Jalen ready to forgive Chris?

Submitted by Human Torpedo on June 19th, 2018 at 2:17 PM

I never want to get too excited about a Fab Five reunion, but it appears Rose is ready at least to make that first move...




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I used to care, and maybe a small part of me still does... but goddamn, they are grown men these days, time to fade away to history...




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I, for one, care.  Jalen has been a great representative and spokesman for our University.  He's been more of a man than C Webb ever could be in terms of owning mistakes, moving on, and taking actions that support, grow, and enrich our community.  If Webber is ready, I'm thrilled.  


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Agree!  he comes across as a pouting little boy forced to sit in the corner facing the wall with his arms crossed. I would be shocked if he EVER owned his problems in A2. I am happy that the others seem to be doing well especially Jalen and Juwan. I dont get how Webber can show up at the Chanpionship vs Louisville, get out of the car and puts on a M beanie. Shows support on camera, but doesnt sit with the others and still wont comment on the whole ordeal.

True Blue Grit

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Good for Jalen.  But it's all for naught because Webber will never own up to anything he did.  I've long since stopped caring about a Fab Five reunion.  I'm far prouder of the current team and program under Beilein than I ever was of the team in the early 90's.  The championships and Finals appearances of the recent teams were all accomplished as a team and program - not as a bunch of 5 individual guys with their own separate persona.  

Perkis-Size Me

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Good luck ever getting Webber to own up to anything. That guy treats UM like a gangrene-infested limb. Sawn off, severed, done away with, and forgotten about. 

Whether Webber ever decides to be the bigger man and own up to his mistakes or not, I don’t really care. He played 25 years ago. This program is now far more than just what the Fab Five made it.


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See I don’t see that as the case. Beilein has been in contact with Weber on multiple occasions and the guy acknowledges the teams accomplishments all the time. He went to the final four in 2013 and I believe he was there this past final four as well. Point is if he was truly done with Michigan he wouldn’t care at all. It seems like he still loves the team. He has nothing against the current staff. My question is who exactly is he angry at? The athletic director, president, and most if not all the board of regents have changed since his time here. Is he angry at his teammates? The whole situation really confuses me. I wish he would come out and at least say what the issue is. He’s really quiet when it comes to his days here 

Perkis-Size Me

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He went to the ‘13 title game because Rose went on air and very subtly called Webber a pussy if he didn’t show up. Had Rose not done that, I doubt Webber shows to that game.

I do agree in that Webber has no beef with Beilein, the players or staff. I’m sure he wants them to do well. But he will never willingly come back to Ann Arbor. You can take that to the bank. He wants nothing to do with this program anymore. At least not on an active basis. There’s a reason he’s never done an interview about his time here, didn’t do the 30 for 30, and I’m assuming that after the UNC title game, packed up all his shit, left Ann Arbor and has never come back.

My guess is it also just brings up bad memories for him. My guess is he’s never really gotten over the UNC game and it’s still a really sore spot for him in his life.


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FLAT OUT Webber was a phenomenal talent.  He took money from an auto worker who wanted to hook up with future stars for kickbacks. Webber was guilty. So were a shitload of other guys who got off with little or no consequence. Based on feedback in this thread, the guy was tarred, feathered, and stoned by the M faithful. He's been the epicenter of this gotcha for decades. He was the guy who was known for the 'time out'...he bore his cross, he probably walked away and wanted nothing more than to distance all of it. Thanks to a group of M 'fans'...he can't seem to shake what went wrong decades ago. Get over yourself. He was a kid, and more importantly a really young kid when he made the mistake of listening to an adult offering money...some dude walks up to you right now and says hey, here's $500K to do what you want... be honest, how many of you are going question it or turn it down. Think about it.


June 20th, 2018 at 9:54 AM ^

Yeah. I'm quite happy that my time at the U (I was there with the Fab Five) wasn't the subject of media scrutiny. Though admittedly 'JFW a drunken moron again.' would likely get boring for the AA news and the Daily. 

If someone gave me 500K or whatever when I was 18-21 I'd be dead due to testosterone poisoning exacerbated by massive resource availability and poor impulse control. 

Wolverine In Iowa 68

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If Jalen loves Chris so much, and wants to reconcile so bad, why doesn't he get on a plane, fly to where Chris is at for one of his gigs, or his home, and go see him in private and have a talk.  Instead of trying to build a public spectacle about it, have a private talk first, lay some ground work.

Not everything has to be done in front of the media.


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Personally will never buy in to Chris Weber. He looked out for himself over team and that is when he lost me for good. I feel the same way about Barry Sanders. He didn't even notify the Lions he was retiring. They had to find out from his dad. Very weak!? 


June 19th, 2018 at 5:47 PM ^

As for Barry Sanders, I don't know that I would judge it too harshly. While it was kind of weird to announce one's retirement to your hometown paper rather than your team, the Lions were not terribly reasonable with him in the ensuing lawsuit. If you're an NFL running back, I don't begrudge you a bit of selfishness about your health, but Sanders probably could have found a better way to go about this.

As for Webber, I guess the platitude of "he put himself over team" could be interpreted a lot of ways here and I would be curious to know what your argument is in the case. I guess I don't expect absolute adherence to idealized sports collectivism from anyone, so I need clarification. 


June 19th, 2018 at 9:04 PM ^

I prefer to talk of last years team or the 2013 team or ricky green and phil hubbard 1976 team or 

The Championship 1989 team to hearing anything of the fab five.  As Bobby Knight said, they never won a thing,  I agree.


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Are people really clamoring for a "reunion" of a team that led to massive sanctions and didn't win Michigan anything of note along the way?  And it would just be a self-serving couple of guys trying to white wash the past.

The Fab 5 was awesome on the court and screwed over Michigan for over a decade.  Yes other guys were cheating, but Michigan was dumb/unlucky enough to be caught rather flagrantly, and they were punished.  Why anyone wants to relive that is beyond me.

Matte Kudasai

June 20th, 2018 at 9:27 AM ^

Webber’s pissed because the fab five were exploited.  Too many of you are so quick to jump to judgement.  Ed Martin was not a booster for the University.  He gave kids stuff regardless of where they went to school.  He was then desperate to launder the money he was earning through his numbers ring.  Webber DID make tens of millions for the university.  

Even if he did give Webber money it wasn’t in exchange for Chris going to UM.  If Ed Martin wanted to give Webber money knowing he was a bonafide future star then that’s on him.  The problem was it was laundered.

The Martin scandal is the most misunderstood scandal ever.  We way overpaid for our mistakes.  The only mistake was letting Martin get close to the program but that was tough because he already had relationships with some players and P Watson.  Fisher had a tough task of playing by the rules and pleasing his young stars.

And for those of you saying “they didn’t win anything” please...

They earned their place in history.

Hang the banners.