Greg Frey Fired From FSU

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Florida State announces firing of OL coach Greg Frey, who played on FSU’s 1993 national title team. --per Brett McMurphy



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No Fingers Felder? Not my Eagles then. History of the Eagles was a fascinating documentary, but it did show the assholery of Frey and Henley. It was clear that Timothy B. Schmitt was “just happy to be here” and Joe Walsh was a fragile recovering addict who wasn’t going to rock the boat. Frey and Henley (or as they were known in the band, “The Gods”) saw a plum opportunity to power over the others and turn them into hired guns compensation-wise. Felder, who was a full partner, executed his full WTF rights...and was fired. A shame. 


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You have to admit it was pretty funny how they told him if he wrote a song, he could be lead vocals on it.  So he wrote ‘Victim of Love’ (great song), and after they let him sing it, they said, “let’s see what it sounds like when Don sings it,” and you know the rest.


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Feel for Frey. He’s good at spotting and developing talent. But he went from one tough situation (split OL duties/philosophy with Michigan) to another at FSU (rough transition for first year coach). He will probably have to take a step down from a blue blood type program, but imagine he will find a soft landing spot eventually. 


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The OL improved every year under him. He recruited and developed several pro players. He did so at WVU and Indiana. He’s a very good OL coach and if he was hired after whenever Warriner left, I would be more than fine with that. He just  walked into two jobs that needed immediate results. He’s a long term type hire. 


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They hired them in the first place. And due to previous relationship, I’m sure JH gave a solid recommendation to Taggart. Frey’s resume speaks for itself. He’s consistently recruited and produced quality OL. Wasn’t a great fit here because of Drevno. And JH decided to go a different route. 


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Damn. He was such an exciting hire here. I guess you can add him to the list of coaches whose careers came to Michigan to die. 


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Being dirty fucks ended their careers. Being at osu actually prolonged their careers. 

I’m sure other programs are similar (I don’t follow other teams), but Michigan seems to have a lot of coaches who flame out here and then go on to never do anything to suggest that they don’t suck. 

Maize and Blue…

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Interesting take.  Taylor Lewan, Michael Schofield, Patrick Omameh, and David Molk (Remington Award winner) all made the league and were either recruited or taught by this coach who sucks.  Also had Roger Saffold, Dan Fenney, and Jason Spriggs at IU. 20 players he has coached have reached the league, but he sucks.  Whether he connects with players or not the man has a track record that says he can coach.


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Starting to wonder if he just lucked out with Spriggs and the other kid at Indiana and is just riding finding those couple of Diamonds in the rough.

Pickle Rick

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Is FSU the biggest tire fire in FBS right now? It's really hard to understand Taggert's logic in a lot of his moves since he took over for Jimbo. I understand taking the "scorched Earth" approach, but he may not leave anything left when the dust settles.


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When I was watching Francois get murdered I completely forgot Frey was the Oline coach

In 5 games Francois was sacked at least 4 times in 2018. For comparison, Shea was only sacked 4 or more times in a game ONCE and that was against Florida