Duncan Robinson Quotes on our Roster of Unwanted Players

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“Quite honestly, when you look at it, it’s a buncha guys that probably shouldn’t be here or weren’t wanted here and, you know, whatever,” he said. “A guy like Moe (Wagner), hardly recruited; Muhammad(-Ali Abdur-Rahkman), two-star whatever; everyone wanted X to be done at Michigan; myself, I had to beg for a freakin’ scholarship. Didn’t get one out of high school. Charles, in the SEC, Kentucky, he didn’t cut it. So it’s like, when you get these personalities and these guys who have kinda been overlooked, whatever, their whole careers and kinda come together and believe in something collectively, it’s pretty special.”


This is straight from Duncan Robinson's mouth.  This is the archetypal Beilein team.  He finds players that no one else knows about or wants, and he puts the pieces of the puzzle together like a fictional movie character playing chess 15 moves ahead of the competition.  There is, and will be, all sorts of over the top praise for Beilein this week (not unlike mine here).  He deserves all of it.  This roster of players and their accomplishments represent one of the best coaching jobs in modern college basketball history:

32 wins (school record), B1G tournament champions (B2B), Final 4, dominators of rivals, win with flair (Poole), win with class (Wagner), win clean (Beilein/everyone), inspirational fans (Jude Stamper, Mo's mom), ridiculous in season improvement (Z), darkhorse regional MVP (Matthews), ice in veins (MAAR - Maryland free throws), losing starting role with class and becoming B1G 6th man of year (Duncan), transfer from program as possible conference POY to backup PG who stands by his decision and is thrilled to even be in the tournament (Simmons), True freshman starter who plays hard and rarely shows up in the box score (Livers), 7 footer who went from lost boy to incredible defender playing the perfect role off of the bench (Teske) best defensive assistant in the country (Yaklich), unheralded contributor to incredible guard improvement (Haynes), humble yet efective developer of big men and coach who only wins B1G tourney championships (Washington, 2 for 2)...

Those are just a few tidbits of what make this team special. 




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814 East U

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I love this team because they made Tom Izzo and that entire rape enabling fan base shut up twice this year while reaching a final 4 while MSU’s best class ever went home on the first weekend.


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Michigan like Champions.  All these schools with the prima donna one-and-dones that don't play D, don't go to class, and act entitled.....you can have 'em.  Gimme a bunch of hard-working, scrappy Michigan men - Coach B will do the rest.  Go Blue.


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yesterday in his Bricklayers post, as these guys being Misfit Toys. And I am especially partial to the gif posted from the film, Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid> 

The "Who are these guys?"  reference says it all, because that is what personifies the magic that we have witnessed this season, a team that has transformed before our eyes, persistent pursuers on defense, not letting up.

At the beginning we weren't sure what this team was capable of, what it wanted to be, or how it would get there. And then slowly the light came on, and now it's a beacon flooding the end of the tunnel,  guiding us with a veneer of unmistakable confidence in what they are and how they can do it, no matter what outsiders say or think. They are prepared to  take on the college basketball world and beat it. That is the Beilein way.


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I love this team for the reasons you mentioned plus,

We made sparty's regular season title look worthless. I hope it hangs in their rafters forever and doesn't get taken down.

We helped in aging Izzo like the dude in Indiana Jones and the last crusade that drank from the wrong grail.

Miles bridges will leave msu with one year of lost earnings and the knowledge he wasn't good enough to beat us.

Draymond Green gets to watch it happen.


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because they never let dumbasses like me get them down when doubt was flowing around OUTSIDE of that locker room. They never questioned themselves or the TEAM, and they define what it is to be a Michigan man. What a lesson.


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I love that teams and "experts" still think Michigan has a soft defense, then act surprised when we're physical, tough, and contest every shot. 

Looking at our starting 5, no way you'd assume they are a top 3 defensive team. It's a rude awakening for opponents when they finally see us in action. 

Mr Miggle

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that a team with Robinson playing starter's minutes at the 4 and Wagner at the 5 could be a top defense. A lot of people deserve credit for that achievement.

Simpson has started for less than a season and he already seems like the best defender Michigan has had. I don't know who to rank higher. Webber, Howard and Grant were all great, but I don't think they had as much success in shutting down opposing offenses.

UM Griff

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They are like a family. They listen to their coach and work hard - they show continuous improvement that has turned the team into a juggernaut. They have joy in what they do, and they find a way to win.


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seems like a stretch, but I guess usually the disrespect angle is clouded with reality in most cases.

I was EXCITED to get Duncan because I felt he filled the void when Stauskas left. we needed a sniper, and by all accounts he was it.

I was THRILLED about Wagner. after missing on Robin Benzig, the early reports on Wagner's game were promising.

Poole and Livers had everyone heeled last year.

Xavier came on late, sure. but even his own coach was shaky about him, giving Simmons and Brooks significant minutes this year.

I would say MAAR and Teske are probably the only two that people really slept on.


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I will remember these guys for a long time.  Special is not strong enough to describe what Coach B and these guys have done on the court and for Michigan fans and alum.