Eddie McDoom decommits from Oregon, will visit Michigan this coming weekend

Submitted by AnthonyThomas on January 17th, 2016 at 11:00 PM

This is according to 247. We are back in the running for best named recruit.

Also, Steve Wiltfong has ballz'd Kiante Enis to IU. This might be thread worthy but the board is probably ballz'd out for the day. 

Edit: Ryan Bartow, one of 247's lead analysts, has ballz'd McDoom to Michigan. It appears that this is happening. 



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I'm hoping this doesn't lead to Oregon going back after Crawford and him leaving as he seemed to want to be there for awhile but hopefully he stays firm. We'll have to wait and see.

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Was recruiting this topsy turvey (in a good way) under Carr's heyday?

No, not really.  Recruiting went on a slower (and more sane) pace back then.  Lloyd liked to target his recruits from their performance at Michigan's camps.  This happened before the fall, so there was not a lot of churn leading up to NSD.  They were mostly locked in early.

Also, NSD was not the theatre it is now.  Once kids committed, they tended to stay with it.  The whole world was not watching their every move.  Three-star linebackers were not dragging their entire high school class to the gym in the middle of calsses so they could announce their college decison on national TV. 



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I feel fairly certain that 2 of the most highly rated recruits we've ever gotten both pledged on - or at least very close to - NSD back in '03:
Woodley & Burgess. And we didn't have threads, much less several of them, conjecturing on where they'd go and certainly no ever changing Crystal Balls. Tracking every whim of the recruits' decision making started later. Following every thought in their heads came with twitter.
Anyone with a better memory recall it differently?


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He did get some recruits on NSD, but it was not his regular mode of operation.  Also, because there was so little information back then, you only heard about some of these guys on NSD when they actually signed.  We weren't following the whims of 3-star safety's in June back then.


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Seems to me like Brad Hawkins is going to be playing defense considering Don Brown and Partridge visited him in home today. Assuming players get visited by there position coach or at least side of the ball.


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I dont usually read recruits replies to people but when he was recruiting coordinator for the week (i.e. week he talked about 2 officials coming - Walker and Bush - plus another (Pie) plus another one "soon") I saw some his back and forth with fans (hey fans dont tweet to recruits) and it was asked if based on his HUDL film (which opens with defensive plays) he'd play both ways at UM and his respone was "that's the plan"/

I'd also claim the #2 jersey might signal this but he did wear 2 in HS.

With this many WRs in the class and lack of experience in 2017 we are going to need to convert.  Basically our 2 deep in 2017 is Brandon Watson, Ty Kinnel. Brian Cole, Keith Washington plus whomever shows up in this class.  I guess can you can throw Canteen in there if he is still around and still playing CB.  So we need to get a lot more bodies in there to account for dropouts, busts, etc - we need an entire 2 deep of DBs rebuilt in 2017.

I hope we land all the DB targets: Hill, Hudson, Long to throw in the mix as it's going to a lot of true SO and RS FR out there in 2017 in the defensive backfield and with a typical miss rate we need 8 bodies or so to account for say 3 safeties and 3 CBs.

(I assume Mettelus is somewhere in there but like Washington is more of a project type)