Illinois Head Coach Beckman Trying to "Plug" His Troubles; NCAA Violation to Be Reported

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It's a shame when the pressures of B1G Ten football induce a head coach to commit an NCAA violation. It's a double shame when the violation involves a serious health hazard to that same coach. Tim Beckman, head coach of Michigan's next opponent, Illinois, succumbed to his nicotine craving during Saturday's loss to Wisconsin. He was caught on camera using chewing tobacco and the school wiii be reporting the violation to the NCAA, per US Today. Link:… Let's hope the media do not focus in on this sad circumstance as a distraction from the upcoming Michigan-Illinois game.



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the youth leagues in almost every sport. I don't think anything terrible should happen to UofI for this, but come on people. If you're making what Beckman makes you should be able to find substitues for these four hours per week, thirteen times per year (twelve in Illinois' case).


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I don't disagree with you about tobacco as I happen to think it's a disgusting habit. I still believe that a coach should be in good physical condition if he is going to lead and teach young athletes.  I've always had a problem with fat adults telling kids how important it is to be in great physical shape. (see Charlie Weis)


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I've read most of your responses here and generally agree.  I just wonder if your tone (and the tone of others getting on their soap box) would change if you realized how many of the current UofM coaches dip.  Not just throughout the week in practice/meetings, but on gameday.  Hoke may not anymore given his position...however when he was DLine coach in the late 90s early 00s, I know for a fact he did.  Unfortunately it's part of the culture.  Also, we should differentiate high school coaches and college coaches at big time BCS schools on this point.  Different atmospheres.


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Fair enough, I applaud your consistency.

I get why the Beckman thing got blown out of proportion...he threw in a chaw on national TV.  Generally, though, coaches/players/staff of big time college football programs aren't making their "bad habits" a spectacle.  Further, I highly doubt a player would see a coach dipping and choose to dip for that sole reason - it's actually more probable that his peers would be the one to influence him in one direction or the other.  This is different in high school where a 15 year-old may give it a try because his position coach is always dipping.


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Dipping is one of those things that is awful and disgusting, and you can't rationalize doing it, but you catch yourself doing it and enjoying it for no good reason.

Kind of like housing a large pizza or a dozen donuts by yourself.

What I'm saying is Kansas should have to self report every time Charlie Weis takes down a Hot N Ready by himself.


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Long past the point of growing, and I can put down a Hot N Ready lickety split. And I'm underweight, given my height. Put me on a hiking trail for 10 miles, and I can put down two.

Moral of the story: it's all about your metabolism.


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No, but butthole decay is a very serious problem.  Caused by a lot of fast food.  And pick your poison, a decaying butthole, or a decaying face?  It's a lose lose situation.


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I've watched parts of two or three Illinois games this season and was really amazed at how awful they've become--particularly since Zook actually left them a fair amount of talent on the roster.  

I wouldn't normally expect a school to consider firing a coach after just one season, and there is a long way yet to go this year.  But already Beckman's had the embarrassing flap with trying to recruit Penn State players, there's this stupid violation over chewing tobacco, and the product he's putting on the field is absolutely atrocious.  At some point you've got to start thinking about cutting your losses.  A couple more incidents like this and I would think he could be looking at an early hot seat.


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I don't like seeing coaches get fired before they've had a legitimate chance to show what they can do, which one year pretty much never is.  But when you're getting blown out by 4+ TDs every week, you can't afford to be making an ass of yourself with things like chewing tobacco or trying to raid Penn State's roster.  I certainly don't think he's in any danger of being fired based on what has happened to date. But if Beckman keeps losing and keeps having these little mini-tempests, people are going to start losing their patience.   


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Is this really what college football has come to?

Somehow this crap is not OT?

Sure, it's a violation but its as meaningless as Ohio State giving cars to players...the outcome will be the same (nothing).



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Your phrasing/description of the events is very strange. It's not that sad, it's not a huge deal, and it's not clear that he's doing this due to the extreme pressures of the job. It's not like he's out on the field doing lines of blow.

Also when did dipping become an extreme health hazard?


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I've been free of the stuff for 56 days now.  A monster of a habit that started as a sophomore at Michigan many, many years ago.  I can totally understand why he felt the urge.

I miss it but I am glad I stopped (plus I moved to China and they don't sell it here).  Beckman needs to visit