Darian Roseboro On Official Visit At North Carolina State

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Per Steve at 247.

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Henri the Otter of Ennui, is the symbol of MGoBlog apathy.

He's the mascot for every moment when so much shit has gone wrong before that the new shit going wrong just doesn't really matter  He's been used by Brian since 2007 (I think) to symoblize the moments where something goes wrong for Michigan football, but we have stopped caring because we expect bad stuff to happen.

He is Henri, and he is us.

Sauce Castillo

September 26th, 2014 at 10:01 AM ^

I feel like this is the beginning of all our commits looking elsewhere.  Hopefully with the small number of this class anyway we can mitigate some of the losses.  Actually fuck that, lets just win some damn football games!

Steve in PA

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Dave Doeren is the head coach there in his 2nd year.  He's a former Wisconsin assistant and did good things with Jordan Lynch at NIU including back-to-back MAC championships.  I don't know if his success at NIU could be attributed to what Jerry Kill left there, what he did on his own, or a bit of both. 

I think if he does good things at NC St he could be a "hot" coaching candidate shortly.  Right now NC St is 4-0 but they haven't played anyone.  That's already more wins than they had all of last season.

Maize and Blue…

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Until he officially decommits from the University of Michigan, he is still a Michigan commit. He has not decommitted at this time, and might not in the future, so until he does, there is no reason to freak out. Perhaps he just wants to go to the F.S.U. game, and have a great weekend of being courted by them ?


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but I'll be very surprised if Roseboro ends up signing with us. Hell, I'd be surprised if he's the only decommit.

From the practice field to the AD's office, Michigan football right now is a tire fire. I think it's in every bit as bad a situation as it was in 2010, if not worse.


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Without question it's worse right now.  A LOT worse. Back in 2010 at this point in the season we were 4-0 and ranked 19th in the country.  NOBODY was talking about firing Rich Rod in the week leading up to our B1G opener at Indiana.  We were riding high (worried about our defense but man what an offense Rich was putting together with that Denard kid) and word has it Dee Fucking Hart was about to commit to Michigan.

Things may turn out differently in the end (we all know how that season came apart) but for this week at least in 2010 the future looked very bright indeed.


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Who is going to commit to this coaching staff when it's pretty evident that they are having a tough time develpoing players?  We're producing less with consistent 4*'s than MSU is with a mix of 3*/4*. Rather than finding diamonds in the rough like Wisco and Dantonio, Hoke and his staff seem to be roughing up some diamonds.  The lack of winning and utter lack of competetiveness are alarming.  These aren't close losses that can be explained away in a recruits' head, these are losses that Michigan might be more than a few minor changes away from winning.  0 redzone trips in the only two real games this season?  0 touchdowns? Essentially tying Miami through the first half?     Who wouldn't be alarmed?  Remember, these kids aren't committing to the University of Michigan, they are committing to the University of Michigan FOOTBALL PROGRAM.  Their reasons for coming are different than ours.

Blue In NC

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Well that's not entirely accurate.  Our DL is pretty good right now, yes that DL with a walk-on, 3* DT and 3* DE.  Our defense is just fine and has actually developed into a very strong unit.  Guess what, Roseboro play DL so looking at the current situation, he would be in great hands.  

Even an offense, you could say that Funchess has gone from a low 4* to a potential first round pick and the OL is showing some signs of improvement.  Let's not get overly dramatic and remember that the MSU offense was a tire fire only a year ago.


September 26th, 2014 at 11:10 AM ^

Do you remember last year? Do you remember the level of frustration surrounding the running game? This year's o-line isn't great. Last year's might have been the worst Michigan has ever seen.


September 26th, 2014 at 10:56 AM ^

The offense looks brutal.

The defense is #8 in the country holding back the deluge. Mattison is certainly developing players on that side. It's on the offense now to make this happen or we can enjoy 3000 Les Miles wife real estate threads.

Generalizing player development across the board just isn't factual based on the defensive outcomes (this is particularly the case given the crap show that has been the offense).