Jon Teske: Top 100 Recruit

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Nice MLive article on 2016 recruit Jon Teske.  He's grown an inch since committing, now a 7-footer.  Put on some weight.  Defense seems to come naturally to him (which is probably expected for a 7-footer in HS), with an outside shot and is described as a "crafty passer." So we'll have a true freshman with some size on the roster in two years.  It is nice to have that going for us. 

Now a Top 100 recruit, 4*, based on the 247 composite (#94).  I believe he started as a 3* (and the article notes he was under the radar despite being 6'11"), hail Beilein.…




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Not a whole lot of guys in the 7 foot club. I'm glad to see that he is putting on weight too. Bill Laimbeer was "only" 6'11", and had a listed playing weight of 245. But he was solid, was big, and was a real presence. To have Jon Teske at 7 feet or more, with some muscle mass, will be a huge help for the team.

The Carter 16

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I've followed UM basketball since the Fab Five (actually before then but those are my first memories of knowing the actual players) and I don't recall a true 7 footer ever making an impact with us.  Ben Cronin seems like the closest but I was wondering for those who followed pre-Fab Five Michigan if there was a 7ft impact player or if I'm just wiffing on a more recent player


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I have heard folks say he is 7 foot but others say on 6"11.  If he is 6'11"  he is way too short to be a 7 footer.

Funny, a coleague of mine who is a Zona alum exagerates a little and says Zona has 4 7-footers and Stanford has 2 or 3 I forget his bs statements.  You look at their sites and Zona has 2, but Stanford has zero.  Funny how these guys grow in our minds!


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As he continues to rise, expect the Kentuckys, Dukes. Kansas, Arizonas, etc. to come calling.

Doyle, Donnal and Wilson will be Juniors his freshman year, so hopefully there won't be a ton of pressure on Jon to be a heavy contributor right away (unlike Kam).


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Not sure he is super athletic enough to be heavily recruited by the Blue Bloods.  They care more about the freak athletes that are that tall.  They want a shot blocker and rim protector more than an offesive guy first.  They feel they can develop that by tourney time and if not he comes back for a 2nd or 3rd year.  

Withey maybe the exception for KU but he was a transfer from Zona.  He was a 4* but didn't play major minutes until his Junior year.  


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I think you mean the one "additional" thing. We have had great guard play, and some great guys on the wings at forward. But more size would be very helpful. Being in Chicago, I see how much of a difference Gasol and Noah and Mirotec make. Their size is a huge advantage, especially since they can also shoot. Adding that to the mix for Michigan would put us in the running for championships regularly. 


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Good head on his shoulders, good defense, and a good passer? Sure, I'll take that.

By the way, I'm not sure if this is the "Beilein Bump." I think Beilein is just good at finding under-the-radar prospects before they explode.

To me, a "Bump" implies that the rating is boosted BECAUSE a player committed to a blue blood program. Michigan football seems to cause that type of bump for some recruits. Beilein just has an eye for developing talent.


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Like the weight gain in the past year more than the 1 inch.  If he can arrive here around 250 that would be awesome size as a freshman.  Doyle will be a JR and Donnal a RS JR by then.


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That gives you 3 additional bigs with versatility to go with 3 pretty large bigs in Doyle/Donnal and Teske. The 4/5 mix that you can get with that group is awesome and then think about the this.....if Duncan is what we think he might be and Chatman plays like he did Sunfay, we can just go B1G. Play Duncan and Kam at the 3. Then rotate Wilson/Donnal at the 4 and Teske and Doyle eat the 5. MAAR is the point if we don't land Winston and Dawkins is your pure 2 guard.
MAAR -6ft4 Winston - 6ft
DAWKINS -6ft6 Towns - 6ft7
Chatman - 6ft7/ D. Rob- 6ft9
Wilson - 6ft9/Donnal-6ft10
Doyle - 6ft 9/Teske- 7ft


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it is vitally important that JB land one of those elite PGs in the 2016 class.  That lineup you post above would struggle mightily to score points.  dawkins is the only one of that group that i would consider a good shooter.  JB likes 3-4 on the floor.  and i'm not sure maar is the type to run the point for any significant length of time during a game.


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His numbers are improving. He may not be a super athletic big but you cannot teach 7 feet. We need to grab a few high level wings and a point to go with him and our 2016 class could be really special. I don't think Beilein is really going after the Ohio State or MSU type bigs. He likes guys with high basketball IQ and shooting and passing ability. This kid definitely seems like a Beilein big which isn't bad as long as he can bang and develop a nasty streak like Doyle has. Cassius Winston and Seth Towns should be WolverineS also. If we can land either Langford or Battle, we may have hit the lottery. When Beilein gets that type of talent....we win lots of things.


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I can't wait to see this kid at Michigan. He still has time to develop and be something great. Seven-footers with his skill are hard to find in college basketball these days. 


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This type of Top 100 prospect who started out underrated is what we need to pursue. I'm really not convinced Beilein will ever be successful in chasing the Derryck Thorntons of the world. I will be happy with the 2016 class if we can add Towns, beat State for Winston, and pull a top 200 wing. That would be a clear upgrade over 2015 or 2014 and back in line with the highly successful 2012 and 2013 classes


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I'm happy teske is looking good but this team could really use an athletic freak who blocks a ton of shots. The 5 doesn't play a big offensive role for beilein. It's pick and pop or rolls mostly, no real feeding the post. That means his defensive presence is going to be important. Especially when guys like duncan Robinson, good shooters poor lateral quickness needed for d, are on the perimeter.

You can get away with slower/poor defensive gaurd play if you have an eraser at the 5.