Football recruiting looks to be picking up

Submitted by UMichMSW07 on March 12th, 2014 at 12:20 PM
Sounds like there is rumbling that a major 5* recruit is visiting soon! however! does not want it public. Maybe Rosen??? Also, on recruiting roundup with Sam Webb this morning someone brought up mcdowell again. By what Sam is saying, this kid may end up here. Wow,



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I've seen families go through similar situations when their kids get accepted to multiple colleged (although not because of athletics). It can be an extremely difficult for everyone involved. Hopefully everything is fine when all is said and done. In the end it really should be his own decision.


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Would love to have his talent wind up in the maize and blue. But, honestly for the kid's sake, this must end with him winding up a Sparty. That's where his heart obviously is. I feel as though he'd probably be more inclined to put less effort in being somewhere he didn't want to go.


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from what I have read, he liked Michigan, but just liked State better and liked their coaches a bit more. How many alumni attended Michigan as their safety school or started at Michigan with the goal of transferring to Harvard or Stanford? I bet you most of those people graduated from Michigan and loved it.


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I was one of those.

Michigan was the best school I could get into in my field of study.  I was not from Michigan and had little knowledge of the university itself beyond the specific program i was interested in.  I even used to root for Ohio State against Michigan.  The first day I ever stepped foot on the Michigan campus was the day before classes started.

Ultimately, the university won me over on its own merits.  I loved it by the time I graduated and I go back as often as I can.  And I hate Ohio State of course.  I'm confident the same thing would happen to a recruit who attends Michigan even though it may not have been their first choice.



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I would agree with this 10000% if that were possible.

I find the argument that he 'wouldn't be giving it his best effort because it wasn't his first choice' ridiculous.  It also ignores the fact that there are a number of guys on the team who would have gone somewhere other than Michigan if they had the choice (not likely that they would now, of course, but you can't tell me that for every single recruit that comes to Michigan, he had every option available to him.)  

So, to spite himself and his parents (and Michigan football), he's not going to try so that he loses millions of dollars?  And sacrifice his pride?  Insane.

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Don't kid yourselves, the coaches would take him no matter how "blue" he was.  He's a major talent on the DLine, and we need all the help we can get there.

Not every kid that commits to a school is 100% convinced that's the school for them.  A lot of them have a ton of good options and are probably only 60% or so convinced that's the school that's for them.  For some, its probably even lower.  But you gotta pick some place, so you go with the one you're most comfortable you're with.

Get the kid in the program, and then make him 100% blue.


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no way he goes anywhere and actively works against his own best interests. It's not like he hated/hates UM and I know of at least one legacy that came here when he preferred another school. That guy didn't stop trying to be good at football haha.


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One good side affect of Basketball . . . is less obsession with football recruiting. It's great that we can focus on the basketball team and their prospects in the Big10 and NCAA Tournaments!

Regarding a 5 star wanting a quiet visit, that makes sense to me. All the hullabaloo and breathless coverage of their every move can be both annoying and overwhelming.

Regarding McDowell, I wish him well, and happiness, and peace with his family. Honestly, I don't care if he ends up at MSU or Michigan. (just not Ohio!!) But if he comes to Michigan (which seems very unlikely to me,) I hope he comes for the right reasons, and that everyone in the family is on-board with the decision.

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I went to umhoops but IIRC didn't we start getting Basketball commits around this time? Coach B has me paying a lot more attention to basketball. MOAR RECRUITS (football and basketball)!

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I won't participate in any more Malik discussions!  

(yeshisheartmaylieineastlansingbuthecouldmakefriends heretooandbelovingannarborinsideofaweekifhedecided tocomehere!)


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He is still open and M is one of the schools he is looking at. Still, don't bet your farm on his commitment to M.

He is not secret visitor though.