December 14th, 2018 at 9:25 PM ^

Can’t argue with God and all...But if he took his effort and knowledge, applied some reason, posted an intelligent summary without being a dick wad, he might not be so despised around here. What Maizen does though is to bitch about reality that none of us can control, then accuse everyone of not wanting to know the truth. We know the truth and yet here he is urinating in the lobby screaming I AM THE TRUTH! LOOK AT ME AS I PISS ALL OVER! Nobody gives a fuck what he thinks. He’s a special kind of something because he’s been banned on both a Michigan and an Ohio State sports blog. He is really our own mgoblog version of Debbie Downer. Talking about explosive diarrhea while you are trying to enjoy your appetizer. I really don’t care if Shawn is offended at this point. He can go back to RCMB and celebrate himself.