.  A couple shows up with two under 10 year old children and sit on the end of the aisle we're sitting in.  We basically served as the other border of the area containing their playing children for 2 hours.  I should have charged them for babysitting.

06/07/2015 - 8:24pm I understood that reference

I understood that reference.  Bravo sir or madam, Bravo.